Vampire in the Attic


Bella Pov:

If you would have asked me a few years ago, if I believed in vampires, I would have said you were crazy. But every once in a while in life, we are proven that some of our beliefs are completely false. I would have never imagined the turn my life would take. The path that has been placed before me. The decisions I would have to make. But I wouldn't change it for the world. All the hardships I had to face along the way, was worth it. It was all worth the pain to be with him.

Most of us spend our lives in the dark. Completely content with not knowing the true dangers that lurk amongst us every day. But once your life is opened, once your vision has cleared from the facade, there is no turning back. The legends say all Vampires are evil. The books, the movies, the phony halloween get ups, they are all lies created so we, as humans, can live our happy little lives and never know the truth. Because we are human, we are easily fooled, easily tricked into false security that was never there to begin with. Vampires do walk amongst us. They do not sleep in coffins, or live in castles surrounded by moats. They are not these ugly creatures humans have made up in their minds. In fact, they are the complete opposite. Unearthly beauty, Ungodly strength and speed, and sometimes even special gifts accompany these 'children of the night'. They do drink blood, but not all consume the blood of humans. There are a small few who find their nourishment from animals. Refusing to give into the animal within themselves. Some of them actually retain their humanity.

That is where the Cullens come in. And my story begins.


You never know how good you have it, until it is taken away from you in the blink of an eye. A life can be changed, altered, by a single act. A single mistake, such as leaving a restaurant one second too late, or too early depending on how you look at it. A split second reaction can leave a 15-year old girl without her mother and step father. That same 15-year old girl could have lost her life along with them, if the truck that collided with their car had not missed the backseat. I would not be in Forks Washington with my father right now, if that driver had not taken a drink, and then sat behind the wheel. I would never have meet the Cullens, and I would never have known the truth about the existence of Vampires. And I would have never met him.

I remember the plane ride to Washington after the funeral. I remember the wailing infants, the 6-year old boy kicking the back of my seat, the feeling of dread when the plane first landed in Seattle. I remember a sullen looking Charlie waiting for me in the lobby. But I don't remember the last time I had felt that numb.

Charlie gave me a quick, awkward hug, and took my bag from my shoulder. The hug was not awkward because of the broken arm I was sporting, but because it was the first piece of physical contact we had shared in years.

Don't get me wrong, Charlie was not a bad father, he just wasn't an active one. My parents had divorced when I was 4 years old. My Mother had us traveling around the US for some time, before she finally settled down in Phoenix. She met and married her new husband Phil within a short time. She said it was "love at first sight" not that I believe in that crap. I suppose you can say I have become a little bitter towards love. It never lasts, and it always ends badly. I am sure if my Mother and Phil had survived the crash, their marriage wouldn't have lasted. Renee was not the type to stick to things very long. She was constantly loosing interest in things only shortly after she started them. Renee and my Father, Charlie, fell in love quickly, had me, and then Renee outgrew Charlie's laid back attitude and left. I had always felt sorry for my Father, for he never really got over her. I can see it in his eyes now. Eyes that I have never seen shed tears, but was on the verge of them as we speak.

"I'm really sorry I didn't make the funeral. I-uh...I couldn't get away." Charlie explained as we entered his police cruiser.

I knew that was a lie. There was hardly any crime in the small town of Forks. Even though he was a police chief, I knew the only thing keeping him back from the funeral was his own grief. He never showed his emotions in front of others, not even me. I suppose I take after him. I haven't cried since the accident, when Renee looked back at me and told me to follow my heart, and be happy. Thats the last thing she said to me, before my world went black, before everything changed.

"Its fine Charlie."

"Do you, um, need to talk about it?" I could see Charlie's knuckles turn white from clutching the wheel.

"No." I had no intention of talking to anyone about it. It wasn't something I felt needed to be rehashed. They are gone, its done and over with. Nothing I say will ever bring them back.

I know it sounded like I was being a cold hearted bitch, but really at this point, I couldn't feel anything.

"Okay." he cleared his throat and glanced over at me. "Well, if you ever do need to talk, Bells, I'm here."

"Thanks, but I don't want to talk about it." What's the point? Telling people how badly I wish the truck would have just taken me out with them would do nobody any good. The cops still had to scrape Renee and Phil off the side of the road, and I still had to watch them die. What would talking about my "feelings" do to help that? And how could I keep my promise to my Mother? How could I follow my heart when its been frozen over?

"Not to sound rude or anything, but could you pay attention to where you are going? One deadly crash in my lifetime is enough for me thanks." There goes my bitch mode again. Its like I don't have a filter anymore.

Charlie nodded and drew his attention back to the road. I could see the hurt in his eyes. His grip on the steering wheel tightened and he swallowed hard. I guess I will really have to work on the whole, not being a bitch to everyone thing.

The small white house came into view, only hours later. It was raining. Thats a shock. Raining in Washington.

I grabbed my bag and threw it over my good shoulder, stepping out into the cold Olympic air. The rain stung my cheeks with the force behind it. I reveled in the sting. At least I could still feel something.

