Chapter 3: His Seven Sins

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Pairing: eventually Battler x Beato with Battler x everyone and Ange x Juza

Warning: Spoilers to Episode 1-5 of the sound novel, especially if you do not know the identity of the new Game master after episode 5.

Note: I have the habit of using honorifics in Japanese (like "Battler-sama" and "George-aniki") but I've been thinking if I should also use the honorific used for the witches (other than the "-sama") which is "-kou" (like "Bernkastel-kou" and "MARIA-kou") but I decided to go for the English equivalent like in the Witch Hunt translations as the honorific "-kou" may not be known by many of the readers of this fanfic. (little rant after this… don't mind it) The anime's finale was a disappointment in so many different ways (although I don't really hate DEEN for that… just… disappointed…)… but that doesn't deny the fact that the fanmade ending for ep 4 was really truer to the sound novel. For those that do not know it, just youtube it and search Umineko fanmade end.

Chapter 3: His Seven Sins

"… Um… Battler… sama…?" Lucifer asked softly. Battler had been holding her hand ever since he had summoned her, which was about approximately 8 minutes ago. Lucifer had began to feel uncomfortable and… well… a bit… embarrassed. As if he had wakened from a dream, Battler blinked.

"Huh?" Battler looked at their hands and laughed, "Sorry. I spaced out, didn't I?"

Battler backed away from Lucifer and rubbed the back of his head as he grinned sheepishly, "Still can't believe I managed to summon you in my first try."

Lucifer bowed once more to Battler as she gripped the hand he had been holding with her other hand and said, "It is quite a pleasure to be of service to you, Battler-sama."

Battler chuckled once more, his cheeks reddening because of embarrassment. With a forced, embarrassed smile, Battler teased Lucifer, "Calling me Battler-sama all of a sudden? Why the sudden formality?"

"It is only natural. Furniture such as I must know its place." Lucifer replied. Battler frowned at Lucifer's reply and was about to speak when MARIA appeared once more, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Uu, uu." MARIA childishly shook her head and pouted at Battler, "Battler, you're not done yet."

At this, Lucifer immediately took away her hands from Battler and step back, bowing her head, "I apologize, Lady MARIA. I have kept Battler-sama from continuing."

Battler sighed and looked at the other stakes on his bed. Rubbing the back of his head, Battler smiled sheepishly and asked MARIA, "Can't I just summon them all in one go? I mean, calling each and every one of them one by one just seemed… well… repetitive?"

Lucifer immediately replied, "Of course you can, Battler-sama. Beatrice-sama used to do that as well."

Battler grinned at Lucifer's reply and nodded, "MARIA should have said that from the very beginning."

MARIA frowned at Battler's carefree attitude and looked away, pouting as she crossed her arms. MARIA closed her eyes and warned, "Be my guest but don't go coming to MARIA when they try and kill you all at the same time. Uu, uu…"

Battler chuckled and outstretched his hands, "I have a beautiful woman here to protect me, right?"

Lucifer, brimming with pride because of Battler's praise, bowed immediately and said, "I will certainly protect you, Battler-sama."

Battler nodded and closed his eyes. Battler began to chant softly, "Now, try to remember. Remember what forms each of you have…"

One by one, the stakes on Battler's bed began to float and glow in a gold-like color. Each of them began to shake as Battler said their names, "Leviathan of Envy… Satan of Wrath… Belphegor of Sloth… Mammon of Greed… Beelzebub of Gluttony… Asmodeus of Lust…"

"Come and remember, sisters of Purgatory, the forms that each of you had. Remember…" Battler grinned as he opened his eyes, "How beautiful each of you was. How big your asses were…"

At those words, the stakes began to strike at every direction, ricocheting all over the room in a mad frenzy. MARIA sighed and disappeared with an 'hmp!' expression.

"Battler-sama!" Lucifer shouted as she rushed to Battler's side, her right arm glowing as a blade appeared on the back of her hand. She reached in time to parry an incoming stake aimed at Battler's chest. The stake fell on the floor, transforming to a young woman with wavy green hair, the stake of envy, Leviathan.

Leviathan began to cry and glare at Lucifer with a pouting mouth as she whined, "It's not fair! How come only Onee-sama gets to be summon alone?!"

Battler didn't have time to react as Lucifer side-stepped behind him, striking the stake aimed at his back. The stake ricocheted towards the wall and transformed to a young woman with curly white hair, the stake of wrath, Satan. Satan clicked her tongue in anger as she shouted, "Onee-sama! Since when did you such power?! And shut up, Levi-nee!!!"

