Vampire In The Attic

Chapter Four

Eyes of Gold

Lips are turning blue
A kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

Tip toe to your room
A starlight in the gloom
I only dream of you
And you never knew

Muse - Sing for absolution

Bella Pov:

The distant sound of a shrill ringing brought me back to the present. I groaned and rolled to my side, reaching for the cell phone, but came up with nothing. I peeked my eye open to the darkened room of my bedroom. The obnoxious noise was not relenting, so I sat up to look for the phone. I felt something stabbing me in the ass and reached behind me to pull the cell from my back pocket.

I was about to answer the phone when I heard a rumbling sound from the far corner of my room. I jumped slightly and flipped the bedside lamp on, causing both me and source of the rumbling to hiss.

Then it all came back to me.


Picture frame.

Broken Glass.


Cold hands.



I let my eyes scan the room, and came face to face with my dream boy, only in place of his eyes of jade, were eyes of gold.


He feeds off of animals!

I must have said that last bit out loud, because he cocked his head to the side and eyed me carefully. His stance was not defensive, so he didn't look like he was going to attack me. But his body was rigid. The phone finally stopped ringing, so I slowly laid it on the bedside table.

"Uh, hi." I said lamely. I almost snorted at the stupidity of this.

He didn't reply or move, just kept his eyes on me, gauging my reaction I suppose.

"So...You're a vampire too then?" He went from the far corner of the room, to standing right beside me in a second. I was still not use to a vampire's speed.

"You know what I am?" His voice was like soft velvet, soothing and low.

I swallowed thickly, his voice washed over me and left me almost...dazzled? That had to be wrong, Bella Swan does not get dazzled, even by extremely sexy vampire boys who I've been dreaming of for the past few weeks, yeah, not even then.

"Yeah," my voice cracked, "I know what you are. I have a few friends back home like you. They only drink the blood of animals too. In fact I think that was who was calling just now." I bit my lip to keep from rambling. What was this strange fluttering feeling in my stomach? It wasn't fear, I knew what fear was, but this feeling, I hadn't a clue.

"There," he paused for a moment before looking up and locking eyes with me again. I think my heart almost stopped. "There are more like me? Animal drinkers I mean. You know of other Vampires and the Volturi hasn't come after you yet?"

I pulled my knees to my chest and linked my fingers together, feeling the rough material of a band-aid. I smiled inwardly to myself, this vampire seemed awful nice so far.

Don't let your guard down Swan...He may be a veggie vamp, but that does not mean he is any less of a threat.

"Yeah well, the Volturi don't really know about me and we are trying to keep it that way. The Cullens already warned me about them, and they don't seem like the type of crowed I wanna piss off so...if you don't tell them, that would be nice."

"I'm not going to tell anybody, bedsides it wouldn't be just you that got in trouble..."

I eyed him carefully, his gaze never wavering, before nodding and sticking my hand out towards him. "Good. I'm Bella, Bella Swan."

He smiled and took my hand carefully in his, his icy touch felt like home. "Nice to meet you Bella, I'm sorry I didn't get to introduce myself, I'm Edward Masen."

"Nice to meet you Edward," I smiled and let my fingers linger against his marble skin, enjoying the strange electricity between us, before pulling away.

The phone began to ring again, causing Edward to jump across the room in a crouch.

"Its okay...Its probably just Alice. She probably saw that I was with another vampire and is just checking in on me." Edward cocked his head to the side and nodded, taking a hesitant seat at the end of the bed.

I flipped the phone open and before I could say anything, Alice demanded I put the phone on speaker. I rolled my eyes and put the phone on speaker before placing it in the middle of the bed.

"What do you want Al?"

"What kind of welcome is that to your favorite vampire?" She giggled.

"Who said you were my favorite?" I smirked as I heard the familiar commotion in the background.

"Bella Bear!" Emmett's booming voice caused Edward to flinch again, and eye me curiously. I just smiled and shook my head.

"Enormously large walking disco ball!"

"Hey, someone is moody today. Can't I say hi to my little sis?"

"Yeah, yeah. Hello to you too Emmie, you know I love ya, now what did Alice want?"

"Alice? Alice who?"

"Give me the phone back Emmett!"

"I'm talking to Bella Bear!"

"I called her for a reason now give me the phone!"

"What you gonna do pixie? Bite me? Too late, already a vampire."

"You really suck, you know that Emmett?"

"No thats Rose's job Al."

"Okay, seriously Emmett, I'd like to be able to sleep tonight without that image in my head thanks..." I grimaced but couldn't help but chuckle at their 'sibling rivalry'.

"Sorry B! Anyway...I guess I'll give the phone back to Alice. But you better promise to give me the phone when you're done Al! Rosie will wanna say hi to Bella anyway."

