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A few things about our main characters before you start reading...
Isabella Swan is 28. She is an Editor. 5'4, pale white skin, brown eyes and hair, slender and pretty.
Emmett Cullen is 35. He is a High School Teacher and Football Coach. 6'2, tanned skin, brown hair, blue eyes, built and handsome with cute dimples.

My Guy, My Girls

Chapter 1: Fresh Start
Crash Hale

"Oh, god... would you look at his ass."

"Yeah, I'm trying to stop."

"Why would you stop? That's the greatest ass I've ever seen. Wouldn't mind seeing more of it,"

"Thank god my kid is seven. I was so excited I wanted to scream when I heard Coach Cullen would be coaching peewee football this season,"

"I heard the only reason he's doing it is because no one else would take his kid on their team."

"And he's such a good father, makes him all that much sweeter. It's too bad what happen with his wife,"

"You mean it's all that much easier to seduce him now that there's no wife in the way. I know how you think."

"Yeah, right. I haven't seen him with any women since his wife's death."

"Maybe he's gay,"

"He has three kids, maybe he's just tied up with trying to be a good single parent. Can't be easy."

"Mmm, I know a couple of ways I could help ease him..."

"Just because we haven't seen him with any women, doesn't mean he doesn't sneak around with the married ones. I mean, he knows everyone in town."

"Yeah, keep dreaming. No matter how much you wish he's doing that, it doesn't mean he'll be doing it with you."


"Hello... You're Isabella Swan, right?" A much sweeter sounding feminine voice asked, making me turn in her direction.

She stood next to me, short dark hair, a little shorter than me and smiling ear to ear. The women that were talking about the coach were to my other side, still chatting away about how they'd cheat on their husbands if hot Coach Cullen wanted them.

"Yes?" I couldn't help but frown, wondering how she knew my name.

"I'm Alice, Alice Whitlock. I heard Chief Swan's daughter was moving into town, and well, I know who everyone else is here. I also noticed you kinda look like Charlie... I'm right, aren't I?" She asked, just as a small boy ran over and clung to her leg. He looked to be around three. I also noticed the baby girl in the stroller by her side.

"Yeah," I quickly answered, deciding I had been rude enough, not even giving her a smile yet, "Just Bella though." I finally smiled and shook her hand.

"Bella," Alice nodded, "It's great to meet you. Finally someone other than The Witches of Forks to talk to." Alice giggled, looking over at the other mothers.

I laughed slightly, thinking the name suited them well.

"Alice Whitlock? As in Jasper Whitlock?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Her smile brightened even more, "How'd you know?"

"I think I work with him at the newspaper."

"Oh, wow... yeah, he told me they hired a new editor. I didn't know it was you. That's great!" She exclaimed, now stroking the little boy's hair back. He was still holding onto her leg, looking at up me.

"And who's this little guy?" I smiled, winking at him.

He blushed and pushed his face into her leg.

"This is Brandon," She told me, her voice full of motherly love. I knew it well, I sounded just like that while talking about my pride and joy, Luca.

"And Maryanne." We both looked into the stroller at the sleeping angel, "Sports bore her." Alice shrugged.

"Clearly," I mused and smiled.

I liked Alice already, and that was really saying something. I never really felt this comfortable in front of new people, but Alice was sweetheart, she came and introduced herself, when no one else had done so yet.

I did notice the way they looked at me though. I had been getting those looks for over seven years back in Phoenix. I had hoped Forks wouldn't be the same, but it seemed things wouldn't go my way here either. Maybe even worse. This was a smaller town after all.

I don't know what I did to make other women think so low of me. Why was it so bad that I was a single parent? I didn't do anything to anyone.


I never let it bother me much, and I'd continue on trying to overlook all the whispers and talk behind my back.

"My other son, Blake is on the team," Alice informed, pointing the little guy out. They all had their helmets on so it was hard to tell, but I was sure I'd meet him soon enough.