Lucifer didn't pay any attention to Satan as she parried a stake aimed at Battler's neck. Lucifer's eyes widened as she realize that another stake was behind the one she parried and flew passed her. Lucifer growled and twirled around, slashing diagonally. Her blade missed Battler by an inch and managed to parry the other stake. Both stakes went flying in opposite directions, one of them taking the form of a young woman with long dark hair tied to a ponytail on one side, the stake of sloth, Belphegor, while the other took the form of a young woman with long brown hair, the stake of greed, Mammon. Belphegor smiled as she said, "How about taking a break, Onee-sama? I'll take care of the other two for you."

Mammon pouted and crossed her arms as she said, "Onee-sama! You should have let me be. I should have been the only one to injure Battler-sama."

Lucifer glared at Mammon briefly before twirling once more and slashing horizontally, parrying the remaining two stakes with one strike. The two stakes twirled away from Lucifer and Battler and transformed to two young women who immediately hugged each other as they landed on the floor. One of them was a young woman with short curly blond hair tied to two ponytails, the stake of gluttony, Beelzebub, while the other was a young woman with long blond hair tied to two ponytails as well, the stake of lust, Asmodeus.

"I'm hungry…" Beelzebub said in a tired voice, "Battler-sama looks so tasty…"

"Kyyaa!" Asmodeus hugged Beelzebub and giggled, "Is it just me or did Battler-sama look so hot all of a sudden? I wanted to impale him!"

As all the sisters were now present in their human form, all of them stared at Battler. Lucifer crossed her arms and said, "Now, all of you, be serious as we are in front of our new maste-"

"Kyyaa!!!" Lucifer was thrown aside as Asmodeus suddenly pushed her. Battler stepped back as Asmodeus began hugging him, rubbing her cheek on his cheek, "I've missed you, Battler-sama! Hmmm? What's this? Battler-sama, did you start working out?"

"Ahhh! That's not fair!" Leviathan and Mammon shouted at the same time. Mammon rushed and hugged Battler from behind, trying to push Asmodeus off.

"I've been meaning to do this before you!" Mammon said.

"That's so not true!" Asmodeus shouted back.

"Wait- Oi- Sto- AH! Levi-!" Battler shouted as Leviathan suddenly hugged his leg.

"I want to hug Battler-sama as well!" Leviathan said with tears flowing from her eyes, hugging Battler's leg tighter.

"Wai-Wait! I can feel your- Ah!" Battler screamed as he felt something bit his other leg. Looking down, Beelzebub was hugging his other leg, biting his leg.

"Battler-sama taste good…" Beelzebub said drowsily as she bit deeper.

"Ouch! Beel-"

"Stop it, all of you! You're all only being an annoyance to Battler-sama!!!" Satan shouted at her sisters.

"Shouldn't that also be you, Satan-nee?" Belphegor said. Satan blushed as she was hugging Battler's arm.

"I-I-I… I'm stopping them! Now, let go!!!" Satan shouted, making Battler winced as he took the direct blow of Satan's shout.

"Satan, too loud- Ah! Bel-"

"Please allow me to make you comfortable, Battler-sama." Belphegor said as she hugged Battler's other arm and began to pull him towards her.

"You just want Battler-sama all for yourself!" Leviathan, who was hugging the leg opposite of Belphegor's side, hugged Battler's leg tighter. Satan began to pull Battler as well.

"Ow-ow-ow- Stop pull-"

"All of you, STOP IT!!!" Lucifer shouted as she tackled Battler in an attempt to tackle Mammon. Battler lost his balance and they all fell on the floor. Battler fell on Asmodeus' chest while Mammon and Lucifer fell on his back. Satan and Belphegor fell on each of Battler's side while Leviathan and Beelzebub managed to continue hugging Battler's legs as they also fell.

"Kyaa! Battler-sama is on top of me!" Asmodeus shouted, pressing Battler's head forward.

"Huh… soft… Ah! Stop! Beelzebub, don't-!"

"Boss…" All of them stopped when the door opened, revealing Juza in a blue apron who was staring at them with a blank expression.

Battler raised his head and tried to speak, "Ju-Juza- this isn't-"

Juza immediately closed the door and Battler heard Juza's and Ange's voice from the other side of the door.

"What's wrong, Juza?"

