"For the Love of Jasper" One-Shot Contest

Title: Teach Us, Mr. Whitlock

Pen name: HereWithoutYou

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Primary Players: Jasper, Edward & Emmett

Disclaimer: Everything Twilight belongs to SM.

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"Come on, Eddie. Loosen up a little!" Emmett tried to whisper to me. "I'm fucking bored, who cares what people did several hundred years ago?"

God, he truly could never keep quiet, and his booming voice didn't exactly work for whispering in class. "Stop calling me Eddie," I hissed. "Just pay attention before Whitlock hands down another punishment on us."

"Aw, is little Edward scared of the big bad teacher?" he asked, not even trying anymore to tune his voice down. "Honestly, what's the worst he could come…"

"Emmett, Edward. Is there a problem?" Our teacher, Mr. Whitlock, interrupted in a calm, attention demanding voice. "Anything you want to let me in on?"

"No, Mr. Whitlock," Emmett replied like he was innocence personified. I couldn't help it; the snort simply escaped my lips.

"So there is something that you want to want share with me, Edward?" Upon the shake of my head he continued, "This is my last warning, boys. You won't be interrupting my class again today, are we clear?"

"Crystal," Emmett answered for both of us. But a look on his face told me all I needed to know; no teacher's threat could actually make him shut his trap. Sighing, I silently accepted the fate that would no doubt come our way in a matter of minutes.

Resuming the lesson, Mr. Whitlock told us about the beginnings of the Civil War, a glint in his eyes from talking about what was obviously his favorite historical topic. He was one of those who'd never lose their calm, no matter how much crap people like Emmett threw his way. He loved talking about history and anyone, being the tiniest bit observant, could see it.

"What do you think, how could those guys survive so long without sex while they were away on a mission?" Emmett asked me like the damn tool he was at times.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I questioned, irritated. "One would think they had more important things on their mind than getting off."

"Is that what concerns you the most about my class, gentlemen? How they satisfied their needs while fighting for our country? Not ten minutes ago I warned you about interrupting me again…" But the last part of our teacher's statement was drowned out by the ringing bell.

"That's it then," Mr. Whitlock said, leaning against his desk. "Emmett and Edward you'll be joining me for a silent hour in detention, starting now. You may stay in your seats and write me an essay about the beginnings of the Civil War, while I grade some papers. I don't want to hear a word from either of you." Pushing himself away from the desk he approached the door, locking it, before he sat down behind his desk.

Throwing one last irritated look Emmett's way, I averted my eyes back to the empty paper in front of me. Even if my life depended on it, I couldn't come up with a single detail we had just heard about the Civil War. That's what I got for listening to Emmett's crazy ramblings and following my own absurd thoughts.

Maybe fifteen minutes into detention Mr. Whitlock cleared his throat, gaining both, Emmett's and my attention. "Would one of you care to explain why your last week's papers are almost identical?"

Next to me Emmett's breathing accelerated while my eyes were captivated by every move Mr. Whitlock made. How his right eyebrow lifted in question or how he ran his hand through his honey blonde hair. I wanted to smooth out the small crease, caused by his lifted eyebrow and ran my own hands through his already tousled hair.

"Do I have to teach you a lesson again? Punish you for being undisciplined in my class?"

"But, Mr. Whitlock…" I tried to form a polite answer, a slight tremor in my voice. I had a feeling that I knew what was coming.

"There's no but, do you understand? It's inexcusable that you simply ignore my lesson," he lectured. "Now come here, both of you."

Without questioning Emmett and I complied, moving to the teacher's desk with quick steps. Standing there in front of the desk, I chanced a look at Emmett. The large bulge in his pants was an obvious indicator that Emmett, too, knew what was about to happen and it made my pants tighten in response.

Standing there in front of him, he simply eyed us for a couple of minutes. It was his way of telling us that he had the upper hand in this game. He was in charge, and we'd do anything he demanded. "Take of each other's clothes," Mr. Whitlock commanded in a strong voice, his gaze still locked on us.

Emmett, just as eager as I, stepped closer to me and ran his hands down my chest, more gently than you would expect from a guy his size. His piercing blue eyes held a hint of mischief as he took my shirt off and let me start popping open his button up. When my fumbling fingers opened the last button and I caught the first glimpse of his perfectly muscled chest, I couldn't stop the gasp from escaping me.

Fuck me sideways, sometime between our last encounter and now he had his nipples pierced, and it just made me so much harder. Visions of closing my mouth around the piercings and sucking on them played in front of me, for now though I had to restrain myself, or else our teacher wouldn't be happy with us.

Drawing me closer to him by the belt loops of my jeans, he lightly caressed my erection, just the shortest touch to tease me. Jasper's eyes followed Emmett's every move as did mine 'till he finally stood up and moved in behind me.

Jasper's fingers trailed over my waist in passing, moving in to unbutton the jeans hanging low on Emmett's hips, displaying his perfect V-shaped abdomen. The feel of Jasper's arousal pressed into my backside made me push back into him, my back flush against his warm chest.

Getting rid of our pants, Emmett switched positions to sandwich Jasper between us. Turning around to face the both of them, my breath caught. They were complete opposite, in looks, but in the end it was what attracted me to both of them. Both so very gorgeous in their own way.

