Photo Appetizer

Fanfiction: Vampire Knight

Paring: Kaname x Yuki

General: Romance

Rated: M for lemons and sexual content

Kaname Kuran is a pureblood vampire, he's my idol, my king, my god. I've longed for this man for what seems like a lifetime. But never, not ever can I convince myself that I'm good enough for him. Why would I be good enough, the only thing I've managed to be to him is a pet and just that is the greatest comfort, to be important to Kaname-sama. I know that everything I go to kaname for will be given to me. I know he spoils me, and I do take advantage of that a lot, but would it be selfish of me to ask for more, to ask for him, to have him.

"Yuki?" snapped out of my daydream, I look to my right and both Yori and Zero are standing there waiting for me to come out of my daze.

"eh?" I shook my head and jumped out of my seat. It's so embarrassing when people catch me daydreaming

"How come everyone seems to notice when I zone out?" I asked displeased with their amused looks.

"Because when you zone out Yuki, you really zone out" Zero pointed to the clock, class had ended a half hour ago.

"Oh..." I started to blush. How could I have missed that, I looked around the classroom no one else was here. Meaning everyone saw that I wasn't paying attention oh god that's so embarrassing.

"Honestly Yuki that can't be healthy" Yori giggled and started towards the door, Zero followed her.

"Today we have to do dorm cleanups, meaning more night class pictures, so lets hurry it up and get it over with" Zero stuffed his hands in his pockets as he exited out of the classroom. I hated it when he gets rude and grumpy. It's no use working with him when he's like this.

"Yori-chan take my place for me!" I begged, fighting off night class fan's and Zero's bad mood would be to much for me to handle.

"Sorry Yuki, I can't help you, I have homework to do, and any bet your going to want a copy of it since you were in your own world today." She left right behind Zero. Oh how my own world could be so much fun, I only wish I had more time in it. Seeing as there was no way out of it I run to catch up with my friends.

"Give it back! I asked permission to take the photo, I swear I did!" A day class student chased after Zero, ranting and raving. He just turned around, glared at the poor girl and dropped the photo into the bin saying

"Confiscated" He moved onto the rest when the girl screamed

"Your just jealous" Zero didn't stop he continued walking but seemed even more pissed off then before, taking photo's from every girl and throwing them in the bin. Poor zero, I thought while I pulled the bin away from the mad day class students. As guardians, it's our job to protect the night class secret, so we have to search the day class dorm for any pictures, videos ect. It's not an easy job, but it has to be done, we also search the moon dorm for anything suspicious, but that's never a problem since I know Kaname-sempai would never allow it.

After all the hassle, I took care of disposing the pictures. So many photos of the night class, some in which the students from the night class posed for. Why do these girl's keep taking the photo's if they know there going to be thrown away. I looked at some of the photos and one sticking out of a binder caught my attention, I reached in to grab it, It was a photo of Kaname! He was standing near a window, taking off his cloths! His paints were unbuckled and his shirt was sliding off his shoulders. It must have been taken from a tree since kaname is on the second floor, and it didn't look like he noticed the picture being taken. A blush crept up my neck and face, even my ears were tinted red. I've never seen Kaname so nude I couldn't help my reaction, My palms got sweaty and I could feel my breathing becoming uneven, he was only shirtless for crying out loud, I mean zero takes off his shirt all the time and I've seen the headmaster shirtless when he's trying to get zero to drink his blood. But Kaname seemed to be making me vary hot, his soft sun kissed skin, those brown locks of silky hair, and the bulge in his paints that was slightly hinted at with tight black underwear that peeked out on the rim of his sassy hips. My pulse seemed to race as I noticed all the sexy details of this man. But a small angry voice kept running through my head saying those stupid perverted girl, how dare they take a naked picture of my Kaname. I was shocked that I got so upset,I looked around to see if anyone saw my reaction, no one in sight. Even though I know the rules, and that I should throw this erotic picture away, instead I shoved the picture in my pocket. No one will see right? And it's not like anyone will suspect me of taking it, In fact no one will know I did since all the photo's were being thrown out.