When I stepped out of that police cruiser, I had no idea what lied ahead of me. It wasn't long before school was starting. I was a Freshman then. I had become everyone's shiny new toy to play with, only problem, I wasn't willing to play nice.

Charlie had threatened to send me to counseling if I didn't make some friends, and I didn't take that well. Things started getting really strained with Charlie. We constantly got in little arguments about my attitude. Part of me knew he was right, that I shouldn't be so standoffish with people. But the other part of me just didn't give a fuck.

Then I met Alice Cullen.

I first met Alice at lunch a few weeks into moving to Forks. I figured she would take my attitude like everyone else did. Most people realized by the end of the first day, I didn't want to be bothered. But Alice, oh lovely little Alice, she didn't take the hint. In fact, she sat with me every day at lunch, until I asked her, and I quote;

"What the fuck is your deal?"

And what did she do? She laughed and bounced in her seat, thrilled that I finally acknowledged her presence. Alice quickly began chatting away with me, or to me, about anything and everything. Mostly about clothes. I didn't think I could be friends with someone like her. I didn't think I could be friends with anyone at that point. But if there is one thing I learned in life, it was never bet against Alice.

The other Cullens began eating with us, once Alice finally had me uttering more than a few syllables. I quickly took to Emmett, the big burly one who looks like he ate little Freshmen like me for breakfast. (No pun intended.) Emmett had ways of making you laugh, even when you didn't get his jokes. Jasper, Alice's hubby, didn't speak much, which I was fine with. I got along with him too, on a more emotional level. I think he understood my lack of feeling more than others did. I wouldn't understand why until later.

And then there was Rosalie. For awhile, she was being her usual bitchy self, but I couldn't say anything seeing as I was a bitch all the time. But after awhile, to everyone's surprise, I became pretty close to her. Hey, what's a bitch without a bitch counterpart?

It was about halfway through the school year, when I found out what they really were. What their secret was.

It was a Saturday night, and I was spending it with Alice like usual. She took me to Port Angeles for some "much needed shopping.". Alice hated my fashion sense, or there lack of. She insisted on dragging me from store to store trying to broaden my horizon.

"Bella will you stop complaining! We are just going to one more store, then we will go home!" Alice huffed and dragged me down the walkway by my jacket.

"Alright warden! Why don't you put the cuffs on me and beat me with your night stick while you're at it!"

"Oh Bella honey, you know I love you. But I only do those things to Jasper." She smirked back at me while I fought the bile that rose in my throat.

"Okay, seriously didn't need the mental image there Al." She chuckled and picked up her pace. I could barely keep up with her. "The store is not going anywhere Alice! Don't rip my fucking arm off!"

"Stop being a baby! And you have such a potty mouth Bella. Esme would have a field day with you!"

"Yeah yeah. Thanks for the lecture dad. " We made it to the store and my suffering was far from over. Alice insisted on me trying on skirts and dresses that I would never wear. Not only that, she made me buy them!

Once the Chinese water torture was over, we took our time walking back to Alice's Porch. It was dark and had been raining pretty hard earlier that day. We had stayed out so late, the shops were closing and there was barely anyone on the roads or the walkways. It wasn't odd for Alice and I to be out very late into the night. I didn't sleep much, and I had a theory that Alice didn't sleep at all. I swear that girl lived on red bull or something.

I heard the familiar sound of rubber and concrete. But I didn't feel the impact, at least not the one I was waiting for. Cold arms wrapped around me so quickly I felt the air leave my body. When my eyes could catch up with my brain, I saw Alice's tiny arm wrapped around me, while her other was outstretched to the Van in front of us. The driver was unconscious, having hit their head on the steering wheel, and all I could do was gawk at the tiny pixie like she just grew a second fucking head!

"Alice...What the fu-"

Alice didn't say anything, just scooped me up and ran at neck breaking speed to her Porch. And by neck breaking speed...I mean she nearly broke my fucking neck!

I sat in the passenger seat, wide eyed as Alice practically floored it back to Forks. We were parked in front of her family's enormous house in no time, and Emmett was rushing to meet us. He flung the door open and slung me over his shoulder like a fucking rag doll.

"Belly-Poo! You grace us with your presence!" Emmett chuckled but was cut off by Mighty Mouse in heels.

"Emmett, take Bella inside right now! Something happened that...I-I didn't see coming." Didn't see coming? What was I missing here?

Emmett went into serious mode, which didn't happen often, and before I knew it I was plopped down on their expensive white couch. Jasper trotted down the stairs, followed by Rosalie and Esme. Carlisle had Alice off to the side, talking so fast it made my head spin. Something was going on, and I intended on finding out what the hell it was.

"Bella dear, are you okay?" Esme sat beside me and wrapped her cold arm around me. I looked up at her, and probably looked like dumbass, and nodded.

Alice and Carlisle finally joined us in the living room and stared at me. Alice sat on the table in front of me and smiled warmly, with a hint of trepidation in her expression. Oh yeah. Alice fucking Cullen was nervous. Shit was about to hit the fan.

