A/N Hello Everyone I am bored and when I get bored I get strange so welcome to my new world where I have enslaved the creatures of the Labyrinth to do my bidding for my own amusement, and now for yours. Takes place approximately twenty years after the movie. In my story universe Sarah's rejection is causing Jareth and the Labyrinth to slowly die out. Is there any hope for our favorite Goblin King? I blame any OOCness to the fact that its 20 years later and they are slightly different people.... yeah.... Anyway own nothing that doesn't belong to me.


Chapter 1: The Book

Kiara stared at the clock on her desk as the seconds slowly ticked by. With a long drawn out sigh she turned back to her binder where she had her newest fantasy book hidden from view. It was another regular work day, full of clock watching, daydreaming and avoiding her more annoying co-workers. She turned the book to the first page and began to read while at the same time trying to be attentive enough to the world around her to hear if anyone was coming up behind her.

Barely through the first chapter and Kiara was already annoyed with the main character who was an absolute spoiled brat that was for some reason blaming all her problems on a one year old boy that couldn't even speak yet. Kiara held her head up with one hand wishing she had a little brother to be annoyed by; growing up in a bunch of different orphanages and foster homes wasn't exactly the best way to understand how brothers and sisters were supposed to interact. Every time she had to move to a new place she delved deeper into a fantasy life to cope and now that she was full grown she still believed in magic and fantasy lands.

Kiara's thoughts changed to a memory that she would have rather not revisited. A few years before, her boyfriend of a few months broke up with her because she was "too strange"; Kiara spent a few days spiraling down in a depressed state contemplating the existence of her fantasy world. Eventually she decided that reality was no more than what she saw each and every single day, it was boring and the only magic that existed was simple tricks. The very idea that kept Kiara sane was broken and she attempted to kill herself, she could not live in such a dull world. The depression eventually lifted only to be repeated several times since.

With a shake of her head Kiara pulled herself out of that line of thinking and went back to the story. The scars were hidden so as not to remind herself of the possibility that magic did not exist and she intended to keep it that way even if she wasn't always successful. She let out of a small laugh at herself wondering how she ever came to be the way she was; she was a science major in college and understood all too well how the world around her worked and yet she still needed to believe with all her being that somewhere out there were creatures that didn't adhere to the normal laws of science.

Footsteps came up behind her and she slowly closed the binder and picked up a pen as she turned towards her computer and looked at the spreadsheet that she had completed hours ago. Her boss stepped through the small opening into her cubicle and gave her a small smile, "I know I already gave you a large task today with that spreadsheet, but here are a few things more I need done by the end of this week."

"Not a problem, sir," Kiara said with fake enthusiasm and took the papers from him. As soon as he was gone she rolled her eyes at the man. He seemed to think that all of these tasks took forever just because he didn't know how to use a computer. She also overheard him tell another manager that she wasn't too passionate about her job, hence the fake enthusiasm at creating more spreadsheets. She got busy and completed her weeks work before the day was even over and it was only Monday.

She went back to her new book and flipped through some more pages and found a small map of the labyrinth. Underneath the picture was a footnote that stated that the labyrinth changed at will and no map would ever be completely accurate. Kiara smiled and laid her head down on the desk, "I wish the goblins would take me away, right now."