Author Notes:

Hello everybody and welcome to YET ANOTHER fan fiction to add to my growing list. So it's been over a year since i posted anything although i've been writing liking crazy in that time, building up chapters which i will soon begin posting for all of my stories.

This Fan fiction will be a Harry Potter / Stargate (SG1/SGA) cross over. The story will focus on the HP Universe for the first several years with only small references to the SG universe. This won't change until sometime in Harry's fifth or sixth year at Hogwarts. You will see several concepts which relate between the two universes early on but the actual character interaction will not take place until the above mentioned years.

This story is going to be epic in nature just like my Naruto and Smallville Fictions, so be sure to follow along. I will follow Harry from his forth year to the end of his Hogwarts career before becoming seriously intertwined with the Stargate universe where it will continue onwards. Unlike a lot of the other stories I have read, this one will in fact deal extensively with the casts lives after Hogwarts.

At any rate I hope you all enjoy this fiction as much as I am have enjoyed writing it. I have great things planned and I believe you will all enjoy the story to come.


Harry Potter and the Veil of Time

Chapter One: Journey's End, Journey's Beginning

By Cybergades

Harry stood in the courtyard of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry looking out over the road leading to the town of Hogsmeade. The sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon signaling the start of a new day. Under normal circumstances he would have enjoyed the view, in fact he'd enjoyed it numerous times over the past year, but not today. Today the first light of dawn brought with it warnings of war. In less then an hour Voldemort himself would lead his forces in an all out assault on the town of Hogsmeade and once he was finished there he would march on Hogwarts. By the time the day was done this war would be over one way or another. The final battle had come at last.

Harry felt a strange sense of peace at that thought. He had been worrying about this battle for years now and especially these past few months but now that it was here he was oddly at peace. Of Voldemort's Horocux's, only one remained and that one was Voldemort's pet snake. It had taken the golden trio nearly a year to find and destroy all the others and in that time the wizarding world had descended into anarchy.

It seemed like his whole like had been leading to this point and he was finally ready to finish it. There were so many things he wanted to do with his life once the war was over, that the mere thought of delaying the inevitable any longer annoyed him. It still amazed him how much his life had changed in the past 18 months or so. Little more then a year ago he had finally gotten the girl of his dreams only to push her away for her own safety a month later. It had taken him six years to come to his senses and in the end he had almost lost his chance because of this war. But when all was said and done she had welcomed him back with open arms and he had never been happier.

Ginevra Molly Weasley or Ginny as she liked to be called. That name alone brought an incredible sense of warmth to his heart. His hand drifted to his pants pocket of its own accord and fingered the smooth velvet box it found there. He planned on asking for her hand in marriage as soon as all this was over. He wanted to settle down, forget all about Voldemort and his Death Eaters and enjoy the rest of their lives together. And that was exactly what he was going to do.

Even as all these thoughts floated around inside his head, Harry couldn't quite banish the lingering feeling that something terrible was coming. As much as he wanted to charge into this battle and finish it once and for all, he found himself desperately wishing that he could grab Ginny and run as far away as they could from all of it. No matter what he did and no matter how comfortable he was with the battle to come he would never be comfortable with the idea of the risk that his friends and family would be in.

Not for the first time in the past seven years Harry wished that he could just dual Voldemort one on one and leave everybody else out of it, winner take all. He sighed contently as he felt a pair of small warm arms snake around his waist and with them he felt his apprehension slowly fade away. He leaned gently back into his girlfriend, soon to be finance, and breathed deeply. He could never get enough of her scent. It was so unique, so totally Ginny and it drove him crazy.

Ginny trailed small light kisses from his ear to the base of his throat before nuzzling into his neck with her nose and breathing deeply. Sighing contently she looked up into his emerald green eyes and smiled. "Good morning Love. Are you ready for this?" she asked sweetly as she pulled him tightly against her.

Harry stared lovingly back into her large chocolate brown eyes. "Good Morning Gin." He said with a smile. "It's ok. I think I'm ready to get this over with. By the end of the day Voldemort will be dead and his followers will have either suffered the same fate or found themselves with a one way trip to Azkaban. Then we can all settle down and live our lives without fear."

