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Chapter 29: Decisions

Jareth was waiting in Kiara's living room the next morning. He spent the whole night flying through the labyrinth hoping for an easy answer and nothing came to mind. His only possible solution was to make Kiara decide that the aboveground was a better place to live and then he wouldn't get that horrible feeling if he just sent her away. She came out happy to see Jareth at first, but then worried about the way he looked.

"Why do you like it in my labyrinth?" Jareth asked. He almost sounded like her psychiatrist when he asked the question, like he didn't really care but needed to know anyway.

"Because I love the fact that magic exists here. I was so bored with life in the aboveground, I almost couldn't stand it."

"And if I sent you back there and stripped you off your power to return, what would you do?"

Kiara saw now exactly where this was going, "I won't answer that."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't know, I would love to tell you that I would be fine, but I am not sure I would be. Most likely I think I would end up going back into depression I was in before I came here."

Jareth considered that for a minute, "At least you would be alive." He knew that Vivian hated Kiara and it wouldn't be beneath her to have her executed the moment she stepped out of line. He smirked slightly thinking of how often that would be.

"Not for long," Kiara answered before she had a chance to stop herself. She tried to cover her mistake up, "I mean, not a real life."

"So you have tried to harm yourself before?" Jareth asked as he remembered her visit to the hospital. Kiara didn't answer and he thought briefly of her scars that she didn't like being able to see. "Well maybe you should do the kingdom a favor and get on with it so that my decision would be easier."

Kiara was shocked at Jareth's rapid mood swing. She had seen his evil side a few times, but he had never been that bad to her before. "Don't let me influence you decision, do whatever you want. Maybe I should have just let you die in the first place," she said angrily and regretted it when she saw the flash of hurt cross Jareth's eyes. It almost wasn't there and if she didn't know him so well she wouldn't have noticed the change in his arrogant look. She immediately hated herself for acting like him when she was angry. Jareth left without another word and Kiara pulled at her hair as frustrated tears began to fall. It wasn't until she heard the worst sound in the world that she pulled herself together.

"Deary, come out." Kiara walked out of her house to see Vivian waiting for her. She was floating a bit above the ground, "I've decided that I have had enough of this little game. I want you gone so I am going to do it myself." With a small wave of her hand a streak of lightning flashed, Kiara managed to dodge it at the last second.

"What the hell! If you kill me then you know Jareth will just choose Tia right?"

Vivian smirked evilly, "Maybe, but at least you'd be dead. You've almost ruined my chances at the throne, but I think after you are gone I could persuade Jareth to choose me. Tia has such a tiny amount of magic; it's pathetic, practically human."

Another wave of Vivian's hand sent another lightning bolt, Kiara tried to run but she just wasn't fast enough. She tried changing into a hawk, but she didn't have enough practice to do it under such pressure. She desperately needed to fly and fast, without warning a sudden burst of pain came through her back and her wings sprouted. She didn't get much time to look at them before she ran and jumped away from another attack, before she knew it she was in the air facing Vivian.

"That's enough, I'll see to it that you are trapped in the darkest, dirtiest oubliette," Kiara screamed as she pointed at Vivian. A red bolt shot out hitting her right in the chest. She stumbled and looked at Kiara with rage in her eyes.

"You lowly human, how dare you?" Kiara manage to send out another shot before exhausting herself. Jareth used up most of her energy flying the night before. "He will choose me."

"I would rather live my life aboveground totally devoid of magic than see you destroy the labyrinth." Kiara yelled as she attempted to avoid another attack; however she did not have a good sense of where her new wings were and was hit. She fell straight to the ground unable to move and could only watch as Vivian stood ready to finish her off. The next lightning bolt stopped just inches from Kiara's chest. They both looked at each other confused when they heard a man's voice.

"Ladies, I do not think this is appropriate behavior," Jareth said as he pushed Vivian's attack away from Kiara. "Vivian, I am banishing you from my labyrinth."

"You can't do that! I will be queen!" Jareth rolled his eyes at her as he threw a crystal towards her and watched her disappear with it. He carefully lifted Kiara up and took her back to the cottage laying her on the bed.

"I guess this means you are choosing Tia," Kiara said between taking deep breaths. She never hurt so badly in all her life. Not only was her back killing her from the wings instantly growing, but she also gave those muscles more exercise than they were ready for and on top of that Vivian's spell ripped one of her new wings.

"I don't want to choose Tia."

Kiara laughed, "You said yourself that there was no one else. I can't keep the two of us going like this." Jareth nodded slowly and pulled something out of his pocket. Kiara tried to turn to see what it was, but was in too much pain to move. He put the item into her hand and she looked at it confused, it was the moonstone. "You can't be serious."

"You were willing to give up your dreams for the labyrinth; it's more than anyone else would do." Kiara never expected to see such an expression on Jareth's face, there was not a trace of arrogance or evilness about it; he really needed her.

"Jareth, you know I don't love you right?" Kiara smiled at the thought of being a queen, but she couldn't be so selfish.

Jareth actually laughed and then his trademark smirk appeared on his face, "I don't love you either, but I don't hate you. It's the best I could hope for."

Kiara's smile grew, "Ok." Jareth put the necklace on her and it glowed brightly before returning to normal. Jareth and Kiara were both filled with energy and the connection spell she made was broken, there was no longer a need for it. It was done, by underground law they were married. Jareth had his magic back, the labyrinth was restored.