Second Part!


Me: Who wants to do the honors?

Yellow: mememememeeeee!

Me: Ok!~

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Yellow's POV

"R-R-R-Red!! You scared me!"

"Ooopsie…" He smiles. I think it was me who scared him instead.

One word: Awkward. We stood there for like 5 minutes waiting for either one to say something, until he broke the silence.

"Sorry to ask, but umm...."

"I did get this for you...I know it's not the best thing in the world, but...Happy Birthday!"

I hand him over the pendant. This is embarrassing, everyone get's him something cool and I just give him that. The worst part was that he examined for a minute, before he at me glanced with a very confused look.

"It has Pika's foot print on the back, it was made from a thunderstone…"

"It was? Amazing, how did you do it?!" He gave me one of his sweet smiles, which only made me blush more.

"I-I-I a eh guess I just wanted it to be something special..." Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Say something else!

"It sure is, thank you"

He likes it? What?

"Ummm, sure not problem...." I tried not to look at his eyes, other wise I would be tempted to---

"Hug me?"


"Aren't you going to give me a birthday hug?" He cocked his head to the side wondering what I was thinking.

"Eh?!" My face was boiling now, if the rules of nature didn't apply, my heart would have exploded.

"'s ok if you didn't..."

Oh no! Now I made him sad! Stupid Stupid!

"No, I didn't mean it that way, I'm really sorry!"

Blue must've seen the whole scene, because she being the excellent actress she is, pretended to trip and "accidentally" pushed me onto Red, but he lost his balance and fell backwards. And I, on TOP of him!

"I'm okay people! keep the party going!" She said quicky. The ocean-eyed beauty just winked at me, and resumed flirting with Green, Silver close behind.

"Yellow are you ok?" Red helped me up.

"Eh...y-y-yes....sorry I'm so clumsy"

"That's ok, you're not hurt are you?"

"" This is the worst day of my life!

I wanted to rip my hair out, beat someone up, cut something into a million little pieces, I just wanted to disappear for the rest of eternity.

"NOOOOOOO!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!" A brunette yelled as she climbed on top of the TV.

"Sapphire! It's just a picture!"

"NOT EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!!" She hissed.

"You look great in that dress, you look so beautiful..."


Looks like I'm not the only one feeling like this.

"But it's true! right? Anyone?" Ruby looked around for volunteers and soon enough Gold started to whistle, which only made Sapphire (and Crystal) angrier.

"Leave her alone you guys" Crystal said, very annoyed.

"Why? Are you jealous?" Blue teased.

"I wasn't talking to you!"

"How dare you talk to Blue like that!" Silver was mad as that day Gold went pat pat to Blue

"Don't yell at Crystal!" Even though short, Emerald wasn't going to stand someone insulting Crys.

"It's Blue's fault for being such a pesky girl" Said Green, not lifting his gaze off the book.

"Shuddup Green! YOU JERK!"

*Pat, Pat*


////SLAP!!!/// /////PUNCH!!!!//////


Gold was now in a fight with Silver.

"Brock do something!!" Erika demanded while trying to separate Sapphire and Ruby.

"I'm on it!"

Starmie use water gun!"

"AAHHHHH!!! Blasty hydro cannon!!"

Another riot started on the place, louder, more destructive, and certainly more violent.

"Stop!!! You're ruining Red's party!!!" It was useless, my tiny little voice was a bee's buzz to them. Just then Red grabbed my hand and lead me to the door. His touch was so gentle, I could fall asleep with his presence near me.

"Why don't we go outside instead?" He said to me.

I nodded, trying not to blush, he was calm despite the fact that they were destroying his birthday.

It was now dark outside, only the stars and the moon offered light. The summer breeze made his pitch black hair dance. I could watch it all night long, it was so perfect, he was perfect ,but I guess I must have stared to much because he turned my way and scratched his head.


"Why? Because of the racket inside?"

"It was supposed to be a happy day for you, and look at what happened"

"That's not your fault, the party was great. I wouldn't change anything, " he stopped for a second to look at me "So don't apologize, Yellow, after all I think you're the one I wanted to spend the day with"

What did he just say? Was that a compliment? Yeah probably, he's so nice, that's just his nature.

He laid on the grass, looking at the sky, that serenity he emitted, made my embarrassment go away, but it didn't keep my heart from racing. What was he trying to say? No, that was his way of thanking me for the party, nothing more.

"Thanks, Red, but shouldn't you go inside and spend some time with Misty?"

He looked at me, and raised and made a frown "Why? Or do you want me to go?"

There was sadness in his eyes, his voice sounded so hurt, but there was doubt too, as if he himself didn't know why. I could sense it. He was so confused about something.

"I thought you would, you went all the way to Cerulean to get her"

"Well she's my friend, but it wasn't just her, Brock and Erika came too"

"Yeah, but she seems to like you a lot" I said shyly.

"Really? No wonder Brock was acting all weird"

I tried not to laugh at his clueless comment, maybe one day that would go away, but I would try to enjoy it for now.

"Yes, I thought you already knew"

"I had not clue" He said.

He smiled to himself, I felt how his doubts suddenly faded away, what ever it was that concerned him so, appeared to be gone. A couple of minutes passed, we spent the time watching the stars, not saying a word.

"Looks like they calmed down, I think we should go inside" He stood up.

"Wait for me!" As we were walking towards the entrance, the pendant I gave him fell off his pocket. I quickly picked it up, I was about to give it to him when he asked.

"Do you mind putting it on me?"


"Well you gave it to me, so I think you should be the one to do it"

"Umm ok sure, Red"

I stood on my toes, I hated being so short, he had to bend down a little just so I could reach the top of his head.

"There!" I said as I tied the knot, but then I noticed his gaze.

He was looking at me with such tenderness, I just froze. There was a tickly feeling in my stomach, I felt like I wanted to throw up. We were so close I could smell the scent of his clothes, I loved that smell, it was like the river that flows in the Viridian forest, it smelled like the earth, like nature. Then I noticed my hands were resting on his shoulders, he moved his arms around my waist and pulled me a little closer to him. OH MY FRIGGIN' ARCEUS!!!!!I was about to say something when his lips locked on mine.

Red's POV

It was a sweet kiss, her lips tasted like vanilla, it must've been the cake. There was no tongue dancing or passionate embraces, just the innocence of Yellow. I lasted a couple of seconds, but man they felt good!

"I a uma ia the tha eh!"

"Eh I a eh tha eh!"

We did some more idiot talk until our senses came back to normal. I didn't think something like that would happen, and out of nowhere too.

"I didn't meant to ,Red! Forgive me!"

"No, I was me!"

This apologizing lasted another 5 minutes, until the awkwardness faded. She raised her cute amber eyes.

"R-Red?" She said

I pressed my finger on her lips, and kissed her on the cheek. She seemed a bit shocked and tense. So I backed away, I didn't want her fainting again.

"Thanks" I finally said.

"So you're not mad at me?"

"Why should I?"

"Because of what just happened" her face was bright red, she looked so cute like that, I just wanted to hug her really tight and cover her in kisses. Why did it take me so long to realize that?

"Don't worry about that....unless..." I tried to keep a straight face


" don't feel the same way"

There was silence for a moment.

"I've felt like this since the day I met you, Red" she said quietly, almost a whisper.

Since that day? I admired her amber eyes for a while before wrapping my arms around her shoulders.

" Thank you for the best Birthday ever Yellow"


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