StarCraft: Brain Dead


Deep in space, beyond the outer fringe worlds of the Terrans, near the very edges of the Korpulu Sector, drifted a secret. Its existence was a mystery to any human alive today, as all the evidence that would lead one to conclude it existed at all had been wiped from databases long before any modern human's grandparents were even born.

Yet, it was there: the fifth in a group of pilgrimage ships that should have only numbered four. Larger than any Battlecruiser, this forgotten supercarrier never found its target, nor any other planet for that matter. Where its kin set down on Umoja, Moria and Tarsonis, it simply dropped out of warp and continued drifting.

Its cargo of Earth-born outcasts didn't awaken during the trip, nor did they awaken when the ship exited warp. They stayed fast asleep as it drifted out past any starchart, content to dream in their sealed cryogenic stasis pods. They slept as the ship was boarded by monsters from beyond their wildest nightmares, and as tendrils slipped through the seals on their stasis pods and slithered under their skin, they still did not budge.

But now, in the year 2510, after over three hundred years of slumber, something deep within the ship awakens to let out a solitary shriek of rebirth.