Ginny's smile widened at his words as she thought of all the things they would do together in the years to come. The family they would start and the places they would see. She was looking forward to it. "You'll come back to me won't you Harry?" she whispered as she allowed her fears to shine through for but a moment. "Will you promise me that we'll be together forever and that you'll always love me? That you'll never leave me." she continued as her eyes shone brightly with unshed tears.

Turning in her arms Harry wrapped his own around her. Pulling her tightly against him he whispered comfortingly in her ear. "I'm not going anywhere love. I swear I'll come back to you and when I get back we're going to spend the rest of our lives making each other deliriously happy. Nothing will keep us apart love, not Voldemort or his death eaters or even god himself. No matter what we'll be together." he said before capturing her lips in a slow sweet kiss.

As the pair continued to kiss slowly the soft glow that surrounded them went unnoticed. Had they not been quite so caught up in the heat of the moment they may have noticed the sensation of warmth that washed over them both, or perhaps they would have noticed the way their magic pulsed around them, flooding the area with light for the briefest of moments before returning to normal only to repeat the process at an ever increasing frequency. It was an event that would have long lasting effects and one that had not been seen for thousands of years.

When Harry pulled back he brushed his hand gently against Ginny's check before sending her off to her post in the great hall. The Hall was to be used as an infirmary during the battle due to the number of expected injuries and casualties.

Harry walked back into the castle a few minutes later and proceeded towards the Room of Requirements where the DA, Order, and teachers who would be joining the battle were awaiting him. As he slowly made his way through the castle he allowed his thoughts to drift to those long dead and the sacrifices they had made to allow them to get this far. Before long the Room of Requirements loomed before him and Harry cleared his mind to prepare for his coming task. Walking to the front of the large hall that was surprisingly similar to the great hall Harry stood at the podium with Ron and Hermione at his sides.

Looking out over the crowd of his fellow students he couldn't help but smile. They had all come so far in the past several years. They would be a force to be reckoned with and the death eaters would never know what hit them when the time came to reveal their strength. Allowing his gaze to sweep over them once more he sighed and prepared himself for the speech he was about to give.

"A great man once told me that the true measure of an individual is not determined by their status, or their money, or their heritage but rather by what they are willing to do for those around them. It takes a great person to stand up for what they believe in, to face the evil that lurks in the shadows and not flinch from their chosen path. Today, as I stand here before you I know that to be true. You all have greatness in you and today is the day that we show that greatness to the world."

He paused as the crowd cheered at his words and smiled in response to their enthusiasm before continuing. "Many of us will not live through this day, it is a fact that is unfortunately as true as it is horrifying, but know that those of us who live on will remember forever the sacrifices of our comrades… and we will make certain that the Wizarding world NEVER FORGETS that when the final battle arrived the strongest of our world stepped forward and stood proud to fight back the night." Finished Harry and as his words rebounded off the walls of the chamber the crowd renewed their cheers.

Harry smiled brightly at all of them before holding up his hands for silence and issuing his orders. "Remember your training; every one of you has what it takes to live through this. You know your jobs; we've been over them plenty of times. Today we finish this."

Across the room another round of cheers went up and slowly the room began to empty as those brave warriors left to face their destinies. Harry stood at the podium for a moment longer watching them go, and offered a silent prayer to whatever god was listening for the safety of his men before leaving the room to follow his friends. It was time to finish this.


Harry stood with his back to one of the many buildings in Hogsmeade, blood flowing freely down his left arm from a close call with a cutting curse. He cursed softly to himself as he took stock of the situation around him. He felt like falling to his knees and crying but knew he couldn't; at least not yet. So many of his friends were dead and still the battle raged around him. The battle had been raging for nearly an hour now and it had been a hundred times worse then any of them had ever imagined. There were less then a hundred death eaters remaining and among them stood the Dark lord himself. Unfortunately perhaps half that number remained of his comrades. Things were not looking good.

