"Hey Bones." Booth walked in holding a lamp, "Look what I found! Fits perfectly in our room. Right?" Lately he had been going on shopping trips and always bought a lamp. Over the past month he had gotten new lamps for six of our rooms.

"Yes it does look like it would fit quite nicely." I was filling out the paperwork on our last case and was hoping to have it done by three. I had to go pick up Nora and was hoping I wouldn't have to do it while she was there.

"Okay well I'm just going to go drop this off. Do you want me to pick up Nora? I can bring her here if you want."

"That would be great." I replied simply. I could possibly have the paperwork done before she got there. He gave me a quick peck with an I love you and was out the door. Marriage was never what I expected with him. He made it so easy, with everything he did just made it easier and easier. He always said he was the lucky one but I always knew I was. I finished filling out the paperwork right before they got back. I saw them walk through the lab holding hands. She had gotten so big even though comparatively to Booth she was rather small. Her dark hair went to her shoulders and her dark brown eyes were big and beautiful. She always held a smile on her face.

"Hi Mommy." She said and ran to me, instinctively I picked her up at the exact moment. She had just started school a week earlier. I couldn't believe she was already in Kindergarten.

"Hi honey. How was school?"

"Good. Mrs. Nix let us draw pictures. They are hanging up in the classroom."

"Wow." She was a great artist for her age, "When do I get to see them?"

"In a week. At school night. Like the one we went to for Parker?" Of course my daughter was talking about back to school night. We had went to Parker's back to school night about a month earlier. He was in high school now so his school started before the elementary.

"Yeah, just like Parker's." Just then Booth got a phone call.

"Alright, bye." He said as he hung up his phone, "We have a case."

"Alright. I walked out of my office just in time to stop Dr. Hodgins, "Dr. Hodgins."

"What's up Dr. B?"

"Can you watch Nora for a little while?" My team had offered to babysit many times. They often proclaimed that they enjoyed Nora.

"Yeah no problem. Where is she?" As he asked his question Nora walked out.

"Hi Dr. Hodgins."She smiled.

"Hey there. Want to see something cool?" She nodded, gave me and Booth hugs and went with Hodgins. The body was behind a nearby photo shop. When we arrived it was the usual crime scene. FBI and many crime scene investigators. We were led to the back where a dog was being held in a kennel. The owner started to explain to us how the bones were discovered.

"I was walking my dog and I wanted to check up on the shop. We walked up behind and Ralphie pulled away from me. He's so strong. Well, he started to dig and I couldn't get him to stop. Then I saw a bone. I wondered if maybe Ralphie had buried it earlier so I picked it up. I took Anatomy in college and I knew it was human and Ralphie was still digging. I immediately called the police. Then I saw a skull." The woman seemed like she had been traumatized. I started to examine the bones.

"Caucasoid male. Seventeen to twenty-five. I would place death between five and seven years. We need to get the remains back to the Jeffersonian so I can do a complete examination." After the examination I found cause of death to be suffocation after defending himself from many hits. He had a hairline fracture in his left radius and in his right patella.

"Hey hon we're going to go to dinner. Are you ready to leave yet?" I turned around and gave my husband a hug.

"Yes." I went to my office and took off my lab coat. Nora was sitting on my couch listening to an iPod, "Where did you get that?"

"It's Parker's. He let me borrow it while he was at Rebecca's house this week."

"That was nice of him." I replied, "Well it's time to go sweetie." We went out to Wong Foo's.

"How was your day Nora?" Booth asked. She laced both of her hands in front of her on the table and began a rant of her day.

"Well Jimmy tried to kiss me so I had to stay away from him and then he told my teacher I wasn't letting him play. So Mrs. Nix called me up before our next recess and told me I had to let Jimmy play too. So I told her that I was letting Jimmy play just not with me so she told me I needed to play nice. So I told her that I didn't want to play with Jimmy because he was trying to kiss me." She flipped her hands over, "I can't kiss a boy! I'm only five! I haven't even hit pubrittany." Booth and I couldn't help but laugh. Nora placed her head on the table, "Nobody understands me." She moaned.

"We understand you sweetheart . It's good you didn't kiss that boy." Booth tried to console her, "I don't want you to go through pubrittany. I want you to stay my little girl forever." Nora smiled.

"Dad, I can't stay little forever! I have to get big like Mommy." She crawled between me and Booth and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, "I love you Mommy."

"I love you too Sweetie."

"What about me?"Booth laughed and started tickling Nora. Her giggles filled the whole restaurant.

"I love you too Daddy." She managed between laughs.

"Good." He said as he stopped tickling her and placed a kiss on her forehead, "I love you too."

"What about Mommy?" He looked at me with a loving smile.

"I love Mommy more then you can imagine." He bent over and we kissed.

"Ew, gross. We're in public!" Nora said and crawled back over to her seat. After Nora was in bed Booth and I got ready for bed. In bed Booth and I talked.

"Today was a long day." I started.

"Yeah I know you were busy all day." I laid as close as I could get to his strong frame. He placed his arm around my waist.

"I got this phone call today. It was from some guy. He left me a message saying he needed to meet up with me but I have no idea who it was."

"Probably just a wrong number."

"He said Mr. Booth."

"Maybe it was meant for Jared?"

"I don't know." I was so tired. I could hardly listen to him.

"Night Booth."

"Goodnight Bones. I love you."

"I love you too."