Human Nature

Dawn/Jeremy, Vicki

Summary: She watches them through hooded eyes and can't stop the anger flowing through her veins.

Spoilers: post BtVS S7, Vampire Diaries through S1 Ep. 2 'Night of the Comet'

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All vampire-y goodness belongs to L.J. Smith and the creators of the show.

Author's Note: Sequel to Open Your Eyes

Vicki's pov

The last thing she expects to see when she walks into the school on Tyler's arm is Jeremy Gilbert involved in a deeply sensual kiss with a girl she doesn't recognize. It's completely unexpected and makes her stop in her tracks, stunned. She's actually contemplating ripping the strange girl's hair out for touching him when Tyler speaks up.

"I can't believe Gilbert scored with her. She was a bitch last night."

His comment jogs her memory. The girl in the miniskirt who beat Tyler at pool and then played four rounds with Jeremy.

"She's a junior," he says absently. "I got that much from her last night. Who knows why she'd be seen with a freshman. It's not like Gilbert's actually popular. People only know him cause of Elena."

She can't do anything but nod her head. She can't speak without revealing the anger and jealousy coursing through her. She remembers the way that his hands moved over her body, playing it like a violinist playing their violin. She was the strings and he knew exactly what to do to make her make the most beautiful sounds. He played her perfectly. Refusing to be seen with him though, pushed him away and she's nearly forgotten what it is to sing like that. Tyler has no clue what he's doing and like most teenage guys, it's all about him.

She watches them through hooded lids as Tyler grabs books out of his locker and is envious of the way they seem to be connected already. She's not sure what it is that draws him to the new girl, but it's there and it happened very fast. She also sees that he's not stoned. She's never had him look at her like that when he wasn't high. It sparks her jealousy even further and she turns away, but is still able to hear them make plans for lunch.

She doesn't want to be the jealous ex. It's not like she and Jeremy were anything more than fuck buddies when they were high, even if he had wanted more. She has no claim on him so she doesn't understand the jealousy simmering inside. She kisses Tyler on the cheek as she rushes toward class and follows the new girl into Trig. Of course, the only seat available is right next to her and when the new girl drops into the seat she glances at her briefly. Holding out her hand, she says, "Vicki Bennett."

The girl shakes her hand briefly. "Dawn Summers."

"I just want to warn you, be good to Jeremy. He's had a hard time."

Dawn smirks and Vicki is thrown slightly. "So you're the one who used him but refused to be seen with a freshman. Good to know. Also, thank you. If you hadn't been so concerned about being with a freshman I wouldn't have stood a chance with him."

Vicki scowls, thrown by the girl's casual behavior. There's nothing else she can say though. Jeremy isn't hers and she has no right to interfere in whatever it is he has with Dawn Summers. She just hopes the girl heeds her warning because if Dawn hurts him she'll be there waiting to make her pay.