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A/N: This is a little sequel to Domestication while I work on a longer one.

Midnight Assault


Akutsu was not used to being woken up in the middle of night. He was certainly not used to being woken up by a little girl half lying on top of him. Forcing his eyes open, he squinted at the little face right in front of his. "...The house had better be on fire."

"It's not." Rika crawled a bit further up, lying on his chest to peer closely at him in the darkness. "Are you my daddy, Jin?"

"Whah?" Akutsu blinked. "...No. Your daddy's asleep. Go bother him."

"I know that." The girl shifted a bit, a six-year-old elbow digging into Akutsu's stomach through the covers. "A girl in my class today... she said that if your mummy and daddy aren't together, and if someone else's living with your mummy or daddy, that makes them your new mummy or daddy," she said so quickly Akutsu's sleep-fuddled mind couldn't even begin to comprehend what she was talking about. "But since I already have a daddy you can't be my daddy, too, so," she drew a deep breath, "can I call you papa?"

Another blink. A stare at the smiling, sincere face of the girl. Another blink. "...What?"

"Can I call you papa?" Rika repeated with the perfect patience she'd gotten from her daddy. Too bad it only applied to certain situations.

"Look, kid, it's –" he glanced at the glowing numbers of his alarm clock, "it's three in the morning. You can call me a bloody giant panda if you want, but do it in the morning, okay?"

"Okay!" How she could sound so bright and cheerful at such a time was completely beyond Akutsu. He couldn't even try to understand, though, as his composure was suddenly shaken by a quick kiss on the cheek. "Good night!" Before he could say anything, she slid off the bed, quietly sneaking out of the room and hopefully into her own.

For a second, Akutsu just lay still, trying to comprehend what had happened. Then, he was startled by a quiet chuckle from his side.

"You know, Jin," Dan said, snuggling so close Akutsu could feel his warm breath on his skin, "she'll still remember that promise in the morning."

"You were awake?" Akutsu half-growled. "And never thought to save me from your spawn?"

"Now, now, Jin. You heard she was asking you." Dan's head had somehow ended up on Akutsu's shoulder, a hand slowly sliding over his chest, not in an attempt to arouse but just a little gesture of affection. "...Guess you've been promoted from 'daddy's boyfriend,' eh?"

"Whatever." Akutsu sighed, a hand going over Dan's to stop it from moving. "I need sleep, so I'll get my fucking sleep. Next time she wants to climb on something in the middle of the night I'm setting up some fucking monkey bars over her bed."

"...Sorry, Jin." He felt a light touch of lips on his skin. "...Goodnight."


Turned out, Dan was right. She didn't call him giant panda, though.