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Side Note: Mind you guys that I'm making Sasuke and Sakura 16-19 years old in the beginning of the story. By the time the epilogue and bonus chapter comes along you can make the math as to how old they'll be then.

Full summary: What happens when Sakura needs to stay at the Uchiha home for four solid years to look after the Uchiha boys under Tsunade's orders?What happens when one night she confesses to Itachi that she still loves Sasuke?What happens when Sasuke hears everything?A SasuSaku Oneshot with hints of others.

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Sakura's Pov

I sigh as I made my way into the bedroom which would be mine during my stay at the Uchiha estate, Tsunade-sensei had really done it this time. After so much chaos what with the Akatsuki attacks that had basically destroyed Konoha, everything was finally going back to normal, as normal as it could get around here.

With the drama that had unfolded new discoveries had been made,many secrets had been laid out for open eyes to see along with the many many lives that were lost and the many more that would have been. Sasuke had almost been one of those lost ones if it hadn't been for Naruto who had once again surpassed the odds with his usual optimism.

It had been quite a fight to even whiteness let alone be a part of, many had made their surprise appearance in the coming of our aid, one of whom we had believe to be dead, Itachi Uchiha. Itachi had appeared in the middle of the battle all bruised and beaten but with enough force to still be able to help and help that he did.

It had been a sight to see indeed, Konoha among other allied ninja fighting together against the remainder of Akatsuki and Donzou, fighting against evil to protect the innocent. Once the whole fight had been over, both the Uchiha brothers had agreed to come back to the village, They were to face Tsunade who had awoken from her state not before the fight had concluded.

We were surprise to hear the whole truth about what had happened to the Uchiha clan many years ago and the sacrifices that Itachi had to make as he himself told the story.

The council of course had been in deep trouble, Tsunade had been angry, tired with them as it was and this did not help their case and if you knew anything about her was that when she was angry it was best to move out of the way and god help you if it was directed towards you.

Tsunade had of course given a fair punishment to Sasuke for leaving the village, he was to be on probation for a full year with his chakra sealed for five months, he hadn't been so happy about this but hell it could have gone way worse.

As part of Sasuke's probation he was to help rebuild houses along with other Shinobi, I myself even took part of this, Itachi as well as many more of our friends. Itachi had gone unpunished but he was to receive proper treatment from Tsunade herself to help him recover faster.

That had all taken place two months and a half ago and Tsunade had decided that making me move into the Uchiha house was the best course of action, I was to live with the Uchiha brothers for four years, my job was to simply keep an eye on them and see to it that they wouldn't cause any trouble, she trusted me and only me to do this job, goody.

I didn't have anything against this really, it was just unexpected and very very nerve wrecking. So far I could say that Itachi seemed like a very reasonable man and not so evil like I had originally thought before.

He had already gained my respect, his sacrifice had made a long lasting impression on me. I had even spoken with him at the hospital for a bit while I was checking his injuries, he was actually a very nice and calm man.

I could tell living with him wouldn't be a problem at all so I was excited for that so maybe I could get to know him better. I was however a bit nervous to be living with Sasuke, we hadn't parted on awesome notes that last time at the sound base and I hadn't gotten to speak much to him during the whole battle that took place what with the chaos that took form.

Everything had happened so quickly and even when we had returned home, everything had been so hectic that small words were only exchanged till now that is. I had no idea how he was really feeling about me moving in, probably not happy at all.

I was obviously still crazy in love with him, that had never changed even though some might have thought it would have by now. I wasn't going to bother him about my feelings though, I had promised myself already, I wouldn't be that annoying little girl he had left so many years ago.

As everything was coming back to normal, everyone was already acting like the past few years, the past few months had never even happened for all of our sakes but you wouldn't hear me complaining. I had been the first to put a close on that old chapter, done and dealt with.

It felt nice to have the original Team 7 back, it felt nice to see Naruto and Sasuke bicker like the old times. Sai had gone back to root which was now looking for a new leader and Yamato had gone back to Anbu while the rest of Team Hebi had been allowed to stay in the village.

Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin each were now living in separate houses that still stood in the Uchiha district,the livable ones. We got to see them almost everyday, specially when Suigetsu was hungry. I didn't mind, he was pretty nice to be around with, sarcastic but nice none in the less and the same could be said for Juugo, Tsunade had helped with his curse seal, he was now able to control his emotions better without having Sasuke as his "cage" as he once had called it.

Karin was however the mere image of Ino and I and half of the other girls of Konoha when it came to Sasuke himself back when we were Gennin and that was all I was going to say, that and she was an ok girl just not someone I would hang out with purposely.

I wasn't jealous nor anything, I didn't have any reason to be and it wasn't like Sasuke paid any attention to her. Sasuke barely even looked like he cared which made me feel a bit sorry for her and strangely guilty, I knew that once upon a time I had behaved just the same way.

Today, after two months and a half of preparations, my stay here at the Uchiha house was to commence, for four full years I would be living with the love of my life and his brother. I sigh as I placed my bags on top of the queen sized bed that was placed under the big window, the only window in the room but it was enough seeing how much light it let threw. It was a big room, bigger than my old room, it was nice, very light and it smelled fresh.

Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, and I had helped Itachi and Sasuke clean out the Uchiha house to make it livable, it had taken a lot of work but it was well worth it. I took another long look around the room then, my room was just next to Sasuke's and down the hall from Itachi's. I made my way out of the room then and went towards the living room where I knew the boys would be at.

When I got to the living room I saw Sasuke and Itachi sitting next to each other, the TV held their attention but not for long though, Itachi had noticed me first, he looked towards my way and gave a small smirk.

"Sakura" He acknowledged, I nodded at him as I saw Sasuke turn to look at me.

"I'm gonna get started on dinner" I began in a low voice "What do you guys wanna eat?" came my question then. I had agreed to cook and not because they couldn't, I'd say they could fend for themselves but I knew how to cook better meals, more healthy.

"Anything you cook is fine" was Itachi's low reply.

"Something with tomatoes please" came Sasuke's low reply.

I gave them a small smile "Alright then,I'll call you both to dinner once its done." I made my way to the kitchen and began the preparations for dinner. It was around seven thirty and my goal was to finish by eight.

It had been a long day today, I had worked at the hospital till five something, I had gone back to my parent's house as tired as I was and packed my clothes and whatever I would need only to bring it to the Uchiha home that wasn't that far away but still, I never knew just how much clothes I had till today,dang. Thank god Itachi and Sasuke had helped me through the move, I smiled then as I started slicing the tomatoes.

Sasuke had changed immensely in the last two months, he had come back with a different attitude, a new way of looking at life you could say. I guess having a near death experience and knowing that your brother is alive and well and that he had never been the bastard he thought Itachi had been did a lot to you.

He was more open now, as open as Sasuke Uchiha let himself be. We'd had a lot of time to speak in the last two months, nothing big but still worth mentioning. I wanted to show him that I was no longer that girl he used to know yet in some way I still was, I would show him how strong I have become and I had the time to do so.

End of Sakura's Pov

Sasuke's Pov

It was rather funny how life worked and how ironic it was, it really was.

Two months ago I would have never guessed that my life would be anything like it is now, calm, peaceful, surrounded by those who I'd forgotten how much had meant to me. My brother whom I'd thought had died at my hands hadn't and was back with me in our old home where so many memories were held.

Today could very well be the beginning of life itself, a new life that is. Sakura was to live with Itachi and I for four full years and I wasn't sure how I felt about that just yet, I was sure back when we were Gennin I would have been completely apposed to the idea but now It didn't sound too bad.

I'd seen how much her attitude had changed in the last two months, her maturity and I was immensely impressed in a way. It felt weird to be back, it felt weird to act like I had never left but that's what I wanted to do, pretend that the last few years of my life hadn't happened, I knew I couldn't do that but I could and would make up for all the damage I'd caused.