"That's my guy over there," I smiled as I pointed to Luca, who was running, "Luca."

"We should arrange a play date!" Alice actually clapped from how excited she was.

I liked her and I didn't want to upset her by telling her I hated play dates, so I agreed, actually feeling kind of excited myself now too. I needed more friends. Alice seemed like the best of the best too. She just had such a draw to her that it was hard not to like her as soon as you met her.

I was telling Alice about the move from Arizona and about Dad's injury when I heard the kids on the field start yelling. Coach Cullen was yelling now too. We all turned to see what was going on.

My feet acted before my mind did. I ran as fast as I could over to the two kids fighting.

Well, one kid was fighting and Luca was getting his ass handed to him. My poor guy.

Coach Cullen had the other kid against him now, holding them back. I kneeled by Luca, taking his helmet off and asking if he was alright.

"Em, calm down!" Coach Cullen yelled, holding the kid back still.

I held Luca to me and watched as Coach Cullen pulled the other kids helmet off.

My jaw dropped and I held still when I saw a pretty little blonde girl. A pretty blonde girl who looked like she wanted to kill my son. A pretty little blonde girl who had just been pushing my son around.

"She started it!" Luca yelled.

"It's not my fault he's being a pussy!" The pretty little blonde girl yelled, her hair a mess while she struggled to get out of Coach Cullen's tight grip.

"Emma! Language, young lady." He said sternly, holding her shoulders now and coming to kneel by her.

He looked to me with his bright blue eyes that held sincere apology, "I'm so sorry. I have no idea where she gets this from." He sighed as he looked back to her, disappointed now.

"You said it yesterday!" She yelled back, looking mean as ever.

I was highly amused at the father and daughter in front of me. They were actually pretty funny. His face was getting a little red, because she was obviously telling the truth. They were so cute.

"Say you're sorry."

She was quiet for a few seconds, "I'm sorry, Luca. It wont happen again." She didn't mean the apology, but at least she had given it.

Coach Cullen finally released her when she was calm enough, "Go sit down, Emma. Cool off and then come back into the game. We'll talk about this when practice is over. Is that understood?"

"Yes." She said, storming over and sitting down.

"You alright, buddy?" He asked Luca.

Luca nodded and finally pulled away from me. I stood back up and took a deep breath. I had gotten pretty scared, but no one was hurt and everything was fine now. I stroked his hair.

"Mom, I'm fine." He told me, pulling away again. He swatted away my hand and looked around, seeing who saw the exchange.

I knew he was a good boy. He wasn't fighting back because she was a girl. I had taught him never to do that. He knew men were to never hit women, and the other way around too of course. I was lucky that he truly was an amazing child; Smart, kind and caring.

"I know," Coach Cullen said, shaking his head, "she's kinda scary, huh?" He said.

Luca shrugged and smiled at him. I could tell when Luca liked someone, and he liked his coach.

"Okay, let's finish this. Your ball." Coach Cullen smiled at Luca and sighed when he looked to me, saying sorry again.

I smiled at him and walked back off the field, coming to stand with Alice.

Everyone had been staring and was now whispering about my child and me.


"Is he okay?" Alice asked, clearly very concerned.

"Yeah," I nodded, "they're fine now... It was actually kind of funny, she called Luca the P word." I pulled a face and Alice laughed.

"Kids," She shrugged.

I agreed and we watched the rest of practice.

Luca was getting the hang of it and having fun with the other kids. I was glad that he wasn't having too much of a hard time adjusting to a new town. That was my main concern to begin with.

When practice was finally over, the coach gave out the snack sheet. The snack sheet had a list of the dates each mother was to supply the snacks.

Alice and I were last in line.

"Thank you, Emmett," She almost sung, taking the paper from him and looking it over. "I'll make some extra brownies for you to take home next week." She told him.

I looked the sheet over and noticed she was next for snacks.