Voldemort and his forces had fallen on the defenders when they least expected it. They had already been engaged in battle when hundreds of death eaters had apparated in behind their lines sandwiching them between their ranks. The DA had fought valiantly and Harry was proud to say that for every one of his that fell, three death eaters followed them to their graves. Even with their success's the losses had been staggering. Harry had watched in silent horror as one by one the members of the only family he had ever really known fell to Voldemort's forces.

Charlie had been the first to die. Ron and Hermione had been pinned down by spell fire and the death eaters had been flanking their position. It was only a matter of time before they were overrun. Harry had watched, helplessly from the other side of the field as Charlie had bolted from his own cover upon seeing the death eaters make their move on his little brother and his fiancé. The three of them had fought fiercely and in the end it took nearly a dozen men to bring Charlie down but not before he was able to cover Ron and Hermione's escape to a more secure location.

Bill had been the next to fall, a stray killing curse clipping his shoulder as he fought with a duo of death eaters out in the open. With his death it seemed like the rest of the Weasley's had been driven into a frenzy and with their new ferociousness they became both more dangerous to their enemy's and more reckless with their lives.

The Twins and Molly had fallen after Bill. The twins had gone to the aid of several order members who were under heavy fire. Harry had seen George take a cutting curse to the throat, nearly decapitating him and he had cried out in horror and sorrow as his friend fell. Upon seeing another of her sons die Molly Weasley rushed to Fred's side to try and protect him. A few moments later she took a pair of killing curses meant for her son. Enraged by the death of his mother Fred threw caution to the wind and began firing wildly.

Nearly a dozen men fell to his wand before he too was over powered. Harry had just stood there, out in the open, completely unmoving. All he could think was that the only mother he had really known had just died and somehow he just knew it was his fault.

In his moment of distraction a death eater had managed to get a beat on him and the next thing he knew Arthur was falling into his arms, his eyes glassy and unseeing, having thrown himself in front of the killing curse meant for him. That had been only a moment ago. His shock at seeing his father figure die for him had caused him to react a half a second too slow and he had been clipped by the follow up cutting curse that the death eater had thrown.

He had managed to take cover and now he leaned against the wall, looking out across the street to where his two best friends sat crouched on the ground side by side. Like Harry, he was sure they both felt dead inside. He could see it in their eyes when they looked up at him. For the time being however they ignored the emptiness threatening to engulf them knowing that if they surrendered to those feelings now, all would be lost. So instead they focused on the task at hand with a vicious determination. They were determined to make sure that their friends and family didn't die in vain.

Harry leaned around the corner slightly to see a man walking up the road surrounded by a dozen or so death eaters. His long red cloak and serpent like face told Harry all he needed to know even before he spoke. Harry breathed deeply and steeled his nerves before giving a pointed look to his best mate and his would be sister. A moment later all three sprung from their hiding spots firing curses in rapid succession.

Ron and Hermione ducked into two alley ways and began to draw the fire and attention of the death eaters while Harry came to a stop, standing before Voldemort. "Hello Tom. It seems it's just you and me now. Don't you think it's time we put an end to this feud of ours once and for all?" Harry said in a low and menacing tone of voice.

Voldemort's face turned red with rage at the mention of his birth name and laughed at Harry's declaration. "Oh, I couldn't agree more Potter. I grow tired of your insufferable interference. I really do think you need to die." He said mockingly.

Harry smiled condescendingly at him before responding. "I think you have that backwards Tom. You will be the one dieing today, not me. You'll pay for all the pain and suffering you've forced on this world. I swear it." Growled Harry.

Voldemort sneered in response. "You really think you can beat me Potter? Your nothing compared to the might of the great Lord Voldemort. You truly are a fool. I know you've been destroying my treasures Potter but you missed one. And you don't have your mother here to die for you this time Harry."

"You are correct in one respect at least. This will end today, but it will end with you withering in pain at my feet as I torture you to the brink of insanity. And then, when your mind is nearly broken, and you are begging for release, I… as the merciful lord I am, will put an end to your pitiful existence." Sneered Voldemort.

