Ghost Hunt

Characters: Naru x Mai

Summary: Naru and Mai's wedding. Right, what's the worst that can happen….right? Except Mai attracting unnecessary ghosts and her angry father's sprit here to kick Naru's ass!

Mai's PoV

*YAWN…!* "I'm so tired…*BLINK…BLINK* Whoa, where am I!" I cry out in surprise at the room surrounding me. 'Oh yeah Naru brought me to London after THAT'. What's so heavy, gah…it's suffocating. As I try to get a better look at whom or what had me pinned, I tore the covers back. There I saw the most gorgeous sleeping face lying next to me. "Naru!!!!" I screeched at the sleeping beauty next to me, his strong arms wrapped tightly about my waist.

"Ah" he stretched till I heard his bones pop. "Mai, what's wrong?" he asks with a bewildered expression. "Why are you screaming, love. Did you have a bad dream, or are you forgetting that we are getting married in three days?" He asks me incredulously, with his trademark smirk plastered on his face.

I blush various shades of red before yelling "No I didn't forget I just want to know why you are in my bed after I told you that we had to sleep separately! Your mom will kill you! And don't you dare give me that 'but we're getting married' bull! Can't you wait three days!?"

"Well now, aren't we hyper to get married, Mai? I still don't see what the big deal is. When I proposed I thought you would drop dead from shock. Instead you surprised me as usual and stuttered an incoherent yes!" I turned bright red at his recall of the events that day.


'Taniyama Mai' he said taking my left hand and dropping to one knee. He had just returned from London. Upon getting his call I rushed here, forgetting that I was mad that he had completely dismissed my confession that day 2 years ago. He continued while carefully gauging my reaction, 'will you give me the honor of taking you as my bride?' he pulled out the loveliest diamond ring and placed it on my ring finger. I could only mutter a 'y-y-yes-s-s!'

As soon as the words left my mouth he was on his cell, telling his mother he was coming home to get married before the month was through. That gave me and all our friends 3 ½ weeks to get to London and plan an entire wedding. All thanks to our favorite narcissist and his family.

End flashback

That was how I ended up in a mansion in London. I was attacked by his mother so she could get my preferences for a dress, cake and such. Other than that I didn't have to do anything except get used to being pampered by my soon to be husband and his family. This was not easy, coming from a poor family made relaxing here very difficult for me. The only condition his mother had is that I stay innocent at least until the wedding night so that it would be special for me. That should be easy enough right? No, not when said fiancé keeps sneaking into your room to sleep!

"Naru!" I yell but before I can say more he reaches up and kisses me, effectively stopping anymore complaints I might have had. "Nnn…arrr…uuu…c-an-t…br-ea-th!" I gasp into his mouth. The only response I got was a smirk as he broke the kiss.

Finally he eased of the bed, pulling me with him. Before he walked away he nipped my ear and whispered "3 more days, love". I slapped my hand to my ear, "NARUUU!" I shouted after him as he slipped out of my room.

General PoV

Mai went to go meet her waiting bride's maids and soon to be mother in-law. The 5 of them were to go shopping for a dress for all of them plus all accessories that went with it. When Mai reached the mall she saw her friend at the food court, "Oi, Mai over here" Yelled a tall red headed woman. "Ayako, sorry to keep everyone waiting" Mai called back. "Its fine Luella was just showing us the pictures of the guys modeling different tuxes" Said the pink haired woman, Madoka. As Mai sat down she saw a pic of Naru, "wow, he looks great! I so hope that's the tux he wears." It was an all black tux without a speck of white and a blood red tie.

"But he looks like he is attending a funeral not his wedding!" his mother exclaimed. "Yes, but it will bring out the blue of his eyes when he is happy!" I try to reason with her. "Oh, alright!" she gives in.

