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Red's Party


Me: Who wants to say it?

Yellow: Could you wait please, I need to tell him something

Me: Ok

Yellow: Red, I like-


Yellow: O.o what?

Red: * embarrassed* I'd like to do it too

Yellow: HUH! Really? Yay!

Red: So can I?

Yellow: *blusing* y-yeah

Red: The author doesn't own Pokemon Special!

Yellow: *face palm*

Yellow's Point of view

Today was one of those days when you feel everything has to be perfect. Not just because of the sun and the flora smell, today was important because Red was celebrating his birthday. I had waited so long to show him how much I cared about him. Even if he was little clueless at times, he was a great friend, thought I sometimes with he was more. It was getting late. I had just returned from Viridian Forest with Red's present when Blue came to me with a wide smile on her face.

"Yellow!, look at this! LOOK!" She exclaimed.

She lead me to a room decorated with pokemon posters, chocolate candy pokeballs, a big TV screen in the shape of a Gyarados head, a huge cake with small figures on it of all the pokemon in the Kanto region that Ruby made. There was even a cute Pikachu stereo, and cups with all the starter pokemon.

"Wow! Red is going to be so exited! Thank you for helping me plan his party ,Blue." I told her.

"No need to thank me, I wanted to use this opportunity to get me some Green smooching, know what I mean?" Her eyebrow raised as she said this last words, then her eyes glanced at Green who was quietly reading some boring-looking old book. "I got slow ,romantic music, pretty good idea eh?"

" I suppose" I said quietly. Blue won't accept a no for an answer, that's for sure.

"Mmmm hmmm" She put her index finger to her mouth as she then pointed at Green and did the 'hot' sound.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little at this action. The Viridian City Gym Leader was just so....so different from her, and had told her to stay away from him many times before, but Blue being Blue, wouldn't' give up that easily. The sound of a phone ringing made us direct our attention to the kitchen. Crystal's appeared from the kitchen door and called Blue from across the room with a poke gear in her hand.

"Why are you looking at me like that ,huh?" she said,"You should do something about Red too." Blue then walked over to Crystal who was now obviously frustrated for waiting.

I flushed at this. Gosh I hate this habit of turning into a tomato every time I think of him.....and when I see him or.... My thoughts were interrupted when Sapphire came in running into Silver who was glaring at Green. She quickly stood up not bothering to help the red head. A few seconds later Ruby came in waving his arm in the air.

" STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU MANIAC!!" She yelled at him.

" You said you would wear it!!!" Ruby chased after her.

" I NEVER SAID SUCH THING!" Sapphire climbed on top of the bookshelf. I still can't get used to her habit of climbing on top of things. One day she might injure herself.

" C'mon Sapphire! You'll good, well at least better than those leaves!"

" NO!" She snapped

" But I thought you really admired Red for being the youngest champion in the history of history, and I also remember you saying you wanted to be like him and--"

" Fine! Just shut up already, but you'll pay for this ,Ruby!"

A grin appeared on Ruby's thin lips as Sapphire left with a what appeared to be a dress in her hands. The brunette slammed the bathroom door with all her might.

"Ahhhh, This is going to be a blast" Ruby said while looking for a place to seat.

Blue came back soon after. She turned to me with a frown and gave me her sorry look. She rested her hand on my head and took a deep breath before continuing.

"Ummm Yellow....eh....Red isn't commining right now"

There was something more in her voice, I knew there was something she was trying to hide from me. Red wouldn't miss his party, and certainly not now that all the dexholders were here. Fear got the better of me.

"Did something happen to him?! Is he alright? tell me!" I tried to lower my voice, but the lack of yelling practice came with a lack of volume control.

"Calm down Yellow, geez! And you say you don't like him, ha yeah right" She smirked.

My face felt hot, I prayed no one heard what she said. Too late, Gold was laughing his head off. Wonderful.

"Look, he isn't coming for another hour, because he went to get the Kanto Gym Leaders, um well at least his friends, but.....umm......Crys said that a certain someone answered Red's poke gear....you know....hehe...." She was looking at me, waiting for me to say something.

"Was it Misty?"

Blue nodded with sheepish smile on her face.

"Oh.....well, let's just hope they get here on time" I forced the fakest smile I could make, I seemed to work for the rest, but not for Blue, she has known me for a long time.

"Hey don't make that pathetic face, the point here is that he has the best party ever!" Her words might be harsh, but I know she doesn't mean it that way.

"Yeah, you're right!"

Red's POV

The sun is too hot around this parts, my head is the perfect place to cook an egg, and without Gyaro, we have to walk all the way to Pallet town. I check my pokegear again. It reads 5:30pm. Just two more miles and we'll be ready to party. If I don't fall asleep as soon as I enter my house that is.