Harry looked directly into his eyes for a moment before responding. "I'm afraid you're wrong Tom. I haven't missed anything. I killed your pet snake not twenty minutes ago. Your perfectly mortal now Tommy boy. It's time to meet your maker. Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Diffindo, Reducto" yelled Harry as he moved to the right and continued firing curses in rapid succession. Voldemort, caught flat footed by the revelation of his new found mortality was a second too slow in reacting and the Reducto curse slipped past his hastily formed defenses, clipping him in the shoulder, sending him spinning shoulder over shoulder through the wall behind him.

A moment later he was back on his feet, curses flying from his mouth as well as his wand and the battle was on. For nearly an hour the battle dragged on as the two most powerful wizards in the world battled each other to determine the fate of wizarding kind. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of vicious fighting the tables turned in Harry's favor.

Circling each other quickly with curses flying left and right Harry dodged out of the way of a yet another killing curse and rolled to the side to avoid the Cruciatus curse that followed. Quickly rolling backwards Harry jumped back to his feet before firing off a drilling curse that caught Voldemort in the left thigh causing him to fall to the ground as the spell bore a hole through his leg. Voldemort's answering cutting curse as he fell caught Harry off guard and sliced deep into his shoulder causing him to scream out in pain.

Clutching his wand tightly as he stumbled to the side Harry barely missed the killing curse that the enraged Dark lord fired at him. Thinking quickly Harry sliced his wand in a vicious downward arc calling out "Flagrate" with all his might causing a bright wall of flame to follow the path of his wand. The unexpected move caught the dark lord full in the chest, his robes bursting into white hot flames, ripping a scream of pain from the monsters lips.

In that brief moment while Voldemort was distracted by putting out the flames less they burn him alive, Harry pushed all of his magic into his next spell and fired off an incredibly powerful cutting curse. Voldemort brought up a shield at the last second and for an instant Harry feared it was going to hold. The very next moment the shield glowed brightly before shattering into a million pieces as the cutting curse hit its target at dead center separating the dark lords' torso from the lower half of his body. Voldemort's eyes were open wide in surprise as he gasped and began chocking up blood, his torso falling backwards as his legs fell forwards.

Harry slumped to the ground as the sounds of the remaining death eaters' disapparating met his ears. He closed his eyes, finally letting the pain overtake him as he thought about all of the people who had died today, who had died for HIM. So locked up in his own emotional turmoil was he that he barely even heard Ron scream his name. From behind him came a painfully familiar voice uttering the two words that he had come to hate the most in his life.

Harry whirled around just in time for a flash of green light to fill his vision a moment before it was replaced with a blur of red. Just like that his best friend in the whole world was dead. A second later Harry raised his wand in front of him and practically snarled the same two words he had heard escape Lucius Malfoy's lips mere seconds earlier. He watched with detached satisfaction as the green light flew forward and found its mark in Malfoy' chest sending him hurtling backwards as the life in his eyes blinked out.

Harry turned his attention hesitantly back to the red blur that had streaked across his vision. He knew exactly what it had been but he didn't want to admit it to himself. He didn't want to believe that he was gone. As his gaze locked with the glassy eyes of his best mate the tears began to flow freely and he fell on top of his friend crying.

"You fool. You utterly stupid fool. Why the hell did you do that you stupid fool. What the hell were you thinking? Your life is no less important then mine. How could you do this to me you bastard? It isn't fair. AHHHHH" screamed Harry as he felt a pair of arms wrap around his shoulders and heard Hermione whispering softly into his ear while rubbing his back gently.

Harry whipped around and threw himself into her arms, crying openly for the first time in years. He cried for his family, He cried for his parents, he cried for his friends and his classmates but most of all he cried for the pain of being left behind.


Nearly an hour later Harry walked slowly towards the entrance of Hogwarts with Hermione talking softly at his side. In truth he really wasn't paying any attention to a word she was saying. All he could think of was getting to Ginny and holding her tight. She always had a way of calming his frayed nerves and helping him through his depression. She would need him just as much as he would need her now. The three of them were all that was left of the Weasley family and she was the last remaining blood member. He knew that if it was this bad for him then it would be a hundred times worse for her.

