Real Life Fairytales

By: AJ and Harjot Gill

Description: ALL of the Twilight characters get sucked into different Fairytales! IT IS HILARIOUS!!! I DO NOT OWN ANY FAIRYTALES OR TWILIGHT!

Everything will be random in the first chapter, so don't worry! It'll get better! :D

Harjot: Hey AJ, guess what?

AJ: What?

Harjot: I got a present for you! :D

AJ: Well guess what? I DON'T WANT IT! NOW GO AWAY!

Harjot: Please take it?

AJ: no, I don't want it…

Harjot: TAKE IT *shoves it forcefully into AJ's hands*

AJ: NO! I DON'T WANT IT! *shoves it back*


AJ: *whimpers and takes it. Opens it and gasps* OMG! HARJOT YOU'RE THE BEST!!

Harjot: *smiles* I know.

AJ: These are the papers to owning Twilight!!! Finally, I own Twi-

Harjot: *takes out lighter and burns papers*

AJ: -Light *Smiles sadly*

Chapter 1: Sucked in

I sat on the loveseat with Edward as I glared at Tanya. She was here for a few days to visit the Cullen's. Or shall I say a specific Cullen. *cough* Edward *cough*.

"Bella, love, are you alright?" Edward asked from beside me.

"Yeah, I'm fine", I lied smoothly.

"Aunty, Bwella, Aunty Bwella!" my sweet little niece addressed me. She was the cutest little thing in the world. Renesmee was my step brother's daughter. They left her with me, while they go on vacation. Everyone seemed to like her, especially Esme. Nessie was 4 years old.

"Hey Nessie", I grinned widely as she jumped into my lap, and started to play with my hair. Edward's arms tightened around me as he gritted his teeth. "What's wrong Edward?" I lifted my hand to touch his face.

"Nothing", he whispered only to me.

"Uncle, Eddie, is ywou awlright?" Renesmee smiled at Edward. Edward smiled reassuringly.

"Yes sweetie, I'm fine", he kissed Nessie's forehead. Tanya glared at us, while Alice glared at the door.

"Oh, so you let her call you 'Eddie'?" Emmet asked from where he was playing with a plastic rubberband.

"Bella?" I heard a familiar husky voice ask. I could recognize that voice anywhere. Without turning around I answered him.

"No, it's Romeo", I retorted sarcastically. I could almost feel Edward's eyes rolling.

"It's Ugwy Jacwob", Nessie exclaimed, giggling.

"At least I'm not the lochness monster", he retorted.

" Atweast I'm nwot a big bwad woof in ebery stowy", Renesmee said. (Atleast I'm not a big bad wolf in every story) Everyone looked at her shocked.

"What you doin hot sexy thang?" Edward asked seductively. I turned my head towards Edward who had his hand now clasped onto his mouth and eyes wide.

"What?!" I exclaimed. "I'm the one engaged to you, not this two year old!"

"Bella, you bitch, I'm so sorry!" He apologized. "I swear half of the things coming from this wretched old mouth are a lie!" I still didn't feel relieved. Something was wrong and it all centered around Nessie, who was now jumping up and down like a maniac.

"This is better than cable", Emmet said in a girly high pitched voice.

"Yes. Now I can finally have Bella to myself!" Tanya shouted. "What? That wasn't supposed to come out", she covered her mouth like Edward had.

"What's going on? I don't get it?" I asked confused, somehow returning to normal.

"Bella, love, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me", Edward apologized frantically. I put my hand on his cheek and kissed him. I knew it wasn't his fault. Everyone was acting weird since Renesmee came here.

"Ywou all fwool", Nessie pointed at us. And then she started to recite something:



Dressed in yellow,

to kiss her fellow,

When the kiss was done,

another spell was cast,

they led them to a world,

from the past.

"Nessie, sweety, what does that mean?" Esme.

"Real Life Fairytale", was all Nessie murmured before everything went black.