"Faster Red, we're gonna miss your party!" Miss Cerulean gym leader says as she clutches my arm, perhaps a bit too hard.

" Slow down Misty, Red wants to enjoy the view" Adds a boy, with hair like that of a porcupine. Erika discreetly elbows him.

Brock was the first gym leader I ever defeated, and I was the first trainer he ever lost to. I guess you could say that we're good friends just based upon that, but he's been giving me "the look" since Misty started dragging me around the city. I've noticed that wherever Erika and Misty go, Brock follows. Just like Green and I.

"...grrr..." Brock is mad now. I wonder why? Did I do something wrong? Or is he mad just because Misty just let go of my arm and is now holding my hand? Wait.....MY HAND?!

" Ahhh!" I shake her off, like some child trying to scare off a dog.

Erika starts to giggle, she whispered something to herself, I think I heard the word "cute", or "about time".

"Um…eh sorry Misty....eh..." I start to babble. Phew that was close, why is she giving me that look?

"I'll go ahead then!" She walks away, leaving us behind.

"Misty! Wait!" Erika runs after her, but stares at me for a second , then giggles again before going after Misty.

"How much longer 'til we get there Red?" Brock asks, a bit more calm for some reason. He speeds up his pace to catch up with me.

"We're not too far, I can see the forest where I used to play as a child" I tell him.

"Great" he says.

"I can't wait, Blue said that she and Yellow prepared the whole thing" I smile at the thought of seeing all of my fellow dexholders again.

"Yellow? The cute lass that's always with you?" He asks.

"Y-Yeah, why?" My voice is shaky.

"Oh nothing, I hope she has taken good care of that Graveler I gave her" He grins at me, right now he reminds me of Gold.

Is she always? Why does my face feel so hot? It must be the sun, yeah that must be it.

Yellow's POV

"HE'S COMMING!!!" Gold starts jumping up and down, "EVERYBODY HIDE!!!"

All of us go to our arranged hiding places. Silver and Blue hide behind the curtains next to the door, Gold, Sapphire, and Ruby on the back of the kitchen counter, Crys, Emerald, and I are behind the couch, and Green is sitting there, reading a book.

"Green! Don't be a party pooper!" Gold yells from across the room. I can see he seriously wants to hurt Green.

"Hey, more respect for your senior" His tone is calm, serious, and arrogant, like always.

"Please! If you don't want to hide then go to the bathroom and read your book there" Crystal suggests.

"The bathroom? What do I look like? A hobo?" He says offended.

Gold couldn't help but laugh."BWAHAHAHAHA!!! HOBO!!!" I see the raven hair boy trow himself over the kitchen counter drowning in his laughter.

" Oh grow up ,Gold!"

"You'll ruin it, my beautiful cake!"

"Was there something you didn't call beautiful in your life?!"

"Guys!! You'll ruin the party I prepared!"

"Pesky girl"


"Watch who you step on!!"

The shouts keep going until the doorknob moved clockwise, and the door slowly opened, letting in the light. Everyone hushed in an instant. My heart was beating like 80 miles an hour.

"Green? What are you doing here?" That was clearly Red.


Blue raised her hand to her forehead, and let out a soft sigh. I couldn't have agreed more with her.

"In my house?" Red asks.

"Yeah, oh great, you brought more people" I heard Green stand up, and sit somewhere else where he wouldn't be bothered.

"Umm...yeah, why is it so dark in here?" ///CLICK///

Everyone comes out of hiding except Green who didn't even bother to hide in the first place.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED!!!!" We all exclaim in unison.

"Wow! Hahaha, thanks guys"

A smile draws itself on my face, but it fades out when I see that Misty puts her arms around Red's neck and hugs him, too tightly.

"Happy b-day Red! I hope you come to visit us more often" She let's go of him, and gives him a small box. "Open it!"

Red does what he's told and takes out a Master Ball. There are some ah's and oh's around the living room.

"Misty, this must've cost you a fortune!" Redy tells her.

"Nah, no big deal, I get many of them as a gym leader" She smiles widely for him.


After a few more congratulations from the Kanto gym leaders, she heads to the snack bar with Erika. Everyone goes to say happy birthday too, and to give out the presents. I turn around and stare at my gift for him.

"A Master Ball? and all I got him was this pendant I made...how I'm supposed to face him for the rest of the day?" I tell myself.

"Him who?"

I turn around ,startled by the sudden question, to find those pretty crimson eyes of his staring at me curiously.

Late I know, but I made this on his birthday, so I decided to put it up here.