Once dinner was ready Sakura called us just as she said she would do, it was silent while we ate. She had made rice balls and some salad with the tomatoes I had asked for, thank you Sakura.

After dinner, Itachi and I cleaned the dishes, that much we would do since she would be doing the cooking. Sakura in turn made herself conferable on the couch as she waited for us to join her. Once we did, we enjoyed a good movie till around midnight when she took her leave. She would leave for the hospital in the morning tomorrow while Itachi and I would join the Dobe and Kakashi for some ramen.

Itachi and I didn't speak much, we didn't have to, we were both very reserved men but we understood each other. This new life, this new beginning would take some getting use to.

End of Sasuke's Pov

~Two years Later~

Sakura's Pov

I felt the air breeze hit me as I made my way back to the Uchiha home where I knew Itachi, Sasuke and Naruto would be waiting. I had just left the hospital,it was now around six-thirty in the afternoon.

Two years and two months ago today I had moved into the Uchiha home in hopes of keeping order as Tsunade-sensei had ordered me to do so,two years ago today marks the return of the two sole survivors of the Uchiha clan, the return of Sasuke and Itachi Uchiha.

A lot had happened during the two years. Itachi was now working for the Anbu, with Yamato actually and we'd had a small celebration for that small event at the house, the rest of Team 7, Naruto and Kakashi along with the rest of Team Hebi, Suigetsu, Karin, and Juugo had been present.

Sasuke had been out of his probation a year after his return just like Tsunade said he would be and he was now allowed to return to doing missions at Chunnin level with Naruto who had finally reached Chunnin as well, Kakashi-sensei and I as Team 7.

When we weren't busy with missions that were given to us,we would spend our time together as a Team, or as Naruto liked to call us, a family.

My parents hadn't made a big fuss about me moving in with them for the simple reason that it was just a mission that the Hokage herself had given me, I still visited my parents of course just not everyday, I was enjoying myself way too much I'd say.

Life with the Uchiha boys was really good, Sasuke and Itachi never got into arguments because they were both calm and both resolved their issues like if it was no trouble at all. There were times that I got so busy with the hospital and Itachi with his missions, poor Sasuke would be left behind with Naruto and that had happened a lot during the first year of his probation, I smiled to myself then.

Naruto had taken it upon himself to reconnect Sasuke to our other friends and well just show him what a good time he could have. Sasuke and I have spent a lot of time together as well. We would have days to ourselves with the house while Itachi was out on missions and Naruto would be too busy with Hinata who had become his special lady about exactly two years ago, so cute.

I did thank god for her because if you let Naruto he would move into the house with us, it isn't like Naruto was a bother but it was so calm and nice when it was just Sasuke and I, we had really become close.

I made my way around the corner entering the Uchiha district, more people had moved into the district with Sasuke and Itachi's permission so it wasn't so empty looking anymore, some houses had been replaced and everything looked great.

I made my way past Suigetsu's house, he and Karin had a little something between them both and they were now living together. That had been a huge surprise, Karin had even become more friendly ever since so that was another shocker.

I past by Juugo's home then, he lived three houses down from them. Juugo lived by himself but that didn't mean he didn't come with us whenever went out to eat in a group or to our missions, he was always included. I reached the house after a minute or so, I took my key out and opened the door, I entered the house and closed the door behind me as I made my way to the living room.

Naruto was sitting in the middle of Sasuke and Itachi when I reached my destination, I smiled at them as they noticed my arrival.

"Hey you guys" I greeted as I made my way to sit on the small one person love seat placed under the huge window next to the sofa they were sitting on.

"Sakura-chan!" greeted Naruto happily.

"Sakura" both Uchiha brothers voiced, Itachi with his usual small timid smile and Sasuke with his usual smirk.

I stretched "What did you guys do today?" I had left bright and early to the hospital when Sasuke and Itachi were still sleeping.

"I was with Hinata-chan this morning before she left for her mission" He grinned at me.

