Hidan was wishing with every fiber of his being that he had his voice back already. Kakuzu was in his room, stealing anything that was of value. Kakuzu even stole Hidan's socks.

Hidan scribbled onto the dry-erase board "What the hell do you think you're doing, Kakuzu?!"

"You have to go to the doctor tomorrow, so I'm just gathering some money ahead of time." Hidan could feel the grin behind Kakuzu's mask. "If you have any objections, just say something."

Hidan opened his mouth to say something, but a barely audible squeak came out once again. Damn, I wish I had my f___ing voice back already!

"I hope you keep that voice. It's so much better than the other one that cusses me out ever second." Then Kakuzu picked up Hidan's scythe.

Oh hell no! Hidan ran over and tried to snatch the scythe, but Kakuzu put a hand on Hidan's head, thus stopping the running. Hidan started waving his fists around everywhere, not even getting close to Kakuzu's face.

"Even without this stupid thing, you're the slowest attacker on Akatsuki."

"...GIVE ME BACK MY SCYTHE OR I'LL RIP YOUR F___ING HEAD OFF!!!" Hidan's eyes widened as he heard his obnoxious loud voice again.

Kakuzu's eyes widened as well. "Crap... the plan must be over." Kakuzu's eyes got wider as he smacked a hand over his mouth.


"Well, uh, everyone agreed that your cursing was annoying so we got Itachi to use a jutsu to suppress your voice.

It took Hidan about ten seconds to comprehend what happened. Then he snatched his scythe and ran out the door. "UCHIHAAA!"

"Run, Itachi, run!"

Haha. It's such a pity Hidan got his voice back, I really liked the silence.