"Nothing. Boss is just busy with adult stuff…"

"No! That's not true!!!" Battler shouted as he stood.

"Ahh!" All of the stakes other than the youngest shouted as they fell on the floor. Battler backed away from all of them and inhaled deeply, exhaling it slowly. Battler stared at the young women on the floor and cleared his throat.

"Sisters of Purgatory…" The Endless Sorcerer said with a serious expression. All of them got up and lined properly, bowing at him in a graceful dancer-like posture.

"Sisters of Purgatory, at your service…" They all said.

The oldest looked up and smiled proudly as she said, "We are please to be of service to you, Endless Sorcerer, Battler-sama."

Battler nodded, pleased at himself, but sighed in resignation, "Okay, first things first. Can you guys stop calling me: 'Battler-sama'? It… Well… I'm not use to it."

"We cannot do that, Battler-sama!" Lucifer shouted, staring at Battler, "It would be a failure for furniture such as us if we do not acknowledge our master properly!"


Lucifer cut him off and continued, placing her hand on her chest, "Please allow us to call you by that, Battler-sama. It is an honor to be your furniture."

The oldest bowed once more and apologized, "Forgive me, Battler-sama. I… may have overstepped my place."

Battler laughed and shook his head, "Nah. It's okay. I just realized… when you girls were calling me that… it's…"

Battler looked away as he rubbed the back of his head and whispered, "It felt nice… when I heard it from you guys…"

"Battler… sama…?" Lucifer asked unsurely. Confusion appeared on the sisters' faces at Battler's words. They did not know that the reason why Battler didn't like being called 'Battler-sama' was because he was used to being called such a title by others who sounded insincere and with voices laced with hidden motives.

Before Battler could reply, they all heard a knock and Juza's voice called out, "Boss, is it PG-13 in there?"

Battler groaned and covered his eyes with one of his hands, knowing it was useless to try and explain, "Yes. Come in."

As the door opened slowly, something registered to Battler's mind. Juza's head peeked inside and looked around, "Am I bothering?"

"Kyyaa! Since when did Battler-sama have such a hot guy near him?!" Asmodeus shouted, placing her hands on her cheeks as she stared at Juza.

"Mind your manners, Asmodeus!" Satan shouted once more.

"It's not like he can hear us." Asmodeus mumbled, pouting at Satan.

"Uhh…" Juza scratched his cheek, "I can hear you just fine, miss…"

"Eh?" At that comment, the sisters stared at Juza.

"B-But the anti-magic toxin should have-" Lucifer started, her words becoming as soft as whispers that Juza cannot hear.

"Huh? Anti-magic what?"

"Juza!" Juza was taken by surprise as his boss suddenly grabbed his shoulders and took him inside, "Are you saying that you can see them?"

"If by them, you mean these pretty young ladies with really revealing outfits that can only be considered as cosplay, then yes, boss, I can see them perfectly." Juza replied, not sure what his boss wanted.

"Kyaa! He called me pretty!"

"Shut up! He called all of us pretty!"

"And you're seeing them as women with big breasts and cute asses, right? Not deadly stakes? Right?" Battler asked, turning Juza to face him. Juza nodded slowly, really, really confused at the moment. Belphegor and Mammon whispered something to their oldest sister who nodded and stared at Juza.

"Boss, why would I see them as deadly sta- Oh." Juza cleared his throat and asked, "Boss… do you need some more… uhh… play-time with them? 'Cause I can just tell Ange-san we should eat without you since you'll be busy… with… these young ladies…"

"Play-time?" Battler's eyes widened at what Juza was implying and tried to defend him self, "No! It's not like tha-"

"If I may speak." The oldest of the sisters spoke, walking towards them and grabbing one of Battler's hands off Juza's shoulder, "We are not yet done, Battler-sama."


Lucifer pulled Battler away from Juza. Belphegor and Mammon took both of his arms and kept him from moving, making Leviathan whimper in jealousy as she wanted to take one of Battler's arms as well. Lucifer stared at Juza and said coldly, "If you would please leave, this is a private matter between us sisters and Battler-sama."

Juza's eyes widened for a second before staring at his boss, "Sisters? Woah, boss… That's… hardcore…"

"No! Let me exp-"

"Hai!" Asmodeus pounced on Battler, cutting off his speech with her breasts once more.

Juza cleared his throat and bowed, "Well then. I… better be going. Take your time, boss."