Ever since Hinata's confession and the whole ordeal with Akatsuki, Naruto had opted to get to know the Hyuuga girl more and now that they were together, you could see just how much of an impact Hinata made on Naruto.

"When will she be back?" I questioned as I stretched again.

"In about a week" He sigh, I knew he hated not being able to go with her, overprotective was an understatement with Naruto.

"I went training with Sasuke and Kakashi" Itachi spoke next "How was your day?" He asked.

Itachi was always more aware of the people around him and their feelings, so nice that it makes me wish I had a brother like him.

"Not bad" I nodded my head, tiresome. I looked toward Sasuke, he was starring at me with his calm features but the smirk was still there, I gave him a smirk of my own, we did this a lot the -I smirk, you smirk stare off- but it got awkward sometimes.

"Did you guys eat anything yet?" I asked then looking away to Itachi, I didn't want to give him any funny ideas or make him uncomfortable.

"Ramen" He sigh pointing toward Naruto, of course.

I shook my head "I can make something for you guys if you want."

"Ramen would be nice Sakura-chan!" yelled an ecstatic Naruto.

"Of course it would" I rolled my eyes.

"Rice balls" voiced Sasuke.

"I second that" replied Itachi just in time when I got up and started making my way to the kitchen, oh boys.

"I'll call you three when I'm done!" I yelled behind me, all I heard back were two grunts and a very loud believe it, I smiled again. Around seven o'clock the four of us sat at the table eating, this was nothing new though sometimes it would just be Itachi, Sasuke, and I other times Naruto and Kakashi would join us.

At seven forty something when we had finished eating the four of us made our way to the living room for some TV time. Naruto had suggested a movie, it was this samurai movie, the main character needed to save this princess whom he happened to be in love with, he had become quite the romance addict.

I was sitting in between Sasuke and Itachi,Naruto was sitting in the one person love seat. It was around ten when the movie ended and around ten thirty when Naruto had decided to take his leave. Sasuke, Itachi and I had stayed in the living room together till eleven something which was when I decided to take my leave at the same time the boys decided to head to bed as well.

Even though I was tired after a really long day at work, I just couldn't make my brain stop running around with the many thoughts that hunted my head, I stretched across my bed and sighed. I was still madly in love with Sasuke and being this close to him didn't help, I was happy enough to be able to even be a part of his life and be as close to him as he allowed me to be.

I looked at the clock sitting on the nightstand next to my bed, it read one o'clock,It was a good thing that tomorrow was Saturday and that was my day off from the hospital because there was no way I would get enough sleep from now till six in the morning.

I stood up from the bed then, making my way to the door without bothering to grab my sandals. I ended up in the backyard, I sat on the back long porch with my feet hanging out starring at the Uchiha garden that was in front of me, Itachi had let me fix up the garden after much convincing.

I loved it here, It smelled so great and fresh, the night was chilly but it didn't bother me. The stars were shinning down at me, the moon was full tonight.

"Sakura?" I looked to my right where I saw Itachi making way to me, once he reached me he sat next to me and turned to look at me.

"Can't sleep either huh?" came my question in a low whisper.

He nodded "Are you alright?" I sigh.

"I am" I looked to the garden again "I just needed to clear my mind." I had just been thinking so much lately of Sasuke that it was almost overwhelming.

"You know" I heard Itachi speak, I turned my attention back to him "You should tell him how you feel."

I felt the shock surge threw me "e-excuse me?"

Itachi chuckled "It isn't hard to see Sakura, you love my brother" He paused studying my expression "besides Naruto already told me all about it" I was going to punch the lights out of Naruto one of these days.

I was sure that Itachi hadn't known and as much as I love talking to him I had preferred to keep it to myself, I though it would have made it worse if he knew. I felt embarrassed, I knew Itachi was good at reading people I just didn't know just how good he was or maybe I was just too obvious, for my sake I hoped I wasn't.

I looked away again, I could feel the heat in my checks "Naruto has a big mouth."

