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Chapter 76

Krillin looked at the newly arrived Super Saiyan and grinned. "Thanks for saving me the trouble of tracking you down." Kakarot was wounded and losing energy fast so he would probably keep until he could finish off the new comer. And judging by Raditz's power, that wouldn't take too long. The monk turned android phased out of sight and reappeared directly in front of the long haired Saiyan with a blur of kicks and punches.

To his credit Raditz managed to block most of the attacks but he simply wasn't fast enough to get them all. It seemed like going on the offensive at this point was out of the question. Every time he saw an opening, Krillin was attacking before he could take advantage. Me and my big mouth, he thought. Why do I always get in over my head?


Tien and Yamcha both charged at Broly preparing to double team the Legendary Super Saiyan. He may be stronger than them individually but together, they could overwhelm him and take the prize back to their master. This would only be a minor delay in the plan.

Broly grinned as the two warriors did their best to attack him. He blocked the attacks without too much trouble. He briefly felt Tien's power rise slightly but it wouldn't be enough to make a difference. Broly turned in time to catch the triclop's fist and pulled Tien into his knee doubling the android over at the waist.

Blood spewed from Tien's mouth from the force of the attack. He had hoped that increasing his Kaioken to a x300 would catch Broly off guard enough go get a meaningful attack in. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. All the attack had done was get him a pounding. Luckily, Broly was soon distracted by Yamcha attacking from the other side before he could continue to pummel the triclops too much.


Bardock watched at the two warriors swarmed on Broly. How had the legendary warrior gotten so strong anyway? The young Saiyan made a mental note to work even harder on mastering Super Saiyan 3. He would need the third form if he ever had a chance against Broly in a spar again.

Bardock pushed the thoughts of future spars from his head and focused on the task at hand. First, he took an inventory of his own condition. He was tired that was for sure but at the moment he wasn't injured. From what he could tell, Tien and Yamcha had been trying mostly to tire him out and take him alive. His energy reserves were strained from the Super Kaioken, so he doubted he could reach full power. But with Broly in the fight he wouldn't need to. He knew he had enough power left to make a difference in the fight. The young Saiyan scanned the fight between his friends turned enemies and his enemy turned friend. Broly was currently being attacked by both warriors simultaneously but he was holding his own pretty well. Finally, Bardock saw the opening he was waiting for. Broly sent a fist down on Yamcha's head sending the android flying back for a moment before turning his attention back to Tien. It was that moment that Bardock chose to act. He flashed instantly into Super Saiyan 2 and charged at the falling Yamcha pummeling the android with a flurry of kicks and punches before his friend even knew what hit him

Broly felt Bardock's power spike and knew that he wouldn't have to worry about Yamcha for the moment. While the boy's power wasn't at his max, he could sense that Bardock should still be strong enough to hold Yamcha off for awhile. He wouldn't need much time anyway.


Kakarot watched as his brother took on his best friend. It wasn't going well to say the least. Raditz had arrived just in time to save his life but it was now becoming clear that Krillin had the upper hand. He still didn't understand how Krillin had gotten so strong. He also didn't seem to be slowing down. He didn't know if Krillin was still holding back or if his friend was fighting at the maximum power he could maintain without wearing out. He could sense that Raditz was at his maximum and wasn't doing all that well against Krillin. From the fight earlier, that didn't bode well for their survival. He had to do something to end this fight. A thought came to him. He only hoped his wounded body would survive the transformation.

Kakarot clenched his fists at his side and began to let the power deep inside flow. His hair waved back and forth as the clouds darkened and lightning began to run up and down his expanding aura. His already golden hair extended down his back and his eyebrows vanished from his forehead as he finished the transformation to Super Saiyan 3.

Krillin was pressing his attack on Raditz when he suddenly felt Kakarot's power shoot through the roof. This couldn't be good. The android pressed forward sending his fist towards Raditz's face only to have it stop before reaching its target. Krillin turned to see Kakarot's frowning face. It was different than before. Most noticeably were the missing eyebrows but his forehead also seemed to protrude more than before. His hair also reached down to his knees in the back. But most worrisome was the amount of power radiating off of him. In that moment, he knew that Wheelo had drastically underestimated Kakarot's power. He briefly considered trying to push the Kaioken further but he wasn't sure how much more his android body could handle before it would give out if he tried to push it much higher. And he was sure that he would have to push it much higher to compete with Kakarot's new power. He didn't have much time to contemplate a strategy. Kakarot's other fist came around and connected with a blow to the back of his head. In an instant the world went dark.


Bardock sent a kick at Yamcha's midsection but his former friend back-flipped away from the attack and took to the air sending a flurry of energy blasts back at the young Saiyan to cover his retreat. Bardock dodged the attacks but didn't pursue right away. The battle was starting to take its toll on him but he was far from finished. Right now, Yamcha had a slight edge in the fight but Bardock was just happy to no longer to taking on both of his friends at the same time. "Good fight," the young Saiyan said to his former friend, "but you've already lost."

Yamcha laughed. "Hardly. You're power is dropping fast. Soon you won't be able to keep fighting."

"You're right," Bardock admitted. "But I won't have to."

Before Yamcha could reply, Broly's fist struck him in the back of the head sending him dropping to the ground unconscious.

"Took you long enough," Bardock said with a grin.

"Sorry," Broly said. I had to deal with this one first." He motioned to where an unconscious Tien was slung over his shoulder.

"Let's get these two to Capsule Corp before they wake-up and get some energy blockers on them," Bardock said. "Then maybe we can find out what is going on."


Videl watched as Bardock and Broly vanished with the two defeated opponents in tow. Figures that he would forget that she was even here. Oh well, she knew where he was headed and she could fly there fairly quickly. She wanted some answers as well.

Power Levels:

5 (suppressed)
56 million (base)
4.2 billion (Super Saiyan)
13.65 billion (Super Saiyan 2)
20.48 billion (Super Saiyan 2 with Super Kaioken)
10 billion (Super Saiyan 2 tired)

5 (suppressed)
60 million (base)
4.5 billion (Super Saiyan)
14.6 billion (Super Saiyan 2)
50 billion (Super Saiyan 3 injured)


45 million (detectable power)
1.25 billion (Base power and Android power)
2.25 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x50 while fighting Bardock as a Super Saiyan)
3.45 billion (actual power level using the Kaioken x50)
11.25 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x 250 fighting Bardock as a Super Saiyan 2)
12.45 billion (actual power level using a Kaioken x250)
13.5 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x 300 against Broly
14.7 billion (actual power level using a Kaioken x 300)

40 million (detectable power)
1.04 billion (Base power and android power)
2 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x50 while fighting Bardock as a Super Saiyan)
3 billion (actual power level using the Kaioken x50)
10 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x 250 fighting Bardock as a Super Saiyan 2)
11 billion (actual power level using a Kaioken x250)

3 (detectable energy signature)

48 million
11.7 Billion (Super Saiyan 2)

48 million (detectable power)
1.55 billion (base power and android power)
3.6 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x75 fighting Kakarot)
5.1 billion (total power using Kaioken x75)
14.4 billion (detectable power using a Kaioken x300 fighting Kakarot as a Super Saiyan 2)
15.9 billion (total power using a Kaioken x300 fighting Kakarot as a Super Saiyan 2)

49 million
11.9 billion (Super Saiyan 2)

95 million
7.1 billion (Super Saiyan)
23.2 billion (Super Saiyan 2)