Chapter 10: Gone with hate

Summary: The scream…who was it…the pain, who caused it…the boy, where is he.

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Naru's PoV

I was cut off by a scream…

"Mai!" I yelled as I jumped up and started to run up the steps, Gene and the others, falling in behind me. We reached the top of the steps and ran towards the sound of Mai's screams. She was in the base.

I slammed into the door trying to open it but it wouldn't budge. I was Yelling for Mai when I heard the reason she was screaming. "Now witch, your lover won't save you. I will have you just as I had her years ago." We heard the unmistakable voice of Shawn. I could also her something that sounded like Anna but I knew she couldn't do anything.

Suddenly Gene pushed me out of the way. "Anna, its Gene, open the door! I need you to think of the door opening really hard! Keep thinking about it till we open this damn door!" He yelled calmly through the door to the poor woman on the other side. "Now, Noll, Bou-san, Yasuhara, I need you three to help me start breaking this down." Gene ordered.

Suddenly Ren was in front of us with a hammer and screw driver. "I'll pop the hinges." He said. Gene stopped him saying they would get it and I was getting pissed. "Would someone do some…" before I could finish the thought the door blew off its hinges and out into the hallway. I looked around and saw the twins staring at me like I was an idiot. "Father, go save Mother. We opened the door." Kenji told me with that same self satisfied smirk that I always wear.

I heard the others thank the twins for doing what they did but I was more focused on the scene in front of me, as was everyone else that was looking. Mai was pushed against the opposite wall. Shawn had placed himself between her legs and had already torn her blouse and bra off. Mai was sobbing and looked scared, that's obvious though, considering where she was.

I could feel my power seething and thanked god that I had 2 contractors. "Gene!" I yelled, thrusting my hand out for him to take. Once I had contact I flooded my power through him before flinging Shawn out of the room. "Bou-san, Ayako, start the exorcism now!" I barked out. I heard them start and walked over to Mai. "Love…are you okay?" I asked, kneeling down to help her up. "Y-yeah, um, what about Shawn, he can't help what he tried to do so is he okay?" she asked, always the kind girl that I loved so much. I gave Mai my jacket to cover up with.

'Yes love, he is fine but Shane is not." I told her cryptically. "Um, okay but Naru, I know why we all said They when we first saw the ghosts. Anna's daughter and husband are here to. He was keeping them separated from each other." She explained. Once we reached the others I saw that Bou and Ayako had trapped Shane inside of a barrier while Yasuhara and Ren helped get Shawn out of the room. I felt a little bad because the boy probably had a concussion and a broken leg. Then again possessed or not, he tried to rape Mai so he might have deserved it.

"Mai are you good enough for me to use my powers?" I asked. One look at Gene confirmed that non-use of him for so long had made it too dangerous to use him again so soon. Of course Shin was out as well, at his age it would just be too much. "Yeah I'm fine, Naru. Let's free them!" Mai grabbed my hand and held it over her chest, giving me more access to the core of her body and allowing me to flood more power through her.

I kissed her sweetly before turning back to Shane. "You can't kill me boy! I am already dead!" Shane said with a maniacal laugh. I smirked, "You made the wrong move by attacking my Mai." I then made a white flame in my hand that grew steadily larger as I gathered my powers in my palm. Shane visibly shook when he realized what I intended to do.

Mai's PoV

Naru was smirking with a deadly glint in his eye. I shuddered as that white flame of banishment, as I called it, grew steadily larger. It scared me but I knew that this was the only way to get rid of Shane forever. I could feel myself slipping but I knew it wouldn't be much longer. I was right.

Naru raised his right hand above his head, half of his forearm obscured by the flame. The flame flared once more, doubling in size before he gathered up the last of his power and flung the flame at the ghost. "NOOO!!! STOP IT PLEASE, STOP IT!" Shane screamed as the white flame bounced towards him. He screeched as the flame touched him, wrapping around him till we could no longer see or hear him.

Suddenly the flame turned an angry shade of red before disappearing. When it cleared, Shane was gone. Naru let go of my hand to sever the connection but quickly wrapped me in his arms as I started to fall from exertion. "You did good love. You did good." Naru reassured, rubbing circles in my back. I held him close as he helped me to stand. "Mai-chan, look, they want to say thank you." I heard Gene say. I opened my eyes and came face to face with my clone. 'Hi, you saved us, thank you!' the girl, who I realized was Anna's daughter said.

I watch as the family that had been separated for so long finally came together. 'Thank you child, boy, you treat her right, okay?' Anna said smiling. The three disappeared in a halo of golden light. 'Heaven.' I thought to myself, smiling.

Ren came over to tell us his thanks and to apologize on behalf of his son. He told us that Shawn had been hiding in an old boathouse on the back of the property. I forgave them but Naru still refused to say anything so we left it at that. Naru took me to the hospital just to make sure I was really as ok as I said I was. After a clean bill of health we were gone.

Naru's PoV

Once home Mai and I put the tired twins to bed. They had done a wonderful job and certainly deserved a good rest. Without them I might have lost Mai today. Once they were snuggled in Mai and I went to our room to revel in the feel of being alive. I was happy as she snuggled against my bare chest.

I smiled before turning my attention from a now sleeping Mai to the window. "Well did we pass, Mother?" I asked the figure floating outside the window. 'Oh and since when did you notice me? To answer your question though, yes. You 4 have done well.' She answered. "Thank you for the praise. I am glad that you approve of me, Mai's mother." I told her, wishing Mai could see her but knowing it was not time yet.