So lost in his thoughts was he that he walked right into Hermione who had gotten slightly ahead of him during his musings. As he looked up he found that Hermione had stopped dead in her tracks for some reason. That reason became horrifically clear when he looked up in the direction she was looking. Bodies of death eater and students alike littered the courtyard not a hundred feet in front of them. In the middle of them all lay Neville, his chest split open from a cutting curse. In an instant Harry broke into a run, his mind going a mile a minute.

While he ran he tried to convince himself that everything was fine, she would be fine, but the farther into the castle he got the more his fear grew and soon it was all he could do to stop from screaming her name.

Harry's heart was beating hard in his chest and his fear was growing out of control as he approached the entrance to the Great hall where his Ginny would have been. He rounded the corner with Hermione hot on his heels and skidded to a stop in front of the large double doors. With a moment's hesitation and slightly shaking hands he reached out and pushed the doors open. The moment the hall came into view he heard a gasp behind him and felt tears well up in his eyes before slowly streaming down his cheeks.

Slowly he made his way over to a bed in the far corner of the room, to a familiar head of red hair. Harry sank to his knees at the side of the bed and gently wrapped his arms around the limp form of his girlfriend, her lifeless body covering one of her patients whom she had obviously tried to save. Harry carefully pulled her towards himself and held her close as he cried out to the world. Rocking back and forth he buried his face in her hair and let the pain take him.

As he sat there with the only girl he ever loved wrapped in his arms, the world around him seemed to disappear and all that remained was his sorrow. For hours surviving members of the Order and the staff tried to remove Ginny from Harry's arms so that they could take him to the hospital wing, and every one of them quickly learned that it was the biggest mistake of their lives when Harry lashed out at them in fury. In the end it was Hermione who managed to get Harry to let go.


In the days that followed the final battle Harry lay in a state close to death in his bed. He had no will to live and wanted nothing more than to pass from this world to join Ginny in the next. On the third day as he lay in bed halfway between sleep and wakefulness Harry had a vision of sorts. Years later he would in fact realize that it was not so much a vision or dream as it was a meeting between two extremely powerful beings, and when that day came he would find himself thanking every god he could think of that this being had come to his aid when he needed him most.

Harry found himself standing in the death chamber at the Department of Mysteries, looking at the large veiled archway which had once claimed the life of his godfather. His gaze drifted around the room in confusion, positive that he had, mere moments before, been lying in his bed contemplating how best to end his life. Before he could think on this matter further he was startled from his thoughts by the sound of a voice behind him. Whirling around, his hand flew to his pocket where he usually kept his wand only to find it missing. Pausing in his actions as he realized it was futile; Harry stared into the sparkling eyes of an old man in blindingly white robes.

The man, who stood not ten feet away, rested against the wall, his hands folded calmly across his stomach as he regarded Harry with a saddened expression. Despite himself, Harry found his guard relaxing as his eyes trailed over the man's aged features.

"Hello Harry. It is wonderful to finally meet you in person so to speak… I am sorry it couldn't be under better circumstances." Spoke the man in a concerned tone of voice. Here he paused for a moment as he cast a pitying look at Harry before continuing.

"It seems that we have much to discuss, you and I, and very little time to do so unfortunately. I know this doesn't make any sense to you and I doubt it will for some time to come. All I ask is that you listen carefully to what I am about to tell you and keep an open mind. It's vitally important if you wish to be reunited with those you love." The old man said as he pushed off the wall and took a few steps forward.

Harry, despite his training telling him otherwise, found himself trusting the man explicitly. He had a grandfatherly quality about him. One that was reminiscent of Dumbledore and every fiber of Harry's being told him that something amazing was about to happen.

Looking at the man in interest Harry decided to be polite and see what he had to say, after all, it wasn't as if he had anything better to do. He had already lost everything he held dear. "Excuse me sir, but might I ask who you are and how I got here?" inquired Harry as his expression shifted to one of slight confusion.