Juza closed the door behind him, leaving Battler alone with the seven sisters. Asmodeus backed away and Battler shook his head, "Damn it. I think I like being impaled by you girls better than these. Now Juza think I'm one of those men with fetishes for cosplay and sisters and- AH!"

"We have a more pressing issue to address, Battler-sama." Lucifer informed him, nodding at Belphegor and Mammon. They guided Battler to sit on the foot of his bed and all of the sisters rushed to form a line behind their oldest sister. Lucifer cleared her throat and said, "That man can see us."

Battler nodded and crossed his arms, "Yeah. That's been bothering me… But couldn't it be because we're inside this room. I mean, this room is more or less my primary base for conducting magic."

"The anti-magic toxin outside should have been great enough to destroy us. His anti-magic toxin should have made us invisible to his eyes." Lucifer countered, "Battler-sama… we're corporal."

"Corporal?" Battler repeated, "You mean you're flesh and blood, like humans?!"

Lucifer shook her head, "No. I was able to summon my blade to protect you. And… Levi."

"Yes, Onee-sama!" Leviathan transformed to her stake form and aimed towards Battler. She missed Battler, managing to scratch his cheek but impaled a moth by the wall. Of course, all of it was intentional. Nevertheless, Leviathan transformed back to her human form and bowed, "I'm sorry, Battler-sama!"

"We can still transform to our stake form, wound and kill. By corporal, I mean we can be seen by others. But for that to happen-" Lucifer grew silent, unable to truly understand the reasoning why they were corporal. Leviathan hurried back to the line and the oldest of the sisters shook her head and continued, "I'm sorry, Battler-sama. I… cannot fully understand why this is happening."

Battler noticed how ashamed Lucifer that she was unable to arrive at the truth she wished to know. Battler sighed and smiled, standing. With a grin, Battler patted Lucifer on the head, saying to her, "Its okay, Lucifer. You've provided more than enough information for me. Thank you."

Lucifer's eyes shimmered with happiness at being thanked and she smiled proudly. Battler took his hand off and looked at the empty space and called out, "MARIA. Come out. I know you can hear me."

The witch of origin appeared once again and walked towards him. Before Battler could explain, MARIA smiled at him and said, "MARIA knows. No need to explain it, Battler."

MARIA stared at Battler for a while before staring at the sisters. After a few minutes of silence, MARIA nodded as if she got it and stared back at Battler, "Battler… what is your title?"

"Uhh… Well… Golden Sorcerer... right? I mean that's my only tit- Ow!" Battler groaned as the young witch hit his head with her staff. MARIA glared at Battler.

"Battler! You're other title is 'Endless Sorcerer'. Uu, uu." MARIA childishly said her most favorite phrase and continued, "That's why I scolded you when you said you were 'golden sorcerer-sama' to that man. You're forgetting that you have two title."

Battler laughed and rubbed the part his cousin and witch-mentor hit, "Sorry. Yeah, my titles are 'Endless Sorcerer' and 'Golden Sorcerer'. What does that have to do with-"

He stopped when MARIA raised her staff and pointed it to Battler as she reminded her cousin, "One of your powers is to resurrect something endlessly. As long as you believe in it, it will be resurrected to the image you use."

"MARIA. Sorry but I can't see how tha-" Battler stopped as he remembered one of the pieces of information Lucifer gave him.

The anti-magic toxin outside should have been great enough to destroy us.

"I'm…" Battler turned towards the sisters and said, "I'm resurrecting all of you endlessly."

The witch of origin smiled and nodded, "Uu, uu. Battler understood!"

"Even if the anti-magic toxin outside should be killing the sisters, Battler is protecting them with his endless magic." MARIA explained, waving her staff towards the sisters.

"Then, Battler-sama is using his endless magic to materialize us. But that would-" Mammon shook her head and explained, "It should be hard for Battler-sama since he's resurrecting us all at the same time!"

"Well…" MARIA frowned and tried to explain, "Battler's body is that of a piece. In a sense, he's using magic that isn't really part of his piece-self… Although it should be hard… no… maybe…"

MARIA stared at Battler and said, "It may be the distance. Battler is being protected by his 'endless nine' barrier. What if… what if Battler is creating a reverse barrier around him?"

"A reverse barrier?" Battler frowned, "Like… I'm projecting an 'endless nine anti-'anti-magic' barrier' or maybe an 'endless nine anti-toxin barrier'?"