"Bella, I know you may be a little scared right now, but I assure you, no har-"

"I'm really sorry to come off this way, Mr. C...But could you guys just cut the shit and tell me what the fuck just happened back there?" I seriously need to work on that filter thing! Carlisle has been nothing but super nice to me, him and their whole family. Esme narrowed her eyes at me, in the motherly way. I mumbled a quick apology, feeling more like an ass than I already did. Esme had that effect on everyone. Don't piss with the Esme.

"Its alright, Bella. I know you are confused. Alice has informed me on what happened, and because I trust you, this whole family does actually...We will tell you the truth. But you must promise us, that you will never reveal what we tell you to the humans."

Humans? What the...

"Uh, you got it. I won't say a word to the um...Humans." I only talked to them anyhow. I talked to Carlisle more than my own Father. And that was sad.

"Bella, we are..."

"Vampires." Alice cut in. I must have given her a look like she was crazy, because she smiled and continued on. "I know, I know. Sounds like a load of crap. But that is what we are. Ever wonder why our skin is so cold? Or why we don't eat? Or even why we don't sleep?"

I'd be lying if I said I didn't question those things. But Vampire wasn't exactly what I had in mind...Anorexic Insomniacs with circulation problems...More plausible.

"So...You are telling me you are all a family of vampires, who just so happen to attend a public high school and associate yourselves with teenage girls? Fucked up teenage girls but teenage girls none the less?" Esme cleared her throat and I apologized again.

"I know its hard to believe but its true, Bella." Alice assured me.

"Okay. I guess that explains the whole wonder woman thing you just pulled." Emmett snorted and I rolled my eyes at him. Boy couldn't be serious for longer than 10 seconds before he had a relapse. But thats why we love him. "So, not that I'm not grateful or anything but uh...Why haven't you eaten me yet?" Emmett's snort turned into an all out cackle.

"Oh, Belly-Poo! We don't feed from humans. Most of our kind does." He smiled warmly at me and draped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me to him. "But you see, we like to keep the bit of humanity we have left. And besides." His chuckles became louder, and Alice huffed in aggravation. "Humans don't put up as much of a fight as an irritated grizzly!"

And thanks to Emmett, with his muscles and admission to liking the challenge of a grizzly. All I could picture at that moment was Emmett in some sort of Gatorade commercial.

"Grizzly Bear...Is it in you!"

I snorted.

Okay, its official. I have hit my head too many fucking times for my own good.

"Emmett you are not helping, shut up." Rosalie smacked him in the back of the head and crossed her arms. I would have given her a high five for accuracy but I figured now wasn't the time.

"Bella, it is dyer that you do not tell anyone about us. Not only would you be putting us in danger, but yourself as well." Carlisle had to be the voice of reason, yet again. "We may be Vampires, but we do have rules. The number one rule being, don't let humans know. We trust you enough to know you wouldn't tell anyone on purpose, but you must promise me you will not let it slip." I could see the concern in his eyes and I nodded.

"Of course Mr. C. You have my word I won't tell anyone...But I do have one question."

"What's that?"

"Well...Why did you bother becoming friends with me, if you knew there was a risk of me finding out?"

"I saw you coming." Alice smiled. I nodded and the room grew quiet for awhile. Not an uncomfortable quiet, just the kinda quiet that happens when you find out your best friends are vampires and you couldn't tell anyone about it.

I couldn't help it. I started laughing.

"What the hell could possibly be funny?" Rosalie scoffed at me, a smirk playing on her lips.

"Just that, I always knew I didn't fit in with people. I finally find some kick ass friends, and what happens? I find out they are fucking Vampires." Even Esme couldn't fight back the laughter that filled the room.

That brings us to today. It has been Two years since I moved here and befriended the Cullens. Two years, where I thought I could never he happy again, but I found happiness none the less. I still felt like something was missing though. A part of me that never was. I figured it was just the gaping hole loosing my Mother left.

A couple months ago, Charlie came to me with a dilemma. Evidently, thanks to my Mother's constant spending and never finishing things, I was left with a large debt. Charlie was chief of police, but in a small town with a low crime rate, you didn't get paid well. So he informed me he was being transfered to a precinct in Chicago. Meaning I would have to pack up and leave the only friends I have ever known. The only place I ever belonged.

So here I am now, hugging my best friend and practical sister Alice, goodbye. I haven't had the urge to cry since the accident, but the tears never came.

"You have to promise you will call as often as you can! Keep your cellphone on you at all times, because we cannot loose contact!" Alice and I were both engulfed by large arms. Emmett of course being the giant teddy bear he was, didn't want to say goodbye either.

"I will Al! But you guys have to come visit me sometime too."

"Of course we will." Carlisle smiled at me and hugged me gently, followed by Esme and Jasper. Even Rosalie hugged me close.

"We love you Belly-Poo! Call us as soon as you get there!" I smiled at Emmett and nodded. Throwing my last bag in the back of Charlie's truck and hopped in. I waved sullenly at my best friends, and second family, as Charlie pulled away. Away from the only place I would ever call home.

Chicago get ready, you got one pissed off fucking Swan on its way.

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