I heard him chuckle again "Sakura there's nothing wrong with being in love."

"I dont want to be that annoying girl he hated" was my simple reply.

"I dont think he ever hated you" I looked at Itachi then, he had a small almost invisible smile.

"How so?" I was curious to know how he even came up with this conclusion.

"You were always there for him Sakura."

"That's just it, because I was so clingy, so useless to even protect myself" I felt a sharp pang in my chest as I looked back to the garden, a sad smile made its way on my lips.

"Times change Sakura" it was silent then.

"I still love him" I confirmed after a few minutes of silence,almost ashamed "I always have, always will, that wont ever change." I looked back at him once again.

"You dont care if he never returns your feelings?"

I shrugged "He never has" the pain was still there.

"You cant wait forever."

"Maybe so" I shrugged again, he had a point but only because we were human and we didn't live forever.

"Maybe you-" He began but I cut in.

"I'm not ready to face that rejection again Itachi, his friendship is enough for me" I knew what he would say. I stood up then making my move to leave.


"I'm fine" I looked back to see Itachi starring at the Uchiha garden, I turned around again and began to walk away. I would forget this conversation for my sake. I went back to my room in hopes of getting a good nights sleep, of what was left of the night that is.

End of Sakura's Pov

Itachi's Pov

I shook my head once I knew she was gone, my small smile had turned into a smirk as I looked up from the garden to the big moon up in the sky. These kids were so blind it was almost funny.

"You can come out now, Sasuke" I whispered knowing he would hear, I heard a small grunt then and my smirk grew as I felt him come out of the shadows and take his place next to me where Sakura had been sitting.

I looked back down to my brother, he had serious look planted on his face, he wasn't starring at me though, he was starring straight ahead.

"You knew I was hidden" It wasn't a question nor an accusation, a mere statement.

"Of course" It was silent then, I looked at the garden again.

He sigh "I dont know how I feel."

I rolled my eyes, leave it to him to be a social retard at a time like this but then again it was to be expected, He'd spent his whole life pretending to be an emotionless avenger.

"Follow your heart little brother, is all I can say" I whispered.

I knew he felt something for her, it was easy to tell by the way he looked at her, even Naruto had notice this and that's saying something. Sakura was too wrapped up in Sasuke's past feelings to even recognize this herself.

"Easier said than done" He whispered back, I rolled my eyes.

"Listen Sasuke, for once in your life let your feelings rule your judgment, leave your pride out of this before its too late" I advice, he turn to look at me then.

"Guess your right" He shrugged, looking away again. I smirked then as he stood up ready to walk away.

"Where are you going?" I asked as he began to walk away, he stopped, looked back and turned around again.

"I'm following my heart" I heard him say as he began to walk again, I smiled to myself thinking of what was coming.

End of Itachi's Pov

Sasuke's Pov

I sigh as I made my way to her room, Itachi had made a solid point, then again he always did,stupid bastard and his wise shit. I've been having these strange feelings toward Sakura for a while now, it was something deep in my chest that made it feel weird when she was around, I felt happy.

We'd been inseparable ever since she moved in and I had come to realize how much I enjoyed her company, more than I would have ever known. I was never good at expressing my feelings before even to myself, social retard is what Naruto calls me and I knew he had a point for the first time.

I made it around the corner and past my room, stood in front of her door, I knocked then and it only took a few seconds for her to tell me to come in. When I opened the door, I saw her sitting on her bed starring right at me, I saw the smile break on her lips at the sight of me and I couldn't help the warm feeling that crept in my chest, this was nothing new. I made my way to sit on her bed in front of her then.

"Hey" I felt dumb, sitting here in the middle of the night starring at her trying to find a way to tell her how I was feeling, this wasn't going to be easy.

"Hey" She greeted back, her smile still in place.

I'd done this many times before, we'd had many in the middle of the night conversations when I'd had trouble sleeping, she was always trying to help me but I was sure that this time this conversation would end differently.