After words, Mai was trying to ignore the stares of the people around them. Which was easier said than done seeing as MAI was the bride, whom everyone in London knew was marrying THE Oliver Davis. When they reached the shop, Mai was snatched up by the workers to try on her dress. While she was trying on the dress Mai remembered when they first came to pick out the gown.

Mai's PoV


'Mai! Come see this one. This is so beautiful; it has long sleeves and a ruffled collar.' Ayako called over to me. "No way! I don't want that, it's hideous! I want something to make me sexy!" I cried out. "Then you will like this!" Luella called me over to the rack where she had found the most beautiful dress. The dress had a corseted top with blue embroidery, a floor length white skirt and a black ribbon sash and a short train. "OMG!!! That is so what I want" I yell. "But it will have to be sized. This too long for you but it will look perfect! Though Naru is so not wearing that red tie! It will look so wrong; it must be blue or black!" Luella reasons. "Then it had better be blue. He wears enough black as is!" I decide.

Once we ordered the dress in the proper size we went to get the bride's maid's dresses and our shoes and accessories for the wedding.

When I was changed and ready I walked out to show everyone how it looked. *GASP* I was shocked at the sharp intake of breath I heard before everyone started showering me with praises. As I smiled and modeled the dress for them I noticed the glares I was getting from all the girls who had read the paper or saw the news. It was broadcast everywhere about who I was marrying and why.

Naru had blown it all off as nothing but it still unnerved me to a degree. I wasn't used to being the center of attention like this. My reaction to this…blush! "God Mai, you are so beautiful! Naru is going to attack you right there at the altar when he sees you!" Masako gushes. "I doubt that would happen. Besides, daddy would never allow this." I argue. Yes, my dad's spirit is pissed that I am getting married so he came to scare Naru off. Sadly, daddy didn't realize I was marrying a man that could scare the devil back to heaven!

After Ayako, Masako, Madoka and Luella tried on their dresses we went to head to the studio where the reception would be held after seeing that the decorations were up and ready we headed to the church. There we saw the second ghost that was giving me trouble during all this, Richey-kun! He is the ghost of a boy who was supposed to be the ring bearer for his sister's wedding but died on the way.

The day Mai and Naru went to pick a church

"Mai, we're here." Naru tries to wake a peacefully sleeping Mai."Mmm, Naru, are we there yet?" I mumble at him. "Yes and it is beautiful but you need to decide if this is where we get married or not." He tells me while pulling me from the car. As we got out the car I froze 'Mai, would you like a free ring bearer.' "Gene!" I gasp. "What did he say?" Naru asked me. "He asked if I wanted a ring bearer?" I reply. 'Well? Do you want him or not?' he asks again. 'Um…sure, I guess' I answer back. 'Great! Well go in and meet him. Oh, did I mention you accepted a ghost for the job? Lol' he said just before he disappeared. "What!" I shout as I see a 10 year old boy smile at me inside the church.

That was how we met Richey. Not that Naru was happy about it at first, but he slowly got used to the idea. I guess it suits us. We are ghost hunters after all!

The only problem we had after that was my dad.

'Mai, do you wish your dad was there so he could walk you down the aisle?' Gene asked me in my dream one night. 'Hmm, yeah that would be nice.' I answered sleepily. 'OK, I will grant that! Take it as my wedding gift to you' Gene told me as I lapsed in to a deep sleep.

By the way, Gene is not dead. He is in the hospital recovering. But I still see him in my dreams and he talks to me and Naru a lot. But he is alive.

The next morning my father was at the door to talk to me and Naru about me getting married. "Why should I have to ask a ghost permission to marry Mai? It is her choice, not yours." Naru asks my father after my father told him to put the wedding off because he had not asked for my hand in marriage. "Dad, Naru, stop bickering! Dad it is my choice who I marry, not yours! I already said yes and am getting married in 3 days. So back off, you can't change this fact. Get used to it or get out!" I shout. I grabbed Naru and ran for it.

When we were in my room I hugged him and started to sob.