"Uu." His cousin nodded excitedly, "A barrier that keeps all magical being safe from the anti-magic toxin. That would explain how they were able to materialize and be seen by others."

"That's so cool, Battler-sama!" The sisters cheered as they heard MARIA's explanation.

Battler looked at the ground with a serious expression, making the sisters quiet down as they waited for Battler to react. Battler stared at the sisters then at his cousin before asking, "If I am projecting such a barrier… Would that mean they will disappear if they leave that barrier?"

MARIA shook her head, "Not disappear… destroyed."

The sisters gulped. The witch of origin continued, "Being away from that barrier would mean they would be surrounded by the anti-magic toxin."

"I see…" Battler mumbled, shaking his head, "Ah. This is useless. All useless."

"Battler-sama… Do you wish for us to be able to materialize far from you?" Lucifer asked. Her master smiled sadly.

"Well… It would be nice if it was possible…" Battler said. The sisters knew that Battler was purposely leaving something out. Lucifer looked at her younger sisters and they nodded in understanding. Lucifer nodded to them as well and addressed MARIA.

"Lady MARIA." Lucifer lowered her head as she asked, "Is it possible for Battler-sama to project his barrier to us, instead of projecting it to his self?"

Battler looked at Lucifer, "What do you mean, Lucifer?"

The oldest of the sisters turned towards Battler and let Mammon reply for her, "We're asking Lady MARIA if it is possible for you to create a separate barrier for each of us. That way, we can remain corporal even if we are away from you."

MARIA frowned in deep thoughts and replied, albeit reluctantly, "It is… possible. All of you are directly linked to Battler as his furniture… and magic is the power of belief. We are unsure how far Battler's barrier goes but if Battler believes in it, then his endless magic should be able to make it happen. But…"

MARIA sighed and shook her head, "Battler still doubts his magic. You can even say that this 'anti-toxin' barrier is a fluke."

"Hey. You sound like you don't have confidence in me." Battler joked but MARIA simply stared at him.

"MARIA does have confidence in Battler. It's Battler that does not have confidence in himself." MARIA replied, "Battler does not have confidence in his magic."

"Well…" Battler looked away. He cannot deny it. Although he had been working hard trying to master everything MARIA taught him and what he taught himself ever since his visit to Rokkenjima two years ago, he still had doubts. Maybe that was how he managed to create this 'fluke'. Because he knew he could reject it any moment, he subconsciously created a barrier to protect his magic. But of course, even now, he could easily theorize each of his 'magical' experience with twisted logic that denied the very existence of magic. He tried not to think about it because of the pain MARIA experienced during his visit but…

… It still existed…

… Doubt… still existed in his heart…

"Then…" Lucifer closed her eyes and nodded as if she understood something. She turned towards her sisters and said, "We'll do this with 'rock-paper-scissors'!"

"Yes, Onee-sama!" Her sisters replied instantly. They gathered to a circle, leaving their master and the witch of origin in the dark as they all said in unison, "Rock! Paper! Scissors!"

"Ehhh!" They jeered as Lucifer smiled triumphantly.

"How come all of us used scissors?!" Satan shouted.

"Not fair! How come Onee-sama gets everything!?" Leviathan whined, tears filling her eyes.

Lucifer paid no heed to her younger sisters complains and approached Battler, "Battler-sama. We cannot fully understand your resistance to our world but we do understand one thing."

Lucifer backed away and began walking towards the wall made of glass. Battler walked towards Lucifer and called out, "Oi. What are you-"

Leviathan and Satan moved to block Battler from approaching Lucifer. Lucifer closed her eyes and ran towards the wall. The sorcerer's and the witch's eyes widened as they realized what the prideful sister planned to do and Battler rushed towards Lucifer, "STOP!"

Leviathan and Satan grabbed him and stopped him from approaching Lucifer's retreating form. Lucifer jumped towards the wall, momentarily being transparent as she passed through the glass wall to the outside. Lucifer's form began to float and she giggled as if pleased at herself, twirling to face her sisters and her master, "Unbelievable! Battler-sama, your barrier is still present even when I am outside!"

"That's nice." Battler replied quickly as he ordered, "Now get back here this instant! We don't know how-"

"That's right. We don't know." Lucifer said, nodding as her red eyes shined in determination. Her form began to float away from them as she said, "Lucifer of Pride, the oldest of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory, will now go."

