Early morning, Kairi and Sora entered Namine's room. Namine, noticing their presence, smiled warmly at them and waved. The couple waved back. Kairi and Sora sat down in chairs near her bed. Both were trying to figure out what to say to her. Kairi, after much thinking, found her words.

"Namine, you've been a really nice friend," Kairi began, "It's shame we only knew each other this long. What I'm trying to say is: thank you. I really am going to miss having you around."

"Me too. I wish I got to know you better in elementary school. We sort of talked from time to time but we never were friends. Even though I'd see you all alone drawing some picture, I never went up to you and talked. You might have felt lonely or something. Look, I'm sorry. Thank you for being so kind to us," Sora said.

Namine blinked twice, not expecting them to say their goodbyes so early. She nodded and smiled. She began speaking in sign language. Kairi then hugged Namine tightly. Sora had patted her on the back. The couple said goodbye to the blond and left the room. As they exited the room, Sora turned to Kairi.

"What did she say?" he asked.

"She said 'I'll miss you two as well. Thank you for saying goodbye'" Kairi replied.

Roxas had spent that cold, winter morning constantly asking Demyx for help. It was starting to irk the doctor. The two were now at the nurse's station. Demyx was picking up a chart. He sighed and turned to the married man once more.

"Look, Roxas, Namine's disease is terminal! There is nothing we can do. We can only make sure she is as comfortable as possible," Demyx repeated.

"You're her doctor! Can't you run a few more tests and see what you can do? Or maybe you can look through your medical books and find some sort of treatment to save her!"

"Roxas, you are not listening. There is nothing I can do," Demyx said once more. Suddenly, an idea struck the doctor. Demyx began muttering to himself, "...although, if we tried...nah, it's too unreliable and it's a pain to get the equipment ordered to do that procedure."

Roxas, obviously hearing Demyx's conversation to himself, grabbed his arm, "Will it save Namine?!"

"There's slight possibility, but..." Demyx was cut off by Roxas.

"Do it. Now. I don't care if it's unreliable. I don't care if it costs a lot. Just save her."

Demyx looked at Roxas, studying his face. He sighed once more. He knew Roxas would not be giving up. Demyx gave in.

"You really care for her, don't you?" he questioned, clearly wishing to hear verbal confirmation.

Roxas, tired of hearing the question, looked away. He raised his left hand and looked at it as he put his right hand in his pocket. Roxas was staring at his wedding ring. He chuckled a bit.

"Why does everyone ask that? You guys should already know the answer to that question."

As Roxas and Demyx spoke, Olette and Hayner paid a visit to Namine. Namine seemed a bit surprised to see them. The two stared at her quite a bit as they slowly came up to her. For the most part, the couple seemed to be strangers to Namine. Acquaintances at most. There was a silence in the room. Olette spoke first.

"I'm sorry that this is happening to you," she said softly.

Namine titled her head a bit and blinked only once. Olette avoided looking Namine in the eye at that moment. Her emerald eyes wandered around the room. She stopped upon seeing the wedding ring. Olette stared at the piece of jewelry. She tried to look at Namine's face and spoke once again.

"I want to apologize. When I first heard of you, I hated you. Maybe not hate. I just didn't like you. You were my dream self. You're just so beautiful and nice and...perfect. I was not over Roxas at that time. I really missed him. However, I was too proud to tell him. I heard about you and I just focused my negative emotions on you. That wasn't fair to you. I'm sorry."

Namine held her gaze at Olette and Hayner for a bit. She then looked down at her whiteboard. She wrote a response.

It is alright. I forgive you. I can understand where you are coming from.

Olette sighed and continued, "I'm really glad Roxas found someone like you. You seem so nice and sweet. Roxas needs someone like that. He's so different now. This is a good kind of different."

Namine smiled softly. Hayner then cleared his throat, trying to get the blond's attention. Namine turned to him, blinking once.

"I also want to say something. Um, I want to thank you for sort of helping Olette and I get together. I think we would have been just friends for the rest of our lives if you hadn't come along. So thanks," Hayner said.

Namine nodded and began writing a reply. She held up the board for the two to read. The couple smiled.

I hope you two remain a couple in the future. I give you my blessing.

A nurse came into Namine's room to set down her lunch. It was one of the trays that contained what Roxas ordered for her. Namine sighed. As the nurse seemed ready to leave, Namine grabbed onto her scrubs, trying to get her attention. The nurse in the purple scrubs turned to her. She was one of the nurses who could understand sign language. Namine began speaking through the silent language. The nurse nodded and went over to Namine's bag. She dug her hand into it, looking for the object Namine had requested.

The nurse then took out the heart shaped necklace. The nurse went over to Namine and put it around the patient's neck. Namine smiled.

"Why would you like to where that now?" the nurse asked, curious.

Namine answered simply, Because I really want a miracle.

By sunset, Demyx exited Namine's room. He had recently performed the procedure. He sighed of how much work the procedure required. He looked back at the room through the window. Namine was asleep. He looked away. It was time for him to check up on his other patients. Demyx then proceeded to scratch his back.

"I need a vacation," he moaned.

Roxas, as if appearing out of nowhere, came and asked, "Now what?"

Demyx was obviously annoyed with Roxas's presence. He shot the married man a look.

"Okay, first, stop stalking me. Dude, I told you to wait in the waiting area by the main entry. To answer your question: we wait," Demyx replied, "Don't wake her up okay. And don't go all stalker-ish and watch her while she sleeps. That's just gross."


"Whatever," Demyx said nonchalantly.

Demyx was about to go to the nurse's station and pick up another chart, but then a flat line sound was heard. Demyx and Roxas froze. Both men turned to the window. Namine was crashing. The two immediately rushed into the room. A few more nurses came in as well.