"I have to talk to you" I whispered, she nodded, I paused for a few seconds "I know you still love me Sakura" I saw her eyes go wide.


"I heard you talking with my brother" I confessed,my gaze never leaving her face as her eyes grew wider,the blush apparent on her cheeks.

"Sasuke I-"

I cut in again "I think I'm in love with you Sakura" I saw the hint of pink on her cheeks as I felt my own cheeks feel fire hot, I didn't look away though, I wasn't a coward and I would finish this. There was silence then as we starred at each other, no words and no movements except for our breathing.

"Well...certainly didn't expect you to say that" She gave me a shy smile, the hint of blush still apparent.

"Ironic isn't it?" I smirked when she giggled.

"I better watch my back with your fangirls" I rolled my eyes, she gave a small laugh. We were silent again as I took her right hand in mine never looking away, her blush got deeper while mine was long gone.

"Sakura..." I heard my calm, low voice whisper her name as I brought her in, nose to nose, her eyes a bit wide.

"Sasuke?" She whispered back before I took in her lips in mine, she wrapped her arms around my neck then.

I'd never kiss anyone in my entire life, beside the Dobe which was by accident and very unappealing might I add but Sakura was the first girl I have ever kissed and I knew I was the first guy she had ever kissed, this gave me an ego boost as our lip lock continued. I was suddenly on top of her as she laid back on the bed.

"Well, dont make me an uncle so early in life" I abruptly pulled away in surprise as I looked toward the doorway with Sakura still in my hands, I heard her gasp as she grasped what just happened. Itachi was leaning against the door, arms crossed with a smirk on his face, I rolled my eyes trying to ignore the warm feeling on my cheeks. I sat back up on the bed facing Itachi while Sakura did the same.

"Itachi-" Sakura began but he cut in.

Itachi chuckled "wait till Naruto and Kakashi hear about this."

"Itachi" I whispered in almost a growl, Sakura muttered a curse, they wouldn't let us live this down. Itachi laughed then as he made his way out the door in the process of closing it. I shook my head as I sigh, bastard. I looked at Sakura, she was looking down at her fingers, the blush was present. I couldn't help the smirk, she was so cute.

"Well,another unexpected outcome" She looked up, her eyes full of question as she noticed my smirk.

"Whats so amusing to you?"

"You are S-A-K-U-R-A" I teased, her blush got deeper and I just loved the reaction, I bend down to peck her lips, then a quick kiss on her cheek as I pushed her back onto the bed again making myself comfortable on her side as I cuddled her into my arms.

"You know" She whispered after a while "this will take some getting use to."

I chuckled "We have a while" She looked at me then,I kissed her once more then whispered "Sleep Sakura" I noticed that her clock read two in the morning and tomorrow would prove to be stressing. I felt her nod then as she began to drift off, I followed suit not too long after.

End Of Sasuke's Pov

~One year later~

Sakura's Pov

A year and a half ago Sasuke and I had become a couple, a year ago we had gone a whole new level in our relationship physically and mentally, in more than one way if you catch my drift. It must have been past midnight as I made my way back to the Uchiha home that was more of a permanent home now, I had officially moved in only three months ago.

My parents hadn't been too pleased on my decision but it isn't like they could stop me, I'm basically an adult and it isn't like they didn't understand my motives. I still had one more year to go for my mission to be completed, though a few things had change in the deal. Now that Sasuke and I were dating, things had turned around for the better.

Tsunade hadn't been angry like I thought she would have been, over protection was an understatement with her too. Naruto and Kakashi had a lot of kicks when they had found out, we had placed ourselves for a lifetime of teasing.

Sasuke was always a surprise, I knew him better than anyone else on a different level of course, a level that not even Naruto or Itachi could understand. He was sweet, as sweet as Uchiha Sasuke tried to be, specially when we were alone. Things were great but I did have a small problem as of late and today I had only confirmed it.

Before leaving the hospital I had taken a pregnancy test, I had been a week late on my period which I found strange since I had never been late a day in my life, I wasn't stupid, I am a doctor and I cant say I'm surprised this happened.

