By: Karen B.

Season five spoiler warning!

Disclaimer: Kripke owns Supernatural -- and he owns our hearts -- hope he takes mercy soon -- and all the king's muses and all the king's writers can put us fans back together again.

Summary: E/O 100- word challenge. Word Twitch. Dean pov. Angst. 5-2 Tag.

Author's note: Oh hell, I wasn't going to do this, but here I go again. I can't get that damn scene out of my head. No matter how much I write and read. ------- AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Forgive!


I'd watched Sam break plenty, like the night Jess died. Watched him bleed from places nobody should ever have to bleed from. Seen his bones broken and sticking up out of his flesh. Watched helplessly as he bit into his lip. White-fisted knuckles holding on to dirty sheets as I set broken bones, stitched wounds, held his head up out of the toilet while he puked.

But watching my brother's heart break again as I let him walk away, made my stomach twitch and flip-flop. Because I knew, without a doubt, what was left of our souls had just broken.