Naru's PoV

Mai grabbed my shirt crying. 'Jeez what do I do?! Hey stupid medium you are there right?' 'What's there to think about? Hug her, kiss her, do something other than stand there!' Gene yells in my mind.

"Mai, I love you. Please don't cry! It's my fault for challenging your father like that." I hug her back and kiss her hair well I tell her this. "No, it's me! I just yelled at my dad and told him to go away even though I haven't seen him since I was 4! How could I do that, it was too cruel!" she cry's into my chest. "He probably hates me now. What should I do, Naru!" she begs me.

"He doesn't hate you Mai, he loves you too much. Though I must admit, I wish he would back off, but let me deal with that. You have fun while he is here, OK?" I say, trying to keep my concern hidden. "Your right, I should rely on you more! Ok, I will enjoy it while it lasts. Though if you need anything please ask me! I am your bride to be after all!" she tells me in her usual happy nature.

I can't help but smile at her. I chuckle slightly at the fact that she still blushes like crazy when I smile though I know I don't smile often you think she would be used to it.

General PoV

The next day was the first practice for Mai. She was so nervous that she kept tripping over her own feet though Naru caught her before she could get hurt.

After practice Naru and Mai were discussing how the honeymoon would be. They were going to New York, New York for the honeymoon.

The next morning Mai and Naru were drug away by their friends for final fitting and last minute prep. Mai was given the final touches on the outfit, a sapphire tiara = something blue, the sheath dress with the blue embroidery and black sash = something new, her father = something barrowed and something old is a circular 4 ¾ black diamond necklace that has been in my family since the 1800's is something old.

Once she was set Luella took pictures for Gene so he could his soon to be sister in-law. Mai was quite embarrassed but she put up with like everything else, in stride. Her father, who had started to accept Naru, went with Martin, Naru's father, to pick out the bouquet that the girls had picked out.

Mai and the girls discussed the bachelorette party while Naru was trying to get out of his bachelor party with the guys, Bou-san, Yasuhara, Lin (surprisingly he is participating as the best man in Gene's stead). The guys were still trying to get him to a strip club and he was starting to give in. Mai was getting a male stripper and she was not allowed to say no.

As Naru went out with the boy's with the most evil expression Mai prayed that the others made it home alive because it was possible that Naru would kill them before the night was out.

Mai's PoV

'Oh, I hope Naru doesn't hurt anyone…' I think to myself. "Hey, Mai the guys are here! Are you ready for an in-depth look at the male body?" Ayako asks, laughing at the blush quickly covering my face from both embarrassment and alcohol. I come to the main hall to attempt to watch the boys but, after 30 min, I fainted from shock and too much to drink. The girls carried me to my room later that night.

Naru's PoV

I came home at 4 am because if I had to watch one more unattractive woman tell me not to marry Mai but too marry them I was going to hang them from the ceiling. I told the monk to get me out of there are there would be corpses. They got me out of there as fast as possible after that. When I arrived home the girls were passed out drunk except for Madoka who was still sober enough to say "welcome back Naru". "Where's Mai?" I ask her. "She is asleep upstairs. You should get some sleep to or you will be late to the altar, the ceremony is at 3:30 so you can sleep in but you must be ready by 3, OK?" she informs me. "OK, I won't be late for her." I reassure her. After talking I head to my room for sleep.

Mai's PoV the day of the wedding

"Mai, wake up, Mai!" Ayako shouted in my ear. *WOAH* I yelled in surprise till I remembered what today was…my WEDDING!

General PoV

Ayako took Mai to the church where a dressing room had been set up for the day. Ayako and Luella helped to get the corset tied. Once she was dressed, Masako put on Mai's makeup while the others got the shoes, garter, and jewelry. The makeup was simple, light colors carefully blended till it was perfect in the afternoon light.