The old man smiled warmly before answering. "You certainly may Harry. Allow me to answer your second question first as it is the easier of the two to deal with at the moment. You see Harry; we are not in fact standing within your ministry of magic or at least not really. This is all simply a rendering created by your mind to facilitate our meeting."

"To answer your first question however I believe a bit of a history lesson is in order." answered the man as he took a seat in a chair that appeared out of nowhere. Harry nodded his head in a confused fashion and sat in the chair that was provided for him while he looked expectantly at the older gentleman across from him.

"As I am sure you are aware Harry, the school which you have attended these past seven years was founded by four individuals, individuals of great strength and skill. It is a well known fact amongst your people that these individuals worked side by side to create this establishment during a time of great need for your people and that they wished to provide a place where your kind could learn to harness their powers in a controlled and safe environment. What you may not know is that while all four believed strongly in this course of action, it was not a plan of their own design. Before I move forward however I believe I must mention another individual with whom I am sure you are familiar."

"Your world gives great credit to a man by the name of Merlin, for his advancements and skill in the arts of magic. He is said to have been among the most powerful of your kind, followed closely by Godric Gryffindor. Your history books would have you believe that after living a long and fruitful life he disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. This however is not quite the whole truth. Many years later he would visit the young Godric of Gryffindor in a dream similar to this one and there he would tell him of a great need in your world, one that could only be sated with the construction of a school that would best all others. In the years that followed, Godric would join with his three companions and together they would found Hogwarts."

"Merlin, contrary to the beliefs of your race was not in fact human at all. He was in fact from a race of beings that had long ago resided on earth. This race called themselves the Alterians and above all else they believed their technology made them untouchable. They were a peaceful race that strived to make the universe a better place but as they made ever greater advancements in their technology they became arrogant and that would eventually lead to their downfall. Before they left earth for the last time many of their race mated with the humans of your world and in doing so they ensured that at least a portion of your race would one day evolve into the magical beings who now occupy your world."

"Now as to your first question my name is Moros; however you would best know me by the name of Merlin. To anticipate your next logical question of how I am able to speak to you within your mind, let us suffice to say that it is one of the many abilities that my race has gained in our long lives and leave it at that for now. You will learn more in the years to come but for now we must move forward, our time is short and there is still much I must tell you."

Harry nodded his head dumbly as his mind whirled. He was awed at the fact that he was in fact sitting and talking with THE MERLIN, the greatest wizard to have ever lived. Had it been any other time he imagined he would have been overwhelmed with questions and overjoyed with the opportunity to speak with the legend himself, but at the moment, he found it hard to muster up the energy to care. His heart still ached for Ginny and he couldn't think of how any of this would help to solve that problem and reconnect him with his love. Still he realized that he had to at least hear the man out and so he motioned for him to continue.

"You see Harry my race no longer lives on the same plain of existence as yours does. We long ago evolved into a higher state of being which allows us to exist as pure energy. As such we are able to watch over all life, on all planets, all the time. Once we achieved this state we quickly realized that laws were needed to ensure the lower races were not manipulated by our kind. For the most part my kind considers these laws to be infallible and so they follow them without question. This is yet another example of our arrogance. However, some such as myself, believe that these laws should not be laws at all but rather guidelines. As a result I along with several others have intervened from time to time in order to prevent great disasters from occurring. This is one such occasion. I am ashamed to say that had I been watching more closely I might have prevented things from getting this far but I had to be sure that I could intervene without interference from the others."

"There is much I can not tell you now Harry. If I go too far the others will move to stop me and that would be disastrous. But suffice to say there is much this world needs from you and things have not gone as well as I would have hoped. The universe is rife with turmoil, and thought I know it is an unfair burden to place upon you, you hold within you the key to its survival. This however is obviously not possible in your current state of mind. And so we must do something to remedy your current situation. But we will come back to that in a moment."

"Many hundreds of years ago I approached your ancestor Godric with the knowledge that one day someone of his line would evolve enough to inherit all that my people once were, and all that we left behind. And in doing so this person would help save the peoples of an entire universe."