"Go? Go where?" Battler's eyes widened once more as Lucifer smiled at him. Battler shouted, "No! Lucifer!!!"

Lucifer paid no heed and turned around. As if carried by the wind, Lucifer began to fly away from them, her hands outstretched. The wind felt nice on her face, Lucifer closed her eyes and smiled. It was the first time she would be able to fly this far from her master in a toxin infested world. She felt light, as if a gentle presence was enveloping her, protecting her. Lucifer giggled and twirled as she flew, staring at the lights beneath her.

She stopped as she felt a sudden cold blast in front of her. She smiled sardonically and said, "It seems that this is as far as Battler-sama's barrier can go."

She could hear Battler's voice calling her, "That's nice! Now, get back here!"

She shook her head and placed her closed fist by her chest, "The reason why Battler-sama asked such a thing was for Ange-sama, right?"

The silence from Battler's side was all she needed for an answer. She smiled and stared at the sky ahead of her, almost appearing endless to her, "Battler-sama's barrier last as big as the entire Rokkenjima in a circular fashion. I… I can see it…"

Of course, she was speaking of the faint golden barrier that was only visible to furniture such as she, directly linked to her master. She smiled, "This isn't enough."

"What do you mean, Lucifer?! It's more than enou-"

"We will not be able to materialize to protect Ange-sama with just this length if Battler-sama must leave." She reasoned and grew determined once more, "Battler-sama, you may still doubt your very own magic and my… no… our words may not be able to satisfy that doubt. But… But even if that is true… there is one thing that we, as your furniture, shall not doubt."

She closed her eyes and heard the voices of her sisters. All of them knew what it was. She nodded and said, "We believe in you, Battler-sama."


"The toxin in this entire world is not enough to destroy that!" Lucifer said proudly, rushing out of the barrier. She passed easily and was met by a sudden gust of what appeared to be wind. Lucifer screamed in pain as her entire body began to hiss, the toxin felt like acid to her.

"Lucifer! Stop it!!!"

"This… is not enough…" Lucifer said stubbornly, flying forward. The wind felt like blade, slashing her over and over again. But although the pain was unbearable, Lucifer still continued to fly… over the lights, over the seas, over the islands… She passed many islands, so many people with different traits. Against the glowing moon, Lucifer's form continued to fly as if it was a speeding jet.

Lucifer stopped and floated, breathing heavily, her entire form drench in her own blood and sweat. The toxin was taking its toll on her, her vision was becoming blurry by the second, her entire body hissing as smoke appeared all over it as if she was being cooked and breathing was hard as the very air she took pierce her. But still, Lucifer proudly proclaimed, "I… I am now on the very opposite side of the world from you, Battler-sama."

Lucifer coughed blood and she covered her mouth.

"LUCIFER! YOU IDIOT! You'll be destroyed!"

Lucifer smiled at her blood stained hand and nodded, "Yes-"

Lucifer coughed once more, clutching her stomach and writhing in agony, "As… As long as Battler-sa- COUGH! COUGH! As long as Battler-sama does not help- COUGH –me… I… I…"

Lucifer couldn't continue, coughing furiously. Lucifer bit her bottom lip and looked up as she forced her cough down to continue, "I… will… disappear…"

With that said, Lucifer lost all of the will power she had left. Her eyes closed and her form began descending down in a frightening pace. As she descends, the wind cut her body over and over again, forming a line of blood and smoke everywhere.


A sudden surge of gold light appeared from Lucifer. Her form stopped its descent and Lucifer's eyes opened slowly. A smile appeared on her face as she whispered, "See… I knew… you could do it… Battler-sama."

Back at Battler's room, the remaining six sisters smiled. Battler was on the floor, trying to control his breathing. With a forced smile, Battler replied, "You are an idiot, Lucifer…"

"Amazing…" The witch of origin said, clapping her hands, "Battler! You managed to project a barrier around Lucifer!"

"I… I just wanted to save her…" Battler replied. For that anguishing moment all that came into his mind was to save Lucifer. No doubts, no theories… just… to save her…

Her descending form, projecting inside his mind during that moment, overlapped with his memories…

The memories of the original Endless Sorcerer Ushiromiya Battler…

Ange's tight embrace kept him from turning around. Blood covered his hands…

Beato's form turned into dust as he tried to touch her sleeping form…

In that instance, all that Battler knew was that he didn't want to lose anyone anymore.

Never again…

Battler sighed and leaned on the foot of his bed, groaning, "That… That was really idiotic, Lucifer."