"And that's why I love you most, Ali," Coach Cullen, who I had just learned was named Emmett, said to Alice.

They clearly had a very friendly relationship.

"Oh, well Bella's new... who knows, maybe she makes even better brownies. You're gonna have to wait until next month to see if that statement is actually true." Alice teased.

I felt my cheeks heat up. Emmett was an extremely attractive man and he made my throat feel kinda dry. It was obvious Alice was going to try setting us up at some time in the near future. I knew her already. She was like an open book.

"I guess so," Emmett nodded.

"Sooo... I'm gonna go, you guys. Jasper will be home soon and I have to cook dinner. I'll see you later, Bella." She gave me a tight hug and left Emmett and I standing before each other.

"Does that date suit you?" Emmett asked, pointing to the paper in my hand.

I nodded as I tried not to stare at him.

Okay, so maybe I understood what all the fuss was about. He was god-like, for lack of a better word.

"Oh, yeah... It's fine with me." I nodded and took a deep breath.

Act cool, Bella. He's not interested in you.

"So ummm, I'm really sorry about Emma. She's my tom boy." Emmett sighed, running his hand over his brown hair and down the side of his neck. He did seem a little embarrassed that his daughter had acted that way.

"It's okay. I'm sure it was just a one time thing. They'll get over it... hopefully," I gave a half laugh towards the end, wishing it to be true.

"Yeah. I'll have a chat with her when we get home. I promise you she'll never pull that again."

I believed him, so I nodded in understanding.

"Well, it's nice to meet you," I said, smiling when he shook my hand.

"You're Bella, like Alice said." His white smile brightened, making his adorable eyes sparkle just a little more and his dimples deepen. I had never seen a man in his thirties with dimples, it was quiet honestly the hottest thing ever.

"And you're Emmett." He finally let my hand go and nodded.

"It's great to meet you. Luca's a real sweet kid. I'm glad you signed him up."

"Me too." My throat was feeling dryer and dryer.

I had never spoken to such a beautiful man. I was starting to fall for his charm.

He's not even trying to charm you.

Damn it!

I took a deep breath and smiled when I saw he was about to continue talking.

"Pops! Let's go!" Emma yelled from behind him.

He closed his mouth again and turned to her, "Alright, alright..." He huffed and turned back to me. "I'll see you next time, Bella... Later, Luca!" He waved at Luca, who was drinking his water that was in my purse back on the benches.

I turned to Luca and gave him a smile while he waved goodbye to Emmett.

Emmett shook my hand again, sending goosebumps down my body before leaving.

The last thing I needed right now was to be getting interested in another guy that would just run off.

But he has kids of his own, he wont run away like the others. If anyone understands what it's like to be a single parent, it would be him.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I knew this because I had overheard The Witches of Forks talking before. I couldn't believe anything they said. For all I knew he could be dating someone.

Why the fuck was I even thinking about this right now?

I shook my head, trying to free it of my son's hot peewee football coach.

"Let's go home, baby," I smiled at Luca when I reached him, running my fingers through his sweaty black hair, "You need a shower. You're stinky." I told him.

He looked up at me with his bright green eyes and laughed, wrapping his arms around me, "You are too now!"

I laughed with him and held him close to me. I looked up from him when he dug his head into my stomach and saw some of the women looking my way. They were talking about me and it was so fucking obvious.

I held my head high and stared them down. Luca finally pulled away and handed me my purse. I kissed his sweaty forehead and held his hand as we walked to our car. He was talking to me about how he liked practice, even though he did get into a fight, but I caught a bit of what the women were saying; Something about me only being here for a week and already being after all the single men.

Seriously, what the hell? Did I really look like I was flirting with him?

I slammed my door shut, making Luca give me a strange look. I forced a smile and began driving, blasting Linkin Park and singing along to it with Luca. We shared an interest in all the same music.

He and I had a great relationship, it had been just my guy and I since the start.