"Fine Emmett!"

"Okay, what did you want Al?" Edward had a crooked smirk playing on his lips that practically melted me into the bed. Damn he was even sexier than in my dreams.

"I just called because I knew you would meet our new friend Edward. Hi Edward! I know you are there and probably have a lot of questions for Bella, but her small human brain can't give you all the answers you're looking for."

"Hey! Wanna talk about small? Look in the mirror midget."

"Love you too Bella, anyway as I was saying, you will get your answers in due time but I figured I would fill you in on our family history if you would like. So you know you're not alone and all that. Oh, and I also apologize for any crass behavior or words that come out of Bella's mouth...she doesn't really have a filter."

"What is this, hate on Bella day? First you talk about how 'small minded' I am and now I don't have a brain filter? I wasn't kidding around when I threatened you with a wooden stake and some garlic cloves bitch." I could hear Alice laughing on the other side, she knew I was only playing with her. Edward however was slightly wide eyed and looking at me like I was crazy. "What? I know that shit doesn't work on you guys, Al knows I'm playing."

He smiled and nodded, running his fingers through his hair.

Damn what I wouldn't give to be those fingers.

Leave it to me to have my first big crush on, not a ghost, but a vampire. Oh yeah, just my luck.

"I told you, no filter. Anyway, what questions do you have about us Edward? I'd be happy to answer them."

He seemed to think for a moment before he put his hand back in his lap and furrowed his brows. "Bella said something about you seeing could you do that when you are elsewhere?"

"Thats an easy one, I can see the future. Of course my visions are subjective and I can only see things based on what people decide...I honestly don't know how I knew you were coming, seeing as I've never met you, but then again I saw the Cullens when I woke up as a vampire so maybe this is sorta the same thing. I think you are supposed to be with us Edward, but something along the way happened and...well now you are in Chicago with Bella and we are in Forks. I'm rambling aren't I?"

"You do that a lot." I grumbled. Alice did have a point though, how did she know I'd meet Edward? Its not like I made a choice to meet another vampire, who just so happens to be living in my attic. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, now that I think about it...

"Yeah, yeah witty comeback, good for you. Now, did that answer your question on how I knew, Edward?"

"Yes...but what do you mean 'the Cullens'. You mean your coven, right?"

Is it wrong of me to just blatantly stare at him and imagine me doing naughty naughty things to him? Cuz thats pretty much what I was doing, blocking out what Alice was saying and daydreaming about what his long slender fingers could do to me.

When did I become such a perv?

"I guess you could call us a coven, but we are really more of a family. We go to school with the humans, thats how we met Bella, and we try to live our lives as normally as possible. We may be vampires but we live pretty human lives...apart from the not sleeping and drinking blood."

"You go to school?" Edward perked up a bit, and looked up at me. I internally shook myself from my daydream, and smiled.

"Yeah they go to school, pretty cool huh?"

"How many of you are there?"

"Well first there was Carlisle, he is the oldest out of all of us, then he turned Esme, his wife. Then there was Rosalie, then Emmett, her husband and the annoying lughead that you heard over the phone. Then there is Jasper and I. Jasper is my husband and I met with him before I brought us to the Cullens. We are all a family, cept now we are missing a member."

Dammit Alice was trying to make me all emotional. "Don't get all sappy on me now...I miss you too Al."

"You may not be a vampire but you're still our sister, remember that. Now, anything else Edward?"

"Um, I really don't know what to ask. This is not exactly what I expected when Bella cut her finger in the attic...Sorry about that by the way." He looked at me apologetically.

I smiled and waved it off.

"You did very well by the way Edward. Bella is your singer, so that had to be hard to resist her blood like you did. You know what a singer is yes?"

"No, all I know is I've never craved a humans blood so much in my life..."

This might have made me nervous...

"That's because she is your singer. Her blood sings to you, and makes you crave her blood. Its almost impossible to resist, but you did. I don't see you making any mistakes with her. You already passed the test. She cut her finger, you smelt the blood, but didn't kill her. You two will be fine!"

Okay, that made me feel a little better...

"Thats good to know," His voice was quiet. "I think thats all I need to know, for now."

"Alright, well don't hesitate to call! Bella has our numbers, all of them. We are coming up on Christmas so we will finally get to meet you. Until then, take care. Talk to you later Bells! I'll tell Em and Rose you said hi."

"Thanks Al, love ya."

"Love ya too girlie, bye!"

When we heard the click on the other line, I shut the phone and set it on the night stand.

The both of us were quiet for a long while. I absently played with the hem of my shirt, while Edward looked everywhere but me.

I finally couldn't take the silence anymore.

" live in my attic?"

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