'Yes well we will see if you can handle your next challenge. This one is for you…Can you get a possessed Mai back without the help of the others?' Mai's mother, Aria, asked before disappearing. Mai's Father, Yuu, appeared. 'Boy, you have done well so far but Aria has taken this next challenge a bit far, this ghost is crazy! Please be careful, if you are not, well, nothing I can do for you. This will be the last challenge for you two's love next will be to see if you can protect your kids. Those will come later in life though, for now focus on this challenge.' Yuu then left us as well.

I slept then, waiting for the next day with apprehension but eagerness at the battle ahead. In my dream, as if he knew, Gene appeared and said he would help in making sure the true case went well where as Naru should just focus on Mai.

The next day went slowly as I waited for the case that would walk through that door. I was certain Mai was planning to kill me for how much tea I was ordering for and that it was every five seconds. She didn't even get out of my office before I had finished the cup. Finally I heard the door bells open as a haggard looking man walked in to the office.

"Hello, do you have a case for us?" Mai asked the man with a bright smile. "Ah, yes I do um is Shibuya-san here?" the man asked, he had obviously missed the part of the sign that said Shibuya Kazuya and Shibuya Mai as presidents of SPR. "Yes, I am his wife, Mai." She introduced herself before motioning the man to the couch. I came out of my office when the man was seated.

"Hello, state your case." I told him, ignoring the glare Mai leveled at me. "Yes well, it is not exactly dangerous but my two daughters keep literally jumping any guy that comes to my house. That would not be anything to worry about till they kept telling me their names were Mitsu instead of Kana and Sora. Then my wife, Momoko started to do the same thing!" the man who told us his name was Ichi, said.

"Hmm, okay, I don't exactly care for your family as the story is not that interesting but a ghost powerful enough to possess 3 different people at different times is. I will take the case." I said before turning to Mai. "Make the preparations." I ordered her before turning to Ichi once again. "I will need room 4 rooms and a 5th for a base." I told him, getting up to head back to the office without even waiting for an answer.

The next day, Mai, the gang and I were on our way to the Makai mansion. It was 4 when we arrived and got ready to drive. I was ready for a fight and it seemed so was Gene by the way he was glaring at the house. That is when Mai threw herself at Gene. "Mai-chan!? What's wrong!?" he asked, pushing her from him slightly. I walked over and knew instantly, Mai was possessed. "Hi, I'm Mitsu! I like you, will you go out with me?" she asked, eyes glazed over to prove my theory. I then knocked her unconscious with a blow to the back of the head.

I carried Mai to the room pointed out by Ichi as our base and laid her on the couch. "Mai…" I whispered before turning to face my team. I had assembled everyone, Gene, Chiaki, Bou, Yasuhara, Ayako, Masako, John, Lin and Madoka. "Mai is possessed, I cannot tell you what this means for me but I can tell you that I will be of little to no use to you on this case. Gene is the one heading this case and will be till I state otherwise." I ordered before turning back to Mai. "What about an exorcism for Mai?" bou-san asked worriedly and angry that I was not explaining anything. I turned to him with a smirk, "I can take care of that." I said before turning to Lin.

"Set up a camera in our bedroom, we will not be leaving but I want all this recorded. Food will be brought to the door and I will need seals, rope, and some holy water might be good. I am the only one who can do this." With that I grabbed Mai and walked to our bed room. "Mai, wake up." I whispered

She shuddered to life with a jolt. "Who are you?" she asked, jumping back from me to stand on her own. "I am that body's husband and I would like my wife back." I told her, motioning for Mitsu to sit down. She complied and watched me for a second before asking her own question. "You look just like that really hot guy outside, when do I get to see him and who is he?" she asked in a fan-girl like voice. "His name is Gene but you will not be seeing him at all if you do not release Mai." I told her.

"Well I'm not leaving so oh well! I like this body, she is cute and nice so she will attract a lot of guys!" she declared. "Why do you want to attract men?" I asked since that seemed like the most obvious question. "I am a prostitute and must find men so I can get money. If I don't they will kill me." She said still smiling. I just stared before pointing out the obvious.

"You're dead, they can't hurt you but you are hurting these girl's family and friends. You are also hurting Mai when you go jumping on other guys." I explained. "No, you don't get it, they are dead too. I killed them and they killed me. We shot each other. He makes me keep working or he will kill the girls that come here if I don't. So you have a choice, let me do my job and protect the girls, get rid of them or let him kill the girls." She answered me seriously. "We will exorcise the ghosts but how many are there?" I asked because she kept switching from them to him.

"3 of them, 1 man and 2 women that were the ones who recruited girls like me." She answered me honestly. "The man is the most dangerous for the girls here. If he kills one of them then he will make them work for him as well. I have protected the women her for a few years but it is getting out of control! You must help me and get rid of them if you want to protect your wife." She continued ominously.

Now I knew what her father meant when he said her mother had gone too far with this one.

Mai's PoV

Okay…what just happened!? You have got to be kidding, we have not been here for five minutes and I am already possessed! I can see my own body jump Gene and I nearly cried at the hurt look that crossed Naru's face before he went back to the Naru that I had worked for originally. Gene looked freaked out and I was happy when they knocked me out cold.

I wanted to follow Naru and my body but decided I might be more use to Gene since he can actually see me. Sadly I didn't even get to make contact before I was grabbed by what would turn out to be my biggest problem yet. Oh no, forget nearly being killed, haunted, stabbed and tortured, no those are nothing. Now a ghost that want to turn you into a prostitute, now that is scary, well, if you're me it is.

The man and 2 women were standing right behind me. "Work with us…or we will kill your little friends..." he said, ominously before I blacked out.


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