"It's not over yet, Battler-sama." Battler frowned as he heard Lucifer's tired but happy voice, "Everyone!"

The remaining sisters smiled and nodded, "Yes! Onee-sama!"

Battler saw them began running towards the glass wall, "Oh, no way in HELL!!!"

Battler jumped to his feet and ran after the remaining sisters. They giggled and jumped but Battler was able to catch Beelzebub, locking her by placing his arm around her neck, "Ah!"

"Get back here!!!" Battler ordered the remaining sisters. They all giggled and teased their captured sister.

"Awww… Look at Little Beelzebub. Poor dear." Mammon teased and they all giggled.

"I wanted to be the one captured by Battler-sama!" Leviathan said, biting her bottom lip.

"Well, come down and let me capture you!" Battler replied to Leviathan before addressing the others, "Get back here! NOW!"

"Oh no… Battler-sama seems serious…" Asmodeus said, not wanting Battler to be angry at her and her sisters. Belphegor simply smiled.

"Although I wished for you to rest as much as possible, we must use this moment, Battler-sama." Belphegor said to Battler before nodding at Satan. Satan nodded in understanding and glared at Beelzebub.

"What are you waiting for?!! GET OVER HERE, NOW!!!" Satan ordered. Beelzebub nodded and opened her mouth.

"You have to be kidding me- OUCH!!!" Battler shouted in pain as Beelzebub dug her teeth on his arm as deep as she could. Battler's hold loosened and Beelzebub used this to her advantage, dropping to her knees and dashing towards the wall.

"BEELZEBUB!!!" Battler shouted as Beelzebub jumped towards the glass wall. They all giggled as Beelzebub floated towards them and turned back towards Battler. They all lined up and bowed.

Leviathan, being the second to the oldest, announced, "The remaining six sisters will now go."

"No! STOP!!!" Not paying any heed to Battler's command, the six sisters continued to giggle as they flew into different directions, all flying farther and farther away from Battler. MARIA observed in silence for a while before turning her attention back at her cousin.

"Battler! If you don't project them with barriers, they'll be destroyed!"

"But all at once-"

"Uu!!! Stop thinking and believe! Your magic is endless! Just believe!!!" MARIA ordered, stomping her feet as if she was throwing a fit.

Believe? Isn't that what he was lacking?

"Damn it. Damn it. It's useless. It's all useless!" Battler said, pounding his fists on the floor. This was just different from his 'magical experience' with Ange. He could easily debunk that one with his twisted theories but this…

He spent more than a hundred years doubting, not believing… How can he, all of a sudden, just-

"What do you wish to do, Battler-sama?!" Lucifer's voice resounded inside his head. Battler gripped his head tightly as Lucifer's voice was accompanied by the painful whimpers and groans of the other six sisters as they have passed his barrier.


"It… hurts…"

"I… I can still-!"

Battler shook his head, trying to focus, forcing himself to believe… but…

… He couldn't…

"Battler-sama! Why did you summon us?!" Lucifer's voice resounded in his mind, "For what reason are you learning magic?!"


His hand tried to reach out towards the figure next to him, bloodied. His vision blurred as he saw her once shining gold hair drench in blood. Cold laughter resounded around them, sadistic… mocking…


"I… want to save Beato…" Battler said, raising his head, "… I summoned you… All of you… to help me…"

"And what do you wish to do at this very moment?"

"Save you… Save all of you…" Battler replied, standing, "Save all of you and smack all you on the ass!!!"

The painful whimper and groans disappeared, replaced by tired but fulfilling giggles. Battler sighed, suddenly feeling that standing was too much work. With a tired sigh, Battler said, "If you're alive and kicking, say your name and get back here… now."

"Lucifer of Pride. Alive and traveling back."

"L-Leviathan of Envy… alive and… t-traveling back."

"Satan of Wrath. Alive and is on the way back."

"Belphegor of Sloth. Alive and going back. Battler-sama, if you would like, I can smack them for you."

"Mammon of Greed. Alive and already going back. Battler-sama, you have to smack me the hardest, okay?"

"Beelzebub of Gluttony. Hungry and going back. Can I eat after you smack me, Battler-sama?"

"Asmodeus of Lust. Alive and on the way! I can't wait, Battler-sama!"

Battler groaned at the younger sisters' comments. It was a spur of the moment. He wanted to punish them for being morons but… "AHHH!!!"

