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AN: The following list won't make much sense until you read the chapter. I'm sure you'll understand what it's for then.

Dog-Hatake Kakashi-Electric manipulation

Dragon-Uchiha Itachi-Darkness & Light manipulation

Rat-Haninozuna Rin-Water manipulation

Monkey-Uchiha Obito-Wind manipulation

Rooster-Umino Iruka-Earth manipulation

Goat-Nara Shikamaru-Shadow manipulation

Pig-Yamanaki Ino-Spirit projection

Snake-MitMinato Anko-Able to produce poison

Ox-Haruno Sakura-Enhanced strength

Tiger-Uchiha Sasuke-Fire manipulation

Rabbit-Hyuuga Hinata-Healer

Horse-Hyuuga Neji-Ability to see pressure points

Fox-Namikaze Naruto-Telepathy (mind control)

Toad-Namikaze Minato-Telepathy (mind control)

Curse of the Zodiac


The kingdom of Konoha is ruled by the head of the Royal Family – the Hokage, and as tradition dictated, this Hokage would be aided by his 12 loyal knights, the ANBU. Under the rule of the Hokage and his ANBU, Konoha has flourished beautifully. Her lush forests spread across acres of land, its serenity a stern contrast with the bustling city it surrounded. Within the city, jovial villagers frequent the crowded streets, cheerfully going about their daily chores. All in all, it made for a beautiful picture of peace and prosperity. Even Konoha's history was picture perfect, as she was never involved in any conflicts larger than the occasional riot. That is, apart from WII (War of the Iwa Invasion) where Konoha had come out victorious, thereby earning her place at the top of the ladder.

After the founding of Konoha, she had quickly gained strength and easily rose up the ranks to edge her way into the top 5 superpowers. WII had taken place during the reign of the fourth Hokage. The Yondaime, together with his 12 ANBU guards had led Konoha's army to a miraculous victory, defeating the then strongest nation in the world and thereby ending the war which had raged for 2 years. Now, merely 100 years after her creation, Konoha proudly stands atop the world, as the youngest but greatest of the 5 kingdoms. However, not all was as perfect as one might think. You see, beneath this peaceful exterior lurked a dark secret.

As every academy student learnt in their first year at the Academy, the first hokage, the Shodaime, had founded Konoha together with his best friend, Uchiha Madara and 12 loyal knights he later named the ANBU. All 14 of them were known to be nin-users, people who could wield supernatural powers. (Author's Note: Nin-users are rather uncommon but not unheard of. In fact, each of the 5 superpowers have their own group of nin-users who help in the running of the country.) With the combined strength of the 14 of them, they were able to build Konoha and shape her into a beautiful village. Unfortunately, when the time came and Shodaime was elected as the Hokage, the friendship between Shodaime and Madara became tainted with jealousy and hatred. Shortly after Shodaime was named Hokage, Madara, driven by jealousy, betrayed the Shodaime by selling out their village's secrets to Iwa, the strongest of the 5 superpowers at that time. Shodaime had caught Madara red-handed before any secret were leaked, but the damage had already been done. Shodaime's trust had been broken. Madara was exiled and his refusal to leave had resulted in the famous battle that gave the battlegrounds the name "Valley of the Ends". Shodaime had won in the end, but due to complications that arose from the injuries sustained in that battle, he had died a few years later. It was also noted that the Shodaime's 12 ANBU had started to behave differently after the battle, though their behavioural change is usually attributed to the great injustice done to their hokage. However, what academy students aren't taught, is the true extent of Madara's betrayal. This classified information was only revealed to those born to the Royal and Noble Families as well as the ANBU. Just before the Shodaime delivered the killing blow, Madara had uttered a horrible curse upon the Shodaime and his ANBU. The ANBU were cursed to never again be able to feel love and affection. The Shodaime, on the other hand, was cursed to never live past his prime. This curse, now known as the Curse of the Zodiac, was passed onto the hokages and ANBU of every successive generation. The effects of the curse had caused the ANBU to turn into animals of the zodiac whenever they were hugged by those of the opposite gender, thus the name "Curse of the Zodiac". However, between ANBU members and the Hokage, the curse did not take effect. While the hokage would be able to maintain his human form unless he, himself wanted to change, most hokages never lived past the age of 30. The Yondaime had broken all previous records by living until 37. Also, the hokage would turn into an animal not part of the zodiac. (Author's Note: The Shodaime had turned into a beaver, the Nidaime (the Shodaime's cousin) had turned into cat, the Sandaime (the Shodaime's son) could turn into an owl, the Yondaime (Godaime's nephew) could turn into a toad, the Godaime (Sandaime's daughter) could turn into a slug and the Rokudaime (Yondaime's son) could turn into a fox. All the Hokages belong to the Namikaze Clan, since the Royal Family is the Namikaze Clan.)

The next generation of ANBU would only be born when their predecessor dies. (Author's Note: This means that the same ANBU could serve more than one Hokage in their lifetime. For example, Kakashi, Obito, Rin, Iruka and Anko had served the Yondaime, Godaime and now serve the Rokudaime. Itachi had served the Godaime before serving Naruto.) As such, whenever one of the ANBU passes away, there would be a village wide search for all babies born on that night and the babies would be checked for the birthmark indicating their cursed nature. You see, all bearers of the curse would have a birthmark on their left shoulder blade, shaped as the animal they could turn into. Ironically, the curse being passed from generation to generation did have a plus side. It resulted in the powers wielded by the Shodaime and his ANBU being passed down as well. Thus, all those born with the birthmark would be immediately taken in by the Royal Clan and trained to wield their powers. As only the Royal and Noble Families knew about the curse, any babies from civilian clans born with the birthmark would be taken from their families and their parents' memories wiped. If the cursed babies were born to the Noble Families, which constituted of the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans, they were still brought to live with the Royal Family, but their parents would be allowed to visit them.