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"Roxas! Roxas! Look over here!"


"I've watched ALL your movies!"


"Say that line one more time!"

Roxas sighed blissfully as he walked through the crowd with his bodyguards. What could you say? He was a famous star. Being born into fame by his famous singing dad and his supermodel mom, he pretty much lived with the paparazzi. Sure, they got annoying as hell, but he liked attention. He could be described as cocky as well. At the age of twenty-one, he had stared in nine academy award-winning films. Speaking of which, his next film would be coming up. It was time to cast the characters. Of course, he played the lead male.

Roxas got into his apartment and lied down on the couch and began to think of all the things he had to do that day. It was then that his phone rang.

"Hello?" he said, answering it, "Oh hey, Olette! How's it going?"

Olette was his current girlfriend. Roxas may be an egotistical jerk, but he still had a heart. And he had saved that heart for his girlfriend from his hometown. She was not any movie star or singer. She was just a simple girl from a candy store. He had been dating her for two years. Well, most of that time, he had kept their relationship a secret from the press. But recently, they had been discovered on one of their secret dates.

"I'm breaking up with you, Roxas," she said quietly over the phone.

Roxas's jaw dropped.

"You're kidding, right?" Roxas asked, hopefully.

"Roxas, I can't take the paparazzi like you can. I've told you this before. That's why we dated in secret," Olette said firmly.

"Look, I'll try to keep you away from the camera. How about that?" Roxas suggested.

"They follow me everywhere! And protect me from the camera? Like last time?" Olette said a bit angrily, reawakening a flashback of what happened on their last date.

"Roxas, you're the sweetest..." she said with a smile.

"Thanks, Olette. You're the best, you know that?" Roxas replied.

Soon, flashes of cameras blinded them. Olette tried to cover her face.

"Roxas, they found us again! Come on, let's get out of here," Olette said quietly to him.

Roxas, paying no attention to her, was posing for the cameras.

"Roxas!" Olette hissed.

"Hold on, five more pictures!" Roxas insisted.

"Oh yeah...well, that won't happen again, Olette," Roxas said, trying to reassure her.

"Can I really take your word on that?" Olette asked.

There was then a silence.

"Roxas? Roxas? ROXAS?!"

Roxas then came back to reality. In truth, he was staring at his reflection on his phone.

"Sorry!" he said quickly, "I got lost in my eyes!"

Olette sighed.

"Just...goodbye, Roxas," she said.


She hung up. Roxas sighed. He banged his head on his phone. She broke up with him. Sure, he had been paying less attention to her, but he still cared about her. Roxas didn't know what he was going to do. His phone rang again. He quickly picked it up, thinking it was Olette.

"Olette! You know I love you! Please, let's work this out!" he said quickly.

There was a silence and then laughing heard over the phone.

"Roxas, are you okay?" It was a man's voice.

Shit. Roxas said all of that to his manager, Sora.

"What do you want, Sora?" Roxas grumbled.

"Chillax. Just wanted to tell you that we've casted all the roles for the film except the leading lady. Got any ideas on who we should cast? A lot of big names want to get that part."

Then it hit Roxas. Just like that. He knew what he could do to get Olette back. Make her jealous. She always showed a hint of jealousy when Roxas would be with another girl, but she never did anything about it because he belonged to her. He had to get a gorgeous girl to play the part. First off, this girl should not be a already established star. If Roxas picked a already famous star, Olette would probably roll her eyes and think 'That was expected.' It had to be a smalltown girl who came from nowhere. She had to be similar to Olette. Second off, the girl had to be everything Olette wanted to be. While they were dating, Olette would constantly name the things she wanted to change about herself. Whether it was her eye color or hair color or whatever. She had to be Olette's dream look. That would really make Olette jealous.

"Hey, I want a new star. Yeah, she has to be shorter than me by...how about around Kairi's height? Blond hair and blue eyes is a must. She also needs some sort of innocent look to her," Roxas said.

"A bit demanding, but I think we can a girl like that," Sora replied.


Namine sighed as she staggered out of her house. She touched her forehead and felt the heat. This twenty-one year old blond wasn't feeling so good. In her usual white attire, she proceeded to walk to the nearest pharmacy to purchase some medicine.

As she waited in line to pay, she had unknowingly caught the eye of a certain manager. The brunette's eyes widened as he saw her. He quickly walked up to her. The blond turned to the man, blinking once in her surprise.

"Namine? Is that you?" the man said.

"Yes, my name is Namine. And you are...?" she asked.

"Sora. Remember? Elementary school?" the man addressed as 'Sora' had clarified.

Namine squinted her eyes and looked at the man carefully. She did recognize some facial features. Her memory returned as soon as he saw his necklace.

"Sora! Now I remember! It's a been a while!" she said with a smile.

"It has. How have you been? What are you going these days?" he asked.

Namine heard a cough behind her. She then realized she was still in line. She took a few steps forward and Sora followed. They continued their conversation.

"I've been better. I've been feeling a bit fever-ish these days. Nothing some Advil can't fix. As for work these days, I just quit. I don't think that waitressing is right for me," Namine said a shrug.

An idea then hit Sora. He grinned.

"How about acting?" he suggested.

Namine's jaw dropped, "What?"

"I'm a manager now. Well, a manager to a big star. Roxas. The director's been having trouble casting our female lead. He's taking suggestions from Roxas right now. Roxas asked me to help him find someone, and I'd think you'd be perfect. Roxas would most definitely agree."

"I'm no actress, Sora. You know...Wait, how long with we be filming?" she asked.

"About 8 months. And the movie would probably be out about 1 or 2 months after it's finished," Sora explained.

Namine bit her lip and avoided looking into his eyes. She thought long and hard.

"I'll audition."

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More random notes: Xion was the first girl I thought of for Roxas's ex-girlfriend but after reading more about her and watching some cut scenes, I found her a bit less lovable to me. If I to write a story where a character I do not has more than a minor role, I would probably bash the character in some way that readers would not have liked.

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