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Fanfiction: Vampire knight

Paring: Kaname x Yuki

General: Romance

Rated: M/ Lemons, fluff

I stood there frozen. It was as if my feet were glued to the floor, because I really couldn't move. Just an hour ago when Kaname-sempai asked to see me, he sent Ichijou to find tell me that kaname had something important to discuss, and for some reason I feel like I'm going to get dumped, I mean it's not like I was his girlfriend to begin with, we only had sex once right? But it still felt that way. Kaname Kuran a pureblood prince aristocrat irresistibly handsome vampire, is my world, ever since I was five years old I worshiped him like a god, the only problem is I could be no more then a pet to him, due to the fact that I'm only a human.

I put my shaky hand on the doorknob and froze again, this was stupid, the world is not going to come to an end and it was not like my god would send me to hell. I must have stood there for a good five minutes with my hand on the doorknob. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a soft chuckle and Kaname's silky voice.

"Won't you come in Yuki?" He must of known I had been standing there, I could already feel my cheeks turn red.

"Eh sorry Kaname-sempai!" I stumbled in like an idiot. He was leaning by the window, his dark brown hair blowing in the evening breeze.

"Have a seat" he looked amused, I sat down in front of his desk and watched him walking toward me, I was in a daze with his beauty and grace. He leaned in, both hands on the arms of the chair trapping me with his frame.

"Kaname-sempai?" I felt a shiver run up my spine when he whispered in my ear

"Close your eyes" His voice was soft and warm, I could feel butterflies in my stomach, and with a raggedy sigh I closed my eyes, maybe I will get lucky again, ever since that dorm clean up we have been closer. I could feel his hands brushing up my collarbone, a sweet sound of a bell ringing, his hands flipping my hair back, the warmth of those hands on the back of my neck and then a light weight around my throat. He moves away and my eye's flutter open. The awe on his face was breath taking, whatever he put on me he seemed to like it.

"Perfect" He's voice came out in a breath. I tried to see what it was but couldn't because it was around my throat. Kaname noticed and reached over his desk to get a mirror. He held it so I could see, and I nearly fell off my chair, out of all the things in the world I was wearing a collar, It looked like something for a cat with it's red silky ribbon, a cute little gold bell and a gold heart in the center. I felt the center piece, and the lines in it like something was written on it but I couldn't see. Kaname chuckled and leaned down on his knees.

"It says 'Yuki Cross, Kaname's dearest pet'" The wicked smirk in his voice was sexy and the look in his eyes told me that he could be real dangerous, and not as a bad guy, but being in his room alone and him so close.

"I have a favor to ask of you Yuki, and I'm sure you will agree to this, since you owe me so much." he smiled.

"But you already got your naked picture of me, you drew it yourself! I thought we were even." I pouted he was never going to let thins go.

"I won't you to be my pet, and as a reword you get to go on dates with me, go to parties and be my little sex toy during the long days" he smiled and I bit my lip, I get to be Kaname's sex partner, I get to go on dates with him, I get to be his!! This was a dream come true!

"You will be my pet, a bed warmer to a vampire. But people can't know how much I care for you Yuki so please make it as if your a slave to me" He looked concerned but all I could think about is the slave part, I'm already a slave to him, my god who wouldn't be.

"Yuki, pay attention" he looked amused and annoyed.

"Sorry" I shook my head. It wasn't so embarrassing to get caught daydreaming now, not when it turns him on when he knows what I'm daydreaming about.

"You have to ware an outfit too..." He seemed unsure as he walked to the closet. When he came out, in his hands was purple lacy silk material that looked like something for a porn star.

"I'm not to fond of people seeing you in this but if I want to keep our new relationship, and keep others out I have to make you ware it" He frowned at the erotic material.

"Okay" If he got to see me in it I didn't care. Kaname glared at me.

"I hope you do know that if anyone touches you, you must report it to me. You see if a vampire was to have another vampires pet they are executed." Kaname keeled down in front of me.

"That means no more giving Zero-kun your blood" he brushed his finger over the the red ribbon were two bite holes hid. I tried to think how will Zero get blood now...

"Headmaster!" Kaname looked shocked and confused with my outburst.

"What about him" He asked

"The headmaster can give Zero blood!" Yuki smiled from ear to ear, no it would be no problem. Kaname laughed.

"Poor Zero" He shook with laughter.

"What do you mean I'm sure the headmaster taste good" Yuki defended.

"Not that silly... never mind" He stood up and walked to the window.

"Just don't let anyone touch you and I think this will go smoothly" He looked back at Yuki, a grin spread across his face and he licked his lips.

"Maybe since your here we can enjoy some alone time" Heat shot through her like a bullet, My god this man was too desirable. Yuki stood up and walked over to were he stood and went down on her knees kissing his hand.

"What can I do to please you master?" She said in a vary innocent tone. Kaname scooped her in his arms and spread her on the desk.

"My pet, you will surely earn quite a reputation, in the subject of seducing a pureblood vampire."

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