Created Beings

Mokona muses.

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Note from the author: I'm not entirely sure if I got all my facts right, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

"Once the creator is gone, his creations too…will disappear."

Mokona is still there — in Yuuko's shop, that is.

Clow Reed is gone (of course he is, bringing him back to life was Fei Wong's goal in the first place) and now … so is Yuuko.

And still Mokona's in the shop.

He knows he shouldn't be here. Both of his creators are gone, and as a created being, he too should disappear.

And yet it's been four years.

Four years … four years have passed and he's still here…!

Watanuki's there in the shop, too. But he's not a created being, so he really ought not to worry about that. He knows he ought to worry about Maru and Moro instead; those two little girls are created beings as him.

"Mokona, what do you want for dinner? Oh, and Doumeki said he's not staying." Watanuki's voice cuts his train of thought. It always does. Sometimes Mokona wonders if he's doing that on purpose. The boy's become more perceptive ever since he took over the shop.

Mokona smiles, "Anything that suits well with sake!"

Oh well. Purposely or not, Mokona's thankful for the distraction.