"Godric you see, was quite a bit further along the evolutional timeline than any other in your race and while I knew that he would not evolve to the point where he would be able to do what was needed I also knew that with each new generation the evolution would progress further. I knew that eventually his progeny would produce an heir for my people and when that happened life in this universe would change drastically. You are that heir Harry. I have watched you closely from the day you were born and done what I could to protect you. You have lived a hard life and I am well aware that you are in no shape to do what is needed of you now. I was unable to interfere to protect those you love and I see now that the cost has been much too high."

"I have come to you tonight Harry to offer you a solution… an act of repentance on my part as it were. While I can not directly interfere, I can point you in the right direction and equip you with the knowledge you will need to complete your journey yourself. It will be up to you to find the courage to do what you must and in doing so find the way back to your loved ones."

Harry felt his breath catch as these words worked their way through his brain. Could he even dare to hope that Moros meant what he thought he meant. It was enough to allow new hope to fill his heart and with it he felt new determination flood his system. No matter what the cost he would do whatever it took to get back to Ginny.

With his mind made up he nodded his head firmly at Moros and motioned for him to continue once more. "Within this very room sits the answers to your prayers. The archway you see before you is of Alterian design. We call it the Veil of Time although it has not been used as such for many thousands of years. This device was a failed experiment of ours that we left behind on earth. Our goal was to create a machine capable of sending our people back in time to fix a mistake we had made. This device succeeded in all ways but one. It was only capable of sending a single individual back at a time and once completed the timeline would change thus preventing a second from following. For your purposes however it will do just fine. With this device you will be able to do what no one has done in thousands of years. You will be able to travel back in time and reconnect with your past self. Once there it will be up to you to find a way to change things for the better."

"Now listen carefully Harry because our time is almost at an end. In order to use the device several things must be done first. First you must…" And so Harry listened as the old man explained how to activate and utilize one of his races most advanced pieces of technology. A few minutes later, as Moros brought his instructions to a close the room around him began to ripple out of existence and Harry found himself wondering if he would ever meet this man again.

Harry bolted upright in bed, his breath coming in heavy pants as he desperately tried to calm his racing heart. The vision, or dream, or whatever it had been had given him new hope and while he was not entirely convinced that it was anything other then proof that he had finally lost his mind, it was something to reach for and that was something he needed desperately right now. If there was any hope whatsoever that he could find his way back to Ginny, then it was reason enough to commit all he was to this task.

Finally, after several minutes, Harry felt his heart slow, and his breathing ease. He thought back on all he had learned in his brief meeting with Moros and considered silently what his next move would be. Looking down at himself he grimaced in distaste and decided that the first order of business would be taking a nice long shower and then putting on a fresh set of clothes. His current ones looked like they might just get up and walk away on their own. It had after all been days since the battle and he had yet to do anything other then cry and sleep.

A half hour later, after soaking under the nearly scalding hot water and washing away all the caked on blood, Harry stepped out from the bathroom and made his way over to his wardrobe. Flipping quickly through the clothes inside Harry swiftly choose a tight black t-shirt along with a pair of loose blue jeans before sitting down on the bed and going about getting dressed for the day.

Cleaned, and clothed, Harry set his sights on the next obvious course of action as his stomach growled loudly at him. Making his way quickly down the stairs and through the common room, Harry exited the portrait hole before heading towards the kitchens where he was sure Dobby would be more then willing to make him something to eat.

As he walked he allowed his thoughts to drift towards the other preparations he would need to make and the actions he would have to take in the very near future. Moros may have given him the tools he needed to travel back in time, but that meant nothing if he wasn't prepared for what had to be done when he got back. Unfortunately the location of the device he needed to use meant it would be hard enough to get to at the moment with the ministry still in chaos and nearly impossible if he left it long enough for them to regain some semblance of control.

In the past he might have charged head first into this type of situation without a seconds thought, Now… after all he had been through, and all he had lost, Harry knew that he could not afford to begin his journey without first planning out exactly how he intended to proceed. Still he supposed that with circumstances as they were he would have to settle for planning a little now as he prepared to leave and leaving the rest for when he finally arrived back in the past, if in fact he didn't end up killing himself in the process.

