When I was working on Therapy I mentioned appearing to Vader when he was washing his underwear. Laterose13 asked me in a review if I could write about that, and decided to take on the challenge. Be prepared to discover how I first appeared to Darth Vader.

Note: This is a revised version of the original.

Disclaimer: Random Nemesis does not own Star Wars. George Lucas does. However, she does own pie.

Encounter at the Laundry Room

Darth Vader was humming "When You're Evil" to himself as he walked down the hallway of his ship to the laundry room. He was carrying a laundry basket filled with his underwear. Using the force to open the door, he walked into the empty laundry room. Still humming he began to put his underwear in the wash. Now, one might think that a dark lord of the Sith wouldn't need to wash his under wear. Well, that would be incorrect.

Suddenly there was a bright pouf of green smoke and a tall teenage girl holding a bright green pitchfork appeared in the middle of the laundry room.

"What the," he exclaimed in horror. The girl looked around in confusion for a moment then a smile appeared on her face.

"Hi Darthy! I'm Random Nemesis," she proclaimed.

Vader just stared to startled to speak. How had a teenage girl gotten aboard his ship!

"Sorry that I scared you. I found this book on magic/force stuff and I was trying it out," Nemesis announced. "I thought I would say hi before trying some other stuff out. You'd think that someone wouldn't leave a book like this in an old box. Someone dangerous could get a hold of this!"

She began to move her hands in a weird gesture before adding "I like you underwear," as she pointed at his pink heart underwear. Then she disappeared. Unknown to Vader at that moment, he had just been introduced to the greatest menace to the Sith ever!