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Chapter Twenty Eight: No More Nightmares

Lisa stood and watched emotionless as Jason threw Cody into a nearby tree, he screamed in pain as he rolled to the ground. She knew there was no stopping Jason from killing him, she was furious at him for even attempting to take her away from Jason. He thought she needed saving, now he was the one in need saving.

She kicked at his gun on the ground when something caught the corner of her eye. Something shot at Jason from the trees and a red dart stuck out of the back of his neck. He completely ignored it picking Cody up by the leg and slamming him into the ground making a sickening crack come from the shoulder he landed on. Two more darts shot Jason and his movements started to slow. Lisa looked frantically around and picked up the gun in fear.

Jason's vision was blurring and he quickly turned to see the girl looking back at him with fear in her eyes. That's when he saw the Sheriff emerging from the trees with a strange looking gun aimed at him. Jason was furious now, not only was the boy from his nightmares trying to take his girl away but it seemed like the Sheriff was in on it too.

Lisa's fear turned into anger as she saw the Sheriff walk towards her. She glared down at Cody who was now broken and bleeding only a few feet from her. He lied to me! They're just out to get me and Jason! She aimed the gun at the Sheriff just as Jason slumped unconscious to the ground.

"Ms. Watkins put the gun down, please." She looked to Jason's motionless body then back to the Sheriff. "He's fine, I only shot him with some tranquilizer. Mrs. Mais told me that Cody was coming up here in search of you and I figured he'd do something stupid." Cody groaned as he attempted to sit up against a tree and the Sheriff rushed over to him.

Lisa finally lowered the gun and put it in her back pocket. Cody had a huge gash on his head and his arm looked like it was broken in several places. Serves him right, what was he thinking anyways? Did he think coming and taking her away would make her want him? No one could ever compare to Jason never. She walked over to Jason and pulled the darts out of him. It took some effort but she managed to roll him over onto his back.

Kneeling down beside him she stroked the side of his mask. She heard the Sheriff clear his throat behind her. Turning around to face him he had helped Cody up who was now hanging on his shoulder to keep his balance. Returning to her feet she gave him a questioning look.

"I'm really sorry I had to sedate Jason like that, but I couldn't have him killing Cody no matter what the reason. Wouldn't want to upset Mr. & Mrs. Mais. I wish he hadn't found you guys. We can only hope he'll keep quiet about all this. We can't have him scaring off all our business." The Sheriff explained as Lisa just stared at him confused and raised an eyebrow at him. Cody looked at him just as puzzled.

"All of us… well most of us know about what goes on out here. I guess I was one of the last to get clued in. Even the Mais' know about you two. The only business that this small town ever gets is the teens that come through on their way to camp out here. Unfortunately Cody here is rather fond of you so we couldn't tell him. We can't have him running around telling everyone about Jason and scaring off the tourists and campers." Lisa nodded and noticed Cody was staring at Jason's machete.

She quickly turned pulling it out of the ground wielding it. Cody's eyes grew wide and looked to Lisa. "Lisa, I-I'm sorry I tried to take you away from him. I guessed you had someone living with you, but I had no idea it was h-him." She gave him a cold stare flexing her grip on the machete. "I-I promise I won't tell. I won't bother you anymore… I promise." He licked the blood off of his lips as he nervously eyed Jason behind her.

Lisa nodded and loosened her grip on the machete. "Well now that that's all settled… Let's get you to the hospital boy…" The Sheriff tightened his grip on Cody and turned to Lisa. "… And you two just stay within the camp grounds and your house and you shouldn't have any problems. He should wake up in a few minutes so we're going to get out of here now." Lisa looked to Jason and watched his chest rise and fall and nodded quickly and shooed them with her hands knowing that if Jason woke up and they were still there they wouldn't live to see tomorrow.

As they walked away Cody looked back at her sadly. Lisa stood and watched them until they were out of sight and sat next to Jason on the ground and waited for him to wake up.

Jason opened his eyes to see his girl crouching next to him smiling. As he sat up he looked around for the Sheriff and the boy, they were nowhere to be seen. The girl put a hand on his shoulder and he looked at her confused. He wondered what had happened while he was out, but the girl looked fine so they must have left. He hoped the boy would come back so he could finish him off, but at the same time didn't want him to come back not wanting him near his girl.

Lisa wished she could somehow tell him everything that happened but knew it was no use to even attempt. There was a loud crack of thunder that caused her to jump and she landed on Jason and smiled up at him. The rain started to pour down on them.

The girl was smiling up at him, he lifted her so she was straddling him and he hugged her close. The boy from his nightmares had come and tried to take her away just like he feared. But unlike his nightmare she stayed, and showed the boy that she cared for him and only him. He had a feeling that the boy wouldn't come back now that he knew the truth. He knew his nightmares about the boy would never come true now. He could finally sleep without dreading he'd wake up to find his girl gone with the boy. He lifted his mask and kissed the girl passionately then she placed it back on his face running her fingers down his neck then wrapped her arms around him.

He stood and the girl wrapped her legs around his waist and hung on around his neck. Putting his machete back in its holster he headed back to the cabin with the girl hanging onto him and smiling back at him. She nuzzled her face into his neck and placed light kisses up to his ear back down then across his mask to where his lips would be. In that moment he knew that she would always and forever be his strange good girl.


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