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The truck was loud, and anything over fifty made it shake. Con. It was raining and cold – the truck was dry and warm. Pro. The Ford's main purpose was to transport her to school. Con. The Ford was vintage. Pro.

Bella sat for another five minutes idling in the driveway, mindlessly contemplating her feelings for her newest possession while forcibly ignoring her nervousness about her first day of class. She hazarded a glance at the clock. '7:45. Shit,' she thought, 'no more putting it off.'

Throwing the truck into drive, Bella drove the four miles down the road, wincing slightly when she pulled into the parking lot and saw that it was half full already. She parked as close as she could to the main office, killed the engine, and began her pep talk.

'This is cake, Bella. Just two short years and you're outta here. You are too cool for this school.' She rolled her eyes at herself. "Let's just get this over with," she murmured, grabbing her bag and opening the door.

Inhaling deeply, she grimaced. Forks didn't have air; it had some liquid-gas hybrid that slid down her throat like cough syrup and coated her bronchial tubes. Bella mentally catalogued it with the other five billion things she hated about this town, but didn't have time to continue cataloging her dislikes. The sound of a car pulling into an open space a few rows down from her brought her out of her reverie and focused her attention on the present.

She looked at the car, assessing it. Newer year, silver, tinted windows, Volvo. Might as well have an 'I Have Money' decal painted on the side,' she mused, walking away towards the school's office area. No matter the size of the school, the same laws usually applied. A new car meant money, money meant popularity, and popularity meant the uncomfortable feeling of having to impress whoever the person was.

With no more pausing or hesitation, Bella grabbed the door to the building and pulled.

'Alright fate, do your worst.'


"Must be the new girl." Emmett said, thrusting his chin towards Bella's retreating form, as Rosalie pulled into an open parking space. Unsurprisingly, no one spared the girl more than a brief glance.

Edward, Alice, and Jasper climbed out of the car as Rose and Emmett leaned over to kiss each other. Decades of seeing the two's physical relationship had more than worn away any interest in the two when they showed their intimate side.

Alice skimmed through Jazz's future, looking for any trouble that might arise. He hadn't hunted in two weeks; his hunger was becoming an issue. Having spent more than a decade with him as her only companion, Alice had always felt protective of the vampire she considered her closest confidant.

Nothing suggested that Jasper would do anything rash or dangerous, so Alice let her visions fade and focused on the present. Edward had disappeared without a word, and Jasper walked by her side, quiet as usual.

'Nothing ever happens,' Alice sighed to herself.

She felt comforting waves roll off Jasper and onto her and she smiled wistfully at him. She was well aware of his feelings for her, his fondness. It made her feel guilty sometimes to have such unfettered feelings of love showered upon her. 'Unrequited feelings' Alice sighed. Jasper was everything a man should be, with the exception of being a vampire. But for her that too should have been a bonus.

Her feelings, however, were resolute. Jasper was her friend, her brother, and nothing more. It was irritating how understanding he was about it.

Noticing that they had arrived at Jasper's first class, Alice quickly leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Good luck, not that you'll need it," she whispered. He smiled weakly before walking into the room.

Suppressing another sigh, Alice made her way to her class.

'School blows.'


The thirst was the first thing to hit her. She had been idly sketching in her notebook – drawings of fashion designs that she considered possibly mocking up later. The vision hit hard and fast.

Edward was in Biology, the new girl's scent, the thirst, the thousand scenarios of him lulling her away to a more private area.

Alice shot out of her seat, gave an excuse of not feeling well, and bolted as fast as human limitations allowed her to from the classroom. The biology class was three buildings away, and Alice already saw that she wouldn't make it before the bell rang. The most immediate vision showed Edward leaving school, the new girl unharmed, but Alice continued to make her way towards the science building.

'Don't do it Edward, you know what it would mean for us! Think of how pissed Rose will be at you, how disappointed Carlisle will be!' She kept a running mantra of reasons why Edward should leave the girl alone in her thoughts, hoping he might listen.