"Get a crash cart here now!" Demyx yelled, "She's going to cardiac arrest."

Roxas stared in horror as Demyx and several nurses surrounded Namine, doing who knows what to her to keep her alive.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Roxas said repeatedly, hanging his head.

He was in Namine's room at the hospital. The staff were able to keep her stable, but it seemed she was nearing her end soon. After the whole ordeal, he had requested alone time with Namine. Roxas was sitting in a chair near her bed. He continued to apologize for forcing the procedure onto her. Namine shook her head weakly. She picked up her white board and wrote slowly.

It's okay. It's not Roxas's fault. At least you tried.

Roxas still refused to look up. His body shook. He gripped onto his jeans tightly and took deep breaths. Namine could tell by his body language he was nervous. She blinked once and frowned. She slowly reached her hand out to him. Out of the corner of his eye, Roxas could see her hand. He shut his eyes, ridding himself of the image. It was then he could feel her soft fingers brushing against his skin. Her hands were warm. However, there was a small feeling of coldness. It was her wedding ring.

Roxas opened his eyes and looked at her. Namine's frown turned to a soft smile, as if thanking him for looking at her. Roxas let out a deep breath.

"I'm so sorry. I just wanted...wanted you to stay with me," his voice cracked, "I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to go."

Namine's expression did not change. She bit her bottom lip. Her hand came back to her and she held onto it. She leaned back, laying her head onto the bed. Her eyes closed. Roxas began to worry, as she was motionless for a few seconds. His worry disappeared when she mouthed one word. It didn't take a genius to figure out what she said once Roxas looked out the window.

There, he saw it was snowing. He stared at the falling snowflakes. Memories of his childhood came to him at once. The nostalgia of Christmas granted him bliss. On Christmas, his parents would come together and celebrate it with him. It would was the only time in the whole year that he always looked forward to.

Namine's eyes opened and her head slowly turned to him. Her hands separated and fell on each side of her body. Roxas's focus turned back onto her. She mouthed two more words. Roxas could easily understand this one as well. She used to greet him that way all the time.

Hello Roxas.

"Hello, Namine," Roxas whispered softly.

He talked to her. The only thing he knew he was able to do for her was talk. Roxas told her everything he could think of. Namine listened to him. She didn't seemed bothered that he was pouring everything onto her. He told her of his past, his dreams, and everything else. He couldn't control himself. He said everything.

"And there's one more thing I want to tell you, Namine."

He had then noticed her eyes were struggling to remain opened. Roxas felt a bit embarrassed.

"Sorry. I guess my rambling is making you sleepy," he mumbled.

Namine shook her head. She then began writing on her whiteboard. Roxas read what it said after she was finished.

I'm the one who should be sorry. I shouldn't be falling asleep while you talk.

"Look, if you're tired, go to sleep. I won't be taking 'no' as an answer," Roxas said sternly.

Namine smiled and nodded. She erased the previous words and wrote one last thing.

You'll be here when I wake up, right?

Roxas nodded, "Of course. Um, is it...is it okay if I say one more thing before you go to sleep?"

But Namine was already asleep. He knew he had to wait to until she woke up now. The words he wanted to say still came out though.

"I love you."

The words filled the empty room. Roxas felt relieved to finally get it out. He didn't know how long he'd been in love with her, but he was sure it was real love. It was a strange feeling actually. He was sure though that when his mother told him not to fall for Namine, it had already been too late. Roxas took a deep breath. He then took Namine's hand into his. It was still warm.

He looked at the sleeping girl. He finally noticed she was wearing the necklace. His thoughts instantly went back to the time he had went to her apartment. That was the time he first saw her cry. He saw that lonely girl hiding behind her acting. The angel of perfection had turned human.

"Why do you care about that necklace so much?"

"It's my mom's. It gives me something..."

"What's that?"


Roxas looked to the ceiling. His grip on Namine's hand tightened just a bit. Roxas wasn't very religious. He had never really believed in gods or goddesses. However, he was praying. He was praying for some sort of divine force to save the one he loved. He looked back down at the ground. Roxas stifled a chuckle. He thought it was funny at how desperate he may have seemed, to resort to asking help from someone or thing he didn't really think existed.

After an hour had passed, Roxas had the pass the time somehow. With one hand still holding onto Namine's, he dug his left hand into his jacket pocket to keep warm. It was then he felt a piece of paper inside. Roxas had found this odd. Was this the same piece of paper the reporter gave him? He groaned. He was sure he had thrown it away earlier. He pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket, crushing it. He threw the paper onto the floor.

Roxas had stared at the piece of paper for quite a while after throwing it. He was sure he saw tiny words written on it. Releasing Namine's hand, he stood up and walked up to the piece of paper. He bent down on his knees and took a closer look. Oddly enough, it wasn't the same piece of paper from the reporter. Instead, it was a letter. Roxas was mildly confused. He flattened it out and flipped it open. He began reading it.

As he read it, he began to notice it was Namine's letter to him. He'd chuckle a few times at the stuff only she would include into it. He had also felt a bit dejected to read the sadder parts of the letter. As she detailed their time together, he felt guilt when reading about the time he was using her. It was then he came to the last part.

Roxas, I love you.

Before Roxas could even react, a loud piercing noise filled the air. A continuous beep. Time had seemed to move slower. Roxas's azure eyes widened as he slowly turned his head, getting one last look at her face. His vision seemed blurred. He now had watery eyes. He could still see the whiteboard near her hands. It still said the same exact thing.

You'll be here when I wake up, right?

It was needless to say that Namine never woke up.

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