When the makeup was done the rest of the outfit was put on Mai and her hair was loosely curled in some places. The tiara was last. Once Mai was ready the others went to get in to their dresses. The maid of honor was Madoka. Ayako was after that and then came Masako. Their dresses were of black and blue silk, it gave a surreal affect to Mai's dress. It was 3 when they all met back up.

Mai had never been happier.

Naru's PoV

I was yanked out of bed at 12 so that I could get showered, dresses and primed for the day. I was having a lot of trouble keeping my emotions in check so I worked on meditating for the most part. Once I was in my tux, I was taken to the church by Bou-san. When we were there I checked the time, it was 3:15. I only had 15 minutes to make sure everything was perfect.

Once inside I checked the décor and the piano. All was set and ready to go. I went to the altar to wait out the last 10 minutes of my former life.

Mai's PoV

As it got closer to 3:30 I got more and more nervous. Finely Bou-san came to tell me that Naru was here. I relaxed when I knew that he was here already. I was still scared when Masako came and told me something that I will never forget as long as I live. She told me, "Mai, you win. He is yours and it will always be like that. But I want you to know that I never hated you and you are my best friend. I am proud to have lost to someone like you. Taniyama Mai…no Mai Davis, are you ready to get married?" she asked while pulling two long stemmed roses from behind her. One was a black rose with a white ribbon while the other was a white rose with a black ribbon.

I was so happy I almost started to cry (thank god for water proof makeup!). "Thank you" I choked out as I heard the music start. There was my cue; my father took my hand while Masako led the way to down the aisle. That was when I saw Naru…no Oliver Davis.

General PoV

As Mai and her father walked down the aisle people gasped at the beauty that was Mai. When she reached Naru her father placed her hand in his. As soon as he let Mai go he disappeared. Mai wanted to cry but she stayed strong. She turned and smiled at John (A/N yes this is where he was hiding) he started the ceremony. When the rings were given to us by Richey he came up and hugged Mai around the waist, kissed her stomach then turned to Naru, "You better be a good father, Ok" he said before disappearing. Naru smiled and Mai giggled when Luella jumped up and said "OMG I just met my grandson!"

Naru's PoV

I smiled as the boy left and the ceremony progressed. When I was told I could kiss the bride Mai turned scarlet. Before she could try to run I pulled her close and kissed her. I released her when the guests started to come up to give her and I hugs and congrats.

Even Gene said his congrats to Mai and I.

General PoV

As all the guests filed out to follow the wedding party to the reception hall Naru grabbed Mai for one more kiss before they left for the reception. When they got there Mai gasped at how beautiful it looked it the evening sun. It was 6:48 when they arrived so the sun was still there to cast long shadows to give it a sense of secrecy that made everyone smile.

Mai's PoV

As we went in I saw the cake and the dance floor. The music was a mix of Naru and my favorites. Luella led us to the cake so we could cut it and shove it in each other's faces. When I went to feed Naru he groaned but ate it anyway, though after he licked the icing of my nose when he shoved it in my face.

Then I had to throw the twin roses which landed right in Ayako's hands. She turned bright red but this gave Naru an idea.

Naru's PoV

Now I had to remove Mai's garter. She was desperately trying to stop me as I pushed her dresses skirt up to her thigh. When I leaned down and caught it in my teeth she squeaked in surprise as I kissed the inside of her thigh first. Once I had slowly pulled the garter off I used my powers to aim it right at Bou-san's face.

Mai's PoV

When the formalities were through we danced till we had to catch our flight at 10. As we walked through the rain of rice I said good bye to my new family and hopped in to the black sports car that was a wedding gift from his father. Once I was buckled in Naru floored, one hand on the wheel, one in mine.

When we got on the plane we had first class tickets but we really only needed one because Naru held me in his lap possessively. Thank god the dresses skirt came off partly so it was knee length and more comfortable. As I sat in his lap we both started to doze dreaming of what awaited us on our wedding night and beyond.

Chapter 1 end

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