A/N This is a crossover I couldn't resist. After all, both teams live in the same city and work at the same time (albeit on different levels) so why shouldn't they meet eventually? Besides, the two villians are just too similar and too useful to leave out. :) Please read and enjoy.

It was late when I woke up. The only reason I knew it was late was because the clock on the computer read 9:52 pm. I groaned. My head hurt like it'd been squeezed in a meat processor. Than again, the truth wasn't much of a difference.

To my surprise, someone else groaned, too. It was dark, so I couldn't see who it was. Still, if they were a prisoner too, maybe they'd like to be allies. Any friend in a tight spot, right?

"You awake?" A voice said weakly.

"Barely." I replied.

I heard something shifting around on the stones next to me.

"What'd he hit you with?"

"A tranquilizer bazooka is my best guess."

There was a dry laugh. "Yeah, me too."



"Well…I know why he'd need to take me out with that kind of weapon, but why'd he need to use force on you?"

There was silence for a long moment. "Let's jes' say I ain't your normal run-o'-the-mill kinda guy." He chuckled nervously.

I laughed. "Yeah, me neither."

We were both quiet for some time.

"So…What are you in for?"

"I don't know. Probably for being different, again."


"Well, the law says you can't try someone for the same case twice, but these villains don't seem to follow the rules very well."

Whoever it was laughed again, for real this time. "You know what? I like you already. What's yer name?"


"Raphael. Pleased to meet ya."

"Not as pleased as I am to have you here in my…humble little home." A voice drawled.

The lights came on. I couldn't see for a moment in the after-glare, but I'd know that voice anywhere. "Sevarius." I growled.

"You know this guy?" Raphael said.

"Let's just say we're…old friends." I muttered back.

"You were right! What magnificent creatures! I can't wait to start studying them." A second voice chimed in, more excited but just as conceited. I snarled. The voice beside me growled, too.

"Stockman! I might have known."

"Hmph…friend of yours?" I asked.

"You could say that." Raphael growled back.

"Well, now that we all know each other let's get started shall we?" Sevarius chimed in.

As the two doctors took their places beside us I finally got a glimpse of my companion. Our eyes met.

"Holy shell…" He breathed.

I found all my breath had gone. I was staring at a five-foot talking turtle.


Something sharp pierced my arm and a syringe was injected into my friend's leg. My eyes shut against my will and I drifted.

"Sweet dreams, gargoyle." Sevarius whispered into my ear.

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