Satisfied with his decision Harry allowed his thoughts to drift to other things. Perhaps the thing that pained him the most about this journey was that it was one he would have to make alone. The device was designed to allow only one person to transit back at a time and upon doing so a new timeline was created… an alternate universe so to speak. It hurt to know that the days of the golden trio were over and that now, on the eve of what was perhaps his most important mission, he would be forced to leave behind the only other surviving member. Still… He was not willing to risk telling anyone else of what he intended to do. Not when there was even the slimmest possibility that doing so could lead his mission to failure.

The thought of being given a chance to see Ginny again, only to have it stolen away because he couldn't bring himself to do something alone was more than enough incentive to steel his resolve and ensure that where he walked, he walked alone.

Harry shook himself from his thoughts as he realized that he had already made it to the kitchens. His stomach growled at him once more and Harry found himself cracking a small smile for the first time in days. Shaking his head, he opened the door to the kitchen and proceeded inside, determined to fill his stomach and then be on his way.


Nearly an hour later Harry sat back in his room, a bag in front of him packed with all the things he thought he might need. One way or another he was never coming back to this place again, at least not without Ginny. Checking over the contents once more, Harry nodded to himself in satisfaction before standing up and taking one last look around the room. Spotting nothing of importance he swung the backpack over his shoulder, pocketed his wand, and picked up his Firebolt before leaving Gryffindor tower for the last time.

Less then a minute later a thunderous crack echoed throughout the grounds of Hogwarts signaling Harry's Departure. Harry reappeared a moment later just out front of the ministry of magic with an equally loud crack of displaced air. Jumping off his Firebolt, he quickly made his way to the banged up phone booth which served as one of the entrances to the supposedly secure ministry.

Harry looked down at his watch and nodded to himself before taking the phone booth down to the lobby. It was 2am in the morning and he hoped that with things the way they were with the ministry right now, he would be able to quietly sneak into the Department of Mysteries and do what he had come to do.


A few minutes later Harry was running down the hall that led to the Department of Mysteries cursing his bad luck. He had stunned the guard in the Lobby as soon as he stepped off the lift only for the alarms to go off in the building. Apparently the Ministry wasn't taking any chances this time around and had installed wards to detect spell fire. Just his bloody luck. So now Harry was rushing to make it to the Veil before anyone could stop him.

Harry skidded around the corner and barged into the Department of Mysteries to be met with the room of doors he remembered so well. Quickly selecting one of the doors Harry wrenched it open before slamming it shut in frustration as he was greeted with the Hall of Prophecies. With a growl He reached for another one.

Four doors later Harry found himself standing before the Veil at last. The two doors leading to the room were now locked with the most powerful locking spells he knew and guarded by a variety of nasty hexes and wards that he hoped would hold his pursuers off long enough for him to do what he had come here to do.

As Harry stepped forward he recalled the instructions that Moros had imparted to him. 'First I have to clear the buffer of all the souls who had passed through the Veil before me.' He told himself as he reached out and began punching a series of symbols that had been burned into his mind.

A moment after he finished entering the correct sequence a bright flash of white light filled the room and when the spots finally cleared from his eyes Harry was greeted with the sparkling white surface that signified that the buffer had been cleared successfully. For perhaps the first time Harry truly began to believe that what he was doing would really lead him back to a time where he could make a difference rather than to his death.

With his first task complete Harry recalled the final sequence of symbols that would activate the Veil and allow him to begin his journey back through time. Closing his eyes briefly Harry smiled to himself as one thought rang through his mind. 'One way or another, I'll see you soon my love.' And with that thought in mind Harry opened his eyes, a smile spreading across his lips as he quickly punched the symbols he needed to send him back to his fourth year.

Five minutes later the magic keeping the doors locked faded away and Tonks burst into the room along with a handful of other Ministry personnel only to find the room empty. The group stared in despair at the rippling surface of the Veil before them and mourned the loss of their hero. Tears streaming down her face Tonks forced a smile to her lips as she thought to herself 'Goodbye Harry, I hope you find happiness in the next life.'