Battler sighed after his shout, rubbing the back of his neck. MARIA giggled and approached Battler, patting his head as she said, "Good job, Battler. Good job."

Battler smiled and nodded, letting his cousin pat him like he was the younger one. Soon enough, the seven sisters returned to Battler, all with smiles on their faces. Battler stood and crossed his arms, "All of you dare to go against me. All of you… disobeyed me…"

The sisters looked down in shame. But they looked up when Battler said softly, "But… Thank you…"

The sisters smiled at each other and Asmodeus immediately turned her back, bending. Battler backed away, "W-W-Wait! That was-"

Soon enough, the other sisters had mimicked Asmodeus. Lucifer, blushing brightly, said, "This is shameful!"

"Ara!" Mammon smirked, "But Onee-sama. You look so happy!"

"I-I… That's not true!!!"

"Come on, Battler-sama! Just get it over with already!!!" Satan shouted.

"Nee, nee… I'm hungry… Battler-sama!"

"Kyyaaa! This is making me feel so tingly inside! Battler-sama!"

"Battler-sama, if you wish, I can do it for you."

"No! Battler-sama needs to be the one to do this!"

"Uu, uu." MARIA smiled and patted Battler's head using her staff this time, "No running away from their punishment, Battler. Kihihihihi."

"Damn it. It's useless! Useless!"

By the living room, Ange looked at her brother's room as the sounds and voices, mostly giggling, caught her attention once more. The little Ushiromiya turned her attention back at Juza and asked, "Juza… What's Onii-chan doing inside?"

Juza, who had been enjoying his tea, regretted drinking it. Seeing Juza coughing, Ange rushed towards his side and soothed his back, asking innocently, "Juza?"

"Let's just say…" Juza looked at the door leading to his boss' room and smiled sardonically, "I am definitely not letting you enroll in a school that has blazers and vests for girls' uniform."

"Eh?" Ange blinked, unsure what Juza meant. Juza chuckled and smiled at Ange, patting her head.

"Boss may have a thing for those…"

After that… unique experience, Battler sighed and stared at the seven sisters now wreaking havoc on his bed. His cousin had long disappeared while he was… punishing the sisters, leaving him alone with his… well… furniture. After a few minutes, Belphegor smiled at him and asked, "Shall we rest for today, Battler-sama?"

Battler smiled sardonically and asked, "I'm guessing you want me to sleep on the bed… with all of you…?"

They giggled and nodded. Battler closed his eyes and said, "No thank- Oi!"

Battler was dragged to the bed by Satan and Belphegor. The seven sisters giggled as they pinned Battler to the bed. Lucifer rested on Battler's right arm while Satan rested on his left arm. Asmodeus rested on Battler's right chest while Mammon rested on his left. Leviathan rested horizontally, her face by the right side of Battler's face while Belphegor rested by his left side. Beelzebub rested on top of Battler's head. With a tired sigh, Battler closed his eyes. The entire activity drained him of any power to try and escape. It just seemed useless as he needed sleep… He… needed… rest…

Battler opened his eyes. He was back in the rose garden of Rokkenjima once more. But this time, it was filled with golden roses all around. He was inside the arbor, the same place where his oldest cousin, the cousin he always looked up to as his brother, proposed to one of the most beautiful woman Battler knew. The table and chairs around the resting place were gone and he was sitting on the cold floor. But it didn't bother him. He was waiting for… who?

A golden butterfly fluttered towards him, followed by another and then another. Soon, golden butterflies fluttered around the resting place. He felt something leaned to him from behind. He heard rustling of clothes. With a soft smile, Battler closed his eyes and said, "This is a dream, right?"

Nothing answered him. He could easily turn around, see her. Even if this was a dream…

But Battler was afraid. He was afraid to reach out. He was afraid…

He was afraid that if he turned around, the dream would end.

But still he leaned as well. He continued to smile. With a soft voice, he said, "Will you listen to me?"

"I want to see her… once more…" Battler chuckled, "I sound like that old geezer. But it's useless. All of it is useless. The old geezer wanted to see Beatrice, the golden witch… I want… I want to see Beato, that idiot that I didn't finish my fight with."

"I'll find her, save her… and…" Battler closed his hands to fists, "… end my match with her. Not to deny the existence of magic, the existence of witches… my very own existence or her existence… but…"

The entire place turned red as Battler continued, his words surrounding him in red, "… to take everything back…"