Well, to begin from the start I guess I had to started from my childhood; Renee left Charlie when I was three and took me with her to Arizona. I loved my mother, I really did, but she was never much of a mother. She let me do what I wanted. I partied throughout college, never really thinking about my future too much.

That was until I found out I was pregnant. It was a one night stand with some random guy that I couldn't even remember the name of. But Luca looked just like him and hardly like me. His skin was a darker olive color while mine was pale white, his hair black and mine brown, his eyes green and mine brown. The only thing I think he might have gotten from me was his lips. Seriously, that was all.

I grew up really fast after he was born. I wanted to be a good mother for him. He was my world. So, I became an adult. I stopped partying and became what he needed me to be. I worked hard to make sure he had all that he needed, and more. I think I did pretty well, because here we were, a happy mother and son. It was the two of us against the world. He was my number one.

By the time we were back at Dad's house, our home, we were laughing and happy again.

I parked the car in the driveway and walked behind Luca as he ran into the house, yelling hello to his grandfather on the couch.

"Dinner will be ready in half an hour!" I yelled after him, "Don't take too long!"

"Okay!" He called back. I could hear him moving in and out of his room up stairs as he went to have a shower and clean up.

I put our things down and went into the living room where Charlie was watching baseball on the new flat screen.

"Hey, Dad. How you doing?" I asked, giving him a smile and sitting down for a moment.

He looked okay today, and I was glad that the doctor said he'd have a full recovery.

Charlie was currently the town hero. There was a hold up at the gas station two weeks ago by someone just driving through town. Charlie tried to stop the guy from hurting any of the teenage kids working that night and got shot a couple of times himself. It must have scared the guy, because he just drove away, without anything, but thankfully was stopped by the police in the next town over.

Charlie needed someone to help him out while he got better, so I jumped at the chance of getting a new start and actually forming a relationship with my father. I had always felt bad that we never really even knew each other. I hardly ever came to visit, and the older I got, the more I realized how bad that was. He always asked for me to visit, he always told me he missed me.

He was so happy when I asked if he would be open to the idea of Luca and I coming to live with him and maybe help him out while he was working on his recovery.

He actually cried the night that I came. He told me he always felt horrible for not making a better effort in being involved in my life and that he loved Luca and I more than anything, even if I might not believe him.

I believed him, and I wanted to know my father. I told him this was a fresh start for us all and we could take it to become a family again. He agreed and gave me a big hug, telling me how happy he was to have his little girl back.

"Oh, I'm fine. How was his first practice?" He asked, nodding his head towards the stairs.

"He kinda got beat up by a girl," I laughed lightly, "It was no big deal... But I guess Emmett's daughter doesn't like him too much,"

Dad chuckled and shrugged, "Maybe she has a crush on him,"

"Maybe," I nodded, then went on asking him if he was hungry.

"Do you even have to ask, Bells?"

I laughed again and left the living room to go make dinner in the kitchen. Charlie only had home cooked meals when he was invited to other peoples homes for dinner, and now that I was here, he demanded home cooked meals as much as possible.

That was fine with me, I loved to cook. I loved the way it made people so happy that I actually took the time to make them something they'd enjoy. And I had to admit, Dad was the funnest to cook for. In the short time I had lived here, I had tired cooking five new dishes and he ate them all without fear, telling me they were the best thing he had ever tasted.

Tonight it was pasta and salad. We all ate at the kitchen table, then watched some television before I tucked Luca in and kissed him goodnight.

I checked in with Mom that night. She was a newlywed and still on cloud nine with Phil. I was happy for her and glad that I didn't have to feel guilty for leaving her all alone.

I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry before helping Dad up the stairs and to his room.

I finally took a shower, feeling kind of drained from the long day and pretty much passed out on my comfortable bed.

This was my new life, with my son and my father, in the town I was born in and never considered home.

This was our fresh start.