"Yuki!" I jumped when I heard Zero call. I replied too quickly.

"I'm almost done!" throwing the bags into the garbage bin and ran to the front, tying to compose myself.

"What took you so long, all you had to do was throw them out?" His attitude didn't surprise me, it was zero's nature to complain about everything. We crossed the bridge to the moon dorm, I could feel my heart pounding at the thought of seeing Kaname again. For some reason today I've been thinking about him a lot, or was it since that day I've been thinking of him, yes that day I was sick and he came into mine and Yori's room to check on me. I can't seem to get the sensation out of my head, those lips brushing soft kisses all over my face, I was pretending to be asleep so that he didn't stop. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to be the one to search Kaname's room. He's so kind to me sometimes that I can't help but think how lucky I am.

"Here we are" Zero mumbled. I kinda wish Zero would find a girl he's nuts about he sure could use one at times. The two large doors opened, except it was Ichijou, he came out with his index finger pressed to his lips.

"Yuki-chan, Zero-kun, you have to be vary quite, the night class is sleeping but kaname has allowed the search, you will have to search everywhere else while they sleep, but no worries they should be waking up soon." He smiled at us and opened the door.

"But please be quite and don't go into the room's until the vampire in that room wakes." I gave Ichijou an okay sign while Zero just walked in starting his search.

After searching rooms that were unoccupied I started to wonder if the moon dorm was better then the day dorm. I remember when I was talking to the headmaster I asked were he got the money to pay for the school. He told me that Kaname payed for the funds. My guess is that in order to fit the night classes aristocrat taste he made the moon dorm fancy and elegant. It made me wonder how rich Kaname-sempai really is. I stopped searching when I saw a the two large doors that led to Kaname-sempai's room. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but slowly I started to open the door. I know I'll get in trouble and I know it was just explained, that we could not disturb the night classes rest. But I wanted to see Kaname-sempai's sleeping face. Slipping into the room I noticed no one was here until I inched closer to the bed. He was spread out on the vary large bed like a scene from a movie, his arm over his face, one knee in the air. It looked vary dramatic. I sat on the edge of the bed moving closer to see how far I could go. That naughty picture flashed through my mind and my eyes started to slowly lower to his crotch, I lightly traced my hand over the bulge in his paints and gasped at the thickness.

"Oh my god what am I thinking" I whispered to myself. He moaned a little when I stroked it again, I decided that, it was one of my favorite sounds, I wanted to hear more. Slowly and gently I moved between his legs, unbuckling his pants and lowering his sexy black underwear to reveal the huge bulge, my mouth started to water and I felt a throbbing between my legs, aching for something. I gently licked his cock and felt it twitch. His breathing was uneven and I knew this felt good to him. Boldly I took him in my mouth and heard his voice rip through the room, he was siting up wide awake but I wouldn't stop not when I have him in such an intimate position.

"Yuki?!" He moaned seeming to struggle with his voice, I paid no attention and continued to suck on his manhood. He kept moaning and soon started to buck his hips, I felt his hand tangle in my hair, he brushed through it gently, it felt so good. I moaned a little, how an innocent touch from this man brings me to my knees. Kaname seemed to like my moaning because he gripped the sheets and gasped. Without warning he pulled me up setting me on his lap. I held my breath was I in trouble, would he hate me. Gently he nuzzled his head in the crock of my neck. His breath becoming even now, I waited in anguish for my punishment.

"I'm sor..." I couldn't finish, he interrupted with a wicked smirk on his face.

"Vary valorous of you yuki, but I don't intend to be the feeble victim to your talented mouth" He pushed me down onto the bed.

"In fact I would rather prefer to be the entertainer instead of the entertained" He chuckled and slid down to my waist his hands trailing down with him, over my erect breast, and to my bucking hips. If this man touches me in that way I will lose all control, if he does what I think he will I could die. Those hands will bring me to my knees. I felt him slid his hands up my skirt and brush against my soaked panties.

