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Falling in love while in a warehouse cage was never my intention.

This was my job - the CIA had assigned me as her handler. It wasn't until they tried to take her away from me
that I realized how much she did mean to me.

Of course I wasn't in love with her then

I think

My job was at the CIA. I never imagined bringing any sort of emotional attachment to it. Of course not,
I was trained to be purely professional. Plus I was with Alice.

Alice . . .

She's a kindergarten teacher, just like my Mom. She had no idea what I really did, all that she knew was
that one day I changed. I was no longer the sweet, attentive boyfriend she knew and probably loved.
With Alice I could pretend to be normal. . . . at one time I even imagined marrying Alice and making a
family with her.

Pretending is just another word for lying. I got sick of pretending around the time I got fed up with
beauracratic protocol. An unspoken CIA rule of protocol that I broke for the first time months ago. A
protocol I spent years living thrown out the window without a second thought.

It was the night her Father stood her up for dinner. The night her beeper was tossed into the Pacific. It
was the night I realized how horrible her Father really could be. It's no secret I don't like or really even
trust Jack Bristow, and it's clear that the feeling is mutual.

However the night he stood her up was the night I started to fall for her. The girl who had the bozo hair
and Tolstoy's version of SD-6. The girl whose Mother died, whose best friend got engaged on
Thanksgiving, whose fiance Danny was murdered. Murdered for knowing the truth.

I know all her secrets. I've seen the pain in her big brown eyes when she talks about Danny . . . . or
realizes how horrible her Father can be. Yet part of me can't help but be thankful that Danny's dead. She
would of married him and never known I existed, and thats a thought that I refuse to ponder for too long.

Danny's gone. A tragic senseless death, a man who was probably no threat to SD-6 killed only because
he loved someone and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Danny's gone and I'm here, and
I'll continue to be there for as long as she needs and wants me.