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These Tears You Cry

All you do is cry tears which are not for me. It pains me so. I open my mouth to say something, but years of Father's work have left a mark.

"Hey, Potter, crying over Weasel-Bee?" You look up with those emerald orbs to meet me with a fury. I don't recognize it in those eyes. There's fear and strife and pain right to the very core of your being. All I want to do is hold you tightly. But I can't.

"She was never worth anything – blood traitor." Those words aren't true. I know that she was braver than I ever would be, and died a hero's death in your arms. Your hand grips for your wand. An animal snarl contorts your face. My relentless mouth remains in scowl though I die to ask why you would never love me. It's not like I don't know the answer.

"I'm glad Father did it." You howl your loneliness and torment of a broken world to me like a wolf would to a moon as your wand points at me with deadly aim. I need you. My eyes see nothing but the pain that lightning bolt has cost you. And I cry in pain with you.

Those two words. The curse. A green light the color of your eyes streaks toward me. Time slows. I don't move, but finally manage to smile. Before it hits, I find myself finally saying it. "I love you."