"Shame on you Yuki, were you entertained with my exhilaration? The proof is all here, I do hope you save some for me" Kaname licked his lips, and gave me a teasing smile.

"Any last words" the wicked amusement in his eyes turned me on even more, I was speechless.

"Will you be gentle" I asked in an innocent voice.

"Where's the fun in that" he grinned sending shivers of excitement down my spine.

"If you not gentle I won't give you the pleasure of hearing me moan" This time I grinned wickedly, something about this conversation was making me hot and existed.

"Want to bet on that little girl" his lifted his eyebrow and smiled.

"Fine if I win you have to go on a date with me" when did I get so bold.

"Hmm thats fine, but if I win, I get to draw you naked" his hand shifted into my pocket and I gasped

"It only seems fair that I have an erotic picture of you too" he smiled smugly this time, I could feel the heat creep up to my cheeks. Oh god he knew, how did he know I had that picture? When did he have a chance to see it?

"I'm sor..."

"Yuki you can say sorry all you want, but after I'm done with you I granite, I wont feel the slightest bit apologetic" He had a sharp tone and rolled his eyes. I was speechless again, how does he do that?!

"Do we have a deal?" he asked

"Yes" I braced myself, I can't moan, if I do I wont get that date and kaname will be staring at my naked body. I felt just the small flick of his tongue and already I flew my head back, how was I going to hold on. He seemed to notice my lack of control and lifted his head.

"That's not a good sign, I guess this wont take to long" He chuckled and before I could argue he was sliding his tongue through the folds of my womanhood. I buckled against his wicked mouth, his vary warmth scorching me. I throw my hands over my mouth to stop the sounds that were dieing to escape.

"ah thats cheating Yuki" he commented without even looking up. I didn't pay attention, and he continued to devour me to the core. His hands snaked up my arms pulling them down from my face, oh god I was going to lose. Right after my mouth was free he dipped that evil tongue into my entrance. I gasped and let out a screeching moan. I know I lost, but I was going to enjoy it at least. He continued sliding his tongue in me, I gasped when I felt him nibble gently on my clit, it was shockingly good. And then I broke out crying, in pure pleasure, my mind becoming hazy and lost in the blinding heat. I could hear his soft chuckles echo. I couldn't stop smiling, the pleasure still making me giddy. Kaname seemed to laugh even more.

Have you overdosed Yuki?" He smiled in amusement

"Yes" I stated happily.

"You do realize you lost" he still seemed amused and was struggling to hold back his chuckles.

"It sure doesn't feel like it, my head was still spinning I felt so limp and tired.

"You sleep I'll collect my winnings later" he kissed the top of my head and pulled a blanket over me. My breath became more even and I started to drift off, with a smile of pure satisfaction.

I should have known he would take pleasure in my embarrassment. Kaname had not only announced to everyone that I fiendishly tried to seduce him, he also made me make good on our bet. Here I am butt naked on his couch, posing for him. It felt like a scene from the titanic, accept kaname wasn't drawing he was staring, legs crossed, mouth resting on his hand hiding that smirk I knew was there.

"I thought you were going to draw" My blush must have covered my whole body.

"I'm visualizing" he smiled I noticed a glint of bright white teeth.

"Why can't you take a picture it would be faster, and you wont have to work so hard" anything to get me out of this embarrassing situation.

"That wouldn't nearly be as much fun though" he dropped his hand and straightened himself.

"Why are you feeling uncomfortable?" He looked so devilish sometimes.

"Yes" I mumbled.

"How about you give me that same expression you did last night and I'll go on that date with you" He tilted his head a little still smiling.

"Umm ok but I don't know how I can?" I tried to think about how I looked then.

"I could help jog your memory" His smile widened, and a strong shiver sent lightning to my core. Who knew his photo was a mere appetizer to what lies ahead of me.

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