I wasn't quite sure of where I was being held, or why for that matter. All I could think of was getting home to my family. I had no reason to give up I only had reasons to live, none to die for. I didn't know how I would get out of here but I knew it had to happen somehow. My life and my family depended on it. I could still hear the men telling me that I was going to die and that I would need to think of a reason why I deserved that. After sixteen straight hours of thinking nothing popped into my head. I really didn't deserve to die, or at least by my standards I didn't. I had to devise a plan to get myself out of this, but how. I started to think of what Bones had taught me and tried to think like her. I could see her using her knowledge to confuse them to death and it made me laugh for a split second as I imagined them holding their heads.


We tried to find anything that could relate anything to where Booth might be. I couldn't stop trying to find things so I was unwillingly drugged. They slipped it into some food and I slept for ten hours. When I woke up I was in my house and Nora was sleeping next to me. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom when I heard a small knock at the door.

"Mommy. Daddy's going to be alright." I felt tears start falling from my face. I opened the door and picked her up. We hugged with all of our strength. She was my daughter and I loved her and she was the only thing I had of Booth right now. I didn't even go into work. Angela assured me there was nothing I could do to help there. I knew I could help with the case but I decided to just take what she was saying and stay home with Nora. I didn't send her to school as it was with people against Booth how did I know they wouldn't be after her too. I couldn't lose both of them. I wouldn't risk it, so we stayed home and watched cartoons. All the doors and windows locked.


I took in my surroundings again. I saw a knife only two feet away from me. They had tied me to the chair and my hand together but if I could get that knife I could cut my hands free. The guards would switch off every so often so I would need to wait for one of them to mess up and give me an opening.

I couldn't help but to fall asleep, despite my efforts to stay awake; waiting for the perfect moment. I dreamed of home. I saw Nora swinging at about ten years old. "Hi Daddy." She yelled to me as I watched her from inside. Bones came up behind me and gave me a kiss. But then men came inside with masked faces, with guns. My heart jumped and my eyes flew open. I looked around and saw the guard sleeping. A quick adrenaline rush filled in my sleep deprived state and I slowly scooted my chair to the box with the knife on top. I grabbed it and started working at cutting the ropes. I felt the blood from my wrists drip down my hands as I moved the knife up and down, between the rope and my flesh. I felt the ropes fall but my hands still felt tied together, tough they were not.

I pulled my hands in front of me and began working on the ropes on my legs. I moved quickly despite the singeing pain in my wrists. I got up of the chair and looked for any exits. I saw one, a window. It was high so I got the help from my chair and tried to pull myself up. I was too weak so I got a box to put on the chair. I was beginning to be amazed by this guy not waking up but of course he did right as I said that. He screamed and I knocked him out. I heard people coming and I knew I wouldn't be able to get out so I threw the box off my chair moved it back, sat down, and hoped they didn't notice anything was different. I turned the leg ropes around and put my hands behind the me right before he walked in.

"Hey Mark. Glad to see me again. Or should I say Seeley. Seeley Booth." I immediately recognized him. It was Anthony. He was one of the kids working in that undercover assignment I had when Nora was born. I remembered him because he was only thirteen when I met him. I put his brother away but he hadn't done anything.

"You took away the only person I had to depend on so now I'll do that to your precious little family. My brother has been in jail all these years for a murder he didn't commit because of you!"

"Anthony." I tried to calm him, "Your brother admitted to killing two women and a man. It wasn't the murder of Elena. Elena actually was never murdered she just ran away. We found her two weeks later just one hundred miles from her apartment. She went into the foster care system." He looked confused but quickly jumped to defensive.

"No. You're lying to me. I know Elena was dead. Karver told me he saw her dead."

"Anthony, why are you doing this. Your brother knew what he was doing. You are very smart and I know you can become a great leader but you need to knock this off now. I will get out of here."

"No you won't. I've been planning this since my fourteenth birthday. You ruined my life so I'm going to ruin yours."

"You won't be ruining my life Anthony, you'll take it. You'll be ruining the lives of people like you. Innocent bystanders. My son who is about how old you were and my wife. My wife, my beautiful wife who has already had sorrow like yours. Abandoned at fifteen by her whole family. My six year old daughter, not even old enough to write a whole sentence. No you wouldn't be ruining my life. You'd be ruining theirs. No father. No husband. They will be the ones remembering and hurting, just.. like.. you." Anthony's face twisted in many different ways as I spoke.

"Shut Up!" He yelled.

"You see. I don't believe you are really trying to get me back. You are trying to get Eric back. Anthony this can all be worked out. Just don't do this. Not here, not now." I saw a glimmer of hope when a small tear passed down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away. He was the only one in the room besides the passed out guard and I didn't see a weapon so I decided to get up, show him my stance.

At first he flinched bu he trusted me I guess because he didn't move. I walked towards him and he wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. He was alone in this world. I always knew he didn't want to be bad but the group was the only people he ever knew. He didn't want to leave to a place he didn't know what to expect. His tears came like a sprinkler now. Not seeming to have an end.

"What's gonna happen with me?" He asked his eyes bloodshot from his tears.