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Sorry, this one was done quick and dirty...please be kind. I didn't even come close to 100 words and RL is not letting me even try to get it there. I figured this was better than nothing.

It was just a twitch but to Dean it meant the world. He had been sitting at his little brothers bedside for six hours now and he was starting to think that his decision to bring Sam back to the motel room had been the wrong choice.

Sam had been thrown around the room of the old house they were currently investigating. They had been looking for something that would be tying the ghost to the house when it all went to hell.

Objects had started flying through the air and Sam was suddenly off his feet and crashing into the marble surround on the fireplace. His head had hit with a resounding crack and Dean hadn't seen Sam's eyes open since.

But now with that twitch came a moan.


"Yeah, your safe...just open your eyes for me..."