The bell rang when she was thirty feet away from the door to the science building. Before Alice could get her hand on the door it sprang open and Edward was there.

"Keys," he demanded, hand out, impatience already in his voice.

Alice saw him getting the keys, leaving, trading cars with Carlisle, leaving again. "Rose has the keys," she told him. "Where are you going to go Edward? What happened?"

Edward was already halfway across the grounds, heading towards Rosalie's class. "Her scent," was all he said.

Alice watched him, torn between going after him and finding the girl. Curiosity won – she had to know what had made him go into the feral state he was now in. She had seen where Edward was going as soon as he decided, and she could always visit the Denali's later on that night. Alice turned back towards the door and opened it, stepping inside the building to search for the mysterious new girl.

The halls were empty; the next class had already begun. Alice sniffed the air cautiously, preparing herself to feel the same painful flare of thirst that Edward had experienced. She caught a faint scent that stood out, but it didn't burn its way down her throat.

She had never smelled anything like this before. It wrapped itself around her senses and pulled her towards it. Eyes half closed Alice allowed herself to be lead to the source of the intoxicating smell. The stronger it got the more Alice lost herself to its power. Quicksilver coursed through her fingertips, down her spine – her toes curled, breathing increased.

Something bounced off her chest.

'What in the world…?'

Realizing that something had, in fact, actually had bounced off her, Alice opened her eyes and looked at the girl who was on the ground.

"I'm so sorry," Alice told her, reaching down to help her up, "I wasn't watching where I was going, I hope you're alright."

The response that reached her ears was lilted, musical almost. "It's ok, I'm fine," the girl said, accepting Alice's hand.

Not only did she not flinch at the coldness of Alice's skin, but she didn't even seem surprised at how easily Alice was able to pull her up from the floor. "I seem to fall down a lot," she explained when she saw Alice staring at her oddly.

Alice didn't hear her. When she pulled the girl off the floor she'd been assaulted with a backlash of her scent. Not just any scent, but the scent. It swam around her like a thick fog, setting every nerve in her body on fire. Her fingers shook, venom pooled in her mouth. She saw the girl and herself in every intimate position possible. Beneath the girl, gasping for air, long brown hair tickling her shoulders – tangled with her, the blue and silver hues of night glinting off their skins as they lost themselves in each other.

'Visions? Fantasies?' Alice couldn't tell. She'd ever experienced anything like this, never heard of anything like this.

"Are you alright?" the mystery girl asked, shaking Alice out of her reverie.


Bella stared up at the girl she'd run into. She was mildly surprised to find another vampire at the small school.

'Maybe they're mates,' she idly thought, studying the small figure. The vampire was staring at her, shell-shocked. Bella wasn't surprised – vampires, humans, werewolves, all had the same reactions to seeing her kind. 'Lust or hate.'

Judging by the way the girl was staring at her, Bella guessed that it was the former rather than the latter. She smiled to herself. 'Maybe this year won't be so bad after all.'

Deciding she'd let the girl ogle her enough, Bella affected a tone of mild concern.

"Are you alright?"


Alice shook her head a little, trying to reorient herself. She'd never lost herself so completely before. It was embarrassing.

'Say something before she thinks you're mentally challenged!'

Smilingly sheepishly, she looked up at the brunette, meeting her eyes for the first time.

Time stopped.

Her head swam. Her chest clenched.

Vertigo set in.

There was only the girl. Nothing else would ever matter.

Alice blinked heavily. The girl seemed as dazed as she – her face a mix of shock and awe.

She took a step towards Alice before she stopped.

Alice watched, confused, as the smile faded from the woman's face. It was replaced by a fierce scowl.

"Stay away from me, vampire."

And then she left.

Alice watched her go, forcing herself not to follow. Everything told her to go after her. Only the fact that the mystery girl knew what she was, and that she knew she could never deny the woman anything, stayed her.

She had no idea what she was feeling.

No idea what had happened.

It would be a long time before she moved.





She's not a werewolf.

The Slow Bang will continue; I just wanted to get in on the non-human Bella action.