It had been a long day at the hospital on top of this news, I had kept my calm the whole day, no one needed to know yet not even Tsunade who had starred at me with cautious eyes, I hadn't stopped imagining Sasuke's reaction to this news.

I turned the corner, I made my way in the Uchiha district as I kept walking without stopping nor looking at the villagers around me. Once I got the Uchiha compound, I unlocked the door and made my way to the living room where I knew Sasuke and Itachi would be waiting.

"Hey guys" I tried to smile at the siblings as I made my way into the living room, they were both watching TV.

"Nice of you to join us" replied an annoyed Sasuke as I gave him a peck on the lips and sat in the middle of him and Itachi. I knew he hated it when I was home late, that one had been on me, I should have sent someone to let him know I would be late.

"Sorry" I paused and looked to Itachi who patted my arm in greeting "It was a busy day." He grunted then as his arm made its way around my shoulder, I smiled to myself then.

I was planning to tell him about the baby tonight but I had no idea how to even begin such a conversation. Maybe I should have asked Hinata, she and Naruto had just had their first baby boy five months ago, they had married less than a year ago.

"So what did you guys do?" I began.

"The Dobe and I took care of the little bundle of joy" Sasuke rolled his eyes and I couldn't help the giggle that came out. Naruto was still a clueless moron but he was getting better.

"I was with Kakashi and Gai" Itachi spoke, not looking away from the TV. What a trio.

"How was your day?" Sasuke asked as he turned back to the TV, I gulped and I immediately felt Itachi go stiff at my side, I knew he had felt my hesitation.

"It was hectic but good" I answered evenly. Sasuke got up then walking to the doorway, he stopped and looked back.

"Your not coming? its one in the morning, you must be tired" he stated.

"You go ahead, I wanna stay for a while" I gave him a small smile, he nodded as he began to walk away, no doubt he was tired himself but he always waited up for me no matter how late it was.

"Okay whats going on?" I heard Itachi ask in a whisper once he knew Sasuke was out of ears reach.

I sigh, I knew I couldn't avoid Itachi "I'm pregnant" was my simple answer.

I looked at him after a few seconds of silence, I saw his eyes wide in surprise and I couldn't help the small smirk on my lips.

"Well now" it only took him a full minute to take the news fully in, my smirk was still in place.

"I know" I whispered "Surprise surprise eh?" He chuckled then as he placed his arm around my shoulder, gave me a small nudge.

"Kakashi owes me thirty bucks" my smirk disappeared then, I raised an eyebrow then "We had a bet going, you guys have been...quite active as of late" He wiggled his eyebrows at me as I felt the heat rise.

I snorted "Kakashi is a horrible influence on you, you know that right?" He laughed then as he nudged me again.

"Go" He paused "Tell him" I nodded as I stood up making my way to Sasuke's room which was my room now too. I opened the door to find him laying on the bed looking up at the ceiling, I closed the door behind me gaining his attention as I made my way to my side of the bed, I sat down and face him, he was starring at me.

"I need to tell you something" I whispered.

He raised his right eyebrow at me "go ahead."

I took a deep breath "Sasuke...I'm pregnant." I saw his eyes grow wide then back to normal in the same minute, he just starred at me. Then the smirk was visible on his lips, he took my hand in his and pulled himself upward, kissed me on the lips and brought me down with him, being careful not to hurt me.

"I love you Sakura" He whispered.

"I love you too" I smiled as he gave me one of his rare smiles. It was silent for a minute as we laid on the bed together.

"You wanna see if we can get twins?" I rolled my eyes as the unstoppable smile made its presence on my lips as he chuckled pressing me closer to him. He kissed me then and I couldn't help to kiss him back.

I couldn't help the warm and happy feeling that overcame me, being here with Sasuke was all I could ask for but instead I got him and a piece of us both,a piece that connected us on a deeper level and I couldn't wait to see what the future would bring.

A new life, A new beginning.

The end

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