For Sunflowerb's Contest

There's the sand and the water and the palm tree and the shack and the dock and there's the race course and the secret place and there's all our chalk scribbles.

And there's us.

Our hair is longer, our bodies taller, our eyes sadder.

It's not home anymore.

We were all we ever needed. We were toy sword fights in the sand and heroes and knights and princesses. We were stargazers and adventurers and dreamers. We were going to see the world and change it for the better.

Dear Kairi,

I still remember the day you appeared on the Islands. I remember how your red hair stood out from the pale sand and how lost you looked standing there alone. I remember you took my hand and asked if I would be your friend because you didn't have any.

Dear Riku,

You know, you didn't have to hide from us. We would have understood. No – we wouldn't have. Not really. But we were still friends. No matter what. No matter what.

We were young and impressionable, we were children and we were growing up. We were going places and going nowhere. We were falling stars and the only thing there to catch us was each other.

Dear Sora,

I'm so sorry I forgot about you. Sometimes I wonder how you can still love me so much after that.

Dear Riku,

I still see you sitting there on the paopu tree. What do you keep looking for?

We were best friends running fast, flying past, praying that we could outrun the tide coming in at our heels. We held hands tight from beyond the boundaries of the world and brought light to dark places, together, we three. We were strong and flighty and daring and lost. We were three.




And now I am only one.

Dear Sora,

We made a promise to be best friends forever. But everyday it gets harder to keep that promise. I wish you would just lash out, throw a punch for all the crap I put you through. But you just lean back and pretend it never happened. It DID happen.

We need to deal with it.

Dear Kairi,

I wish, more than anything, that I could say all the bad choices I made were all for you.

But the darkness in my heart is very real.

There's the sun and the surf, the wind and the sky, and it doesn't belong to us anymore. We three who longed for home with every step we took away from it, who carved our initials into the bark of coconut trees and left our mark on secret stone walls have fallen from out never Neverland and find there is no home to return to.

There is just us.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

We were.

We are.

The spacing on this document is being weird, so sorry if that causes any problems.

I hereby invoke the right of the Universal Disclaimer.