Emmett in all his burly glory, and Jasper's lanky but lean frame. Jasper's honey blonde hair in stark contrast to the dark brown curls on Emmett's head. Not to mention Em's newest addition to his body. They seemed like day and night at first sight, but both had their heart in right place, and both had my heart currently doing flip flops in my chest.

Reaching around Jas, while Emmett undressed him, I slipped my hands into Emmett's boxer briefs. Squeezing his ass a little harder I pulled both of them closer to me, Jasper's cock pressing into mine as no doubt Em's pressed into Jasper's backside.

After one of the most agonizing hours in existence with my cock throbbing in its confinement, Jas finally closed his lips around mine, letting me feel his soft tongue against mine for the first time today. My eyes closed on their own accord as Emmett's hands fumbled between us to get Jasper out of the rest of his clothes.

All too soon Jas released my lips and walked back up to his desk, where he sat back down on his chair. "Take of your boxers boys. Emmett, I want you on top of that desk," he instructed. "And Edward wouldn't you love to show him how much you appreciate it that he got you some extra time with me?"

"I would love to, Mr. Whitlock," I replied and stripped down my last piece of clothing, then waited for Emmett to climb on the desk. Once he seemed to be as comfortable as one could be on a hard desk, I stepped closer, gently nudging his legs apart. My hands ran over his thighs, the muscles jerking under my fingers, until I reached his waist.

Leaning closer to his cock, I blew a light breath across it and watched in amazement as it twitched in front me. Completely focused on this gorgeous piece of man in front of me, I leaned down to lick across the tip of his erection to tease him briefly before closing my lips around him. His breathing accelerated exceedingly, and the moan I earned from him when he hit the back of my throat would surely draw attention if anyone were close by.

The small gasps and moans to my right, caused me to turn my attention to Jasper. The sight of him leaning back in his chair and stroking himself, as he watched Emmett and me, almost halted my ministrations. One of his hands was tightly wrapped around his dick, moving in a slow and deliberate rhythm, the other idly lying on his thigh. My desperation to feel his hands on me spiked, causing me to moan around Emmett.

"Emmett, are you learning your lesson?" Jasper asked, only a small quiver in his voice betraying how excited he actually was. "Or do you think I need to punish you harder for interrupting my class so rudely?"

Choosing this moment, I tugged on Emmett's balls lightly, knowing from experience that he loved it and made him loose his ability to talk momentarily. Nothing wrong with getting him into a little trouble.

"I…ahh, yes… I mean,.. ungh... no," he tried to formulate his answer, making me laugh around him while he was buried in my throat, which made it just worse for him with all the vibrations.

"Do you think that's an adequate answer to my question?"

"N-no, Mr. Whitlock."

"Reverse your positions. Now! I'm not going to repeat myself," Jasper demanded.

Releasing Emmett's cock, we hastily complied. The desk, like I thought, wasn't the most comfortable place to lie on, but every thought about the hard wood underneath me fled my mind once Em's lips wrapped around me. By now I was so painfully aroused from sucking off Emmett and watching Jas touch himself that I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting this experience to end so soon.

Gripping my ass tightly, Emmett pulled me closer to him as he moaned around me, probably blessed with the same heavenly visuals of Jas I had enjoyed only moments ago. With my eyes closed and completely focused on Em's touches, I was startled to feel another hand trailing over my stomach. Opening my heavy lidded eyes, I saw Jasper's face hovering over me, so close that our noses almost touched.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Edward?" he whispered roughly, his voice laced with desire.

With my breath coming in short pants, I simply nodded my head, little whimpering sounds escaping my lips. Leaning down his teeth grazed my lower lip before he engaged me in a short, heated kiss as I felt Emmett's lubed fingers slip into me. Where the hell he got the lube from all of a sudden I failed to know. Who was I to complain though?

Skimming his nose over my cheek to my ear he murmured, "Mhmm, Edward and Emmett. My favorite tastes in the world."

Reaching out for Jasper's cock I started to stroke him with an agonizing slow speed whilst Emmett added another finger, pumping in and out of me equally slow. "I think I need you to punish me harder, Mr. Whitlock," I ground out between pants.

"Yes, I think so, too," he murmured, twisting my nipples slightly. "I want you to reverse your positions again, Emmett on the desk and Edward bend over it, so I can do with you as I please."

Stepping back a little, Jas gave us some room to rearrange. Emmett crawled on top of me, his erection skimming along my body whereas I tried to catch my breath for a moment. And just like that he presented me with the perfect opportunity. Closing my lips around his nipple I sucked hard, knowing that he couldn't have had the piercings longer than a week, made it all the sweeter. They'd still be oversensitive and Emmett proved me right by arching into me, shouting a string of profanities.

Weaseling my way from underneath him, I watched him reposition himself on the table. His long legs, wide spread, hung off the table to give me more space to leverage myself and better access to his body. Massaging his thighs while my tongue traced his balls I had the best vision from my position.

I watched them both kissing, their tongues battling for dominance until Jasper pulled away to whisper something into Em's ear. Whatever it was, it must've been good, his hips bucked up until his hard cock was completely buried down my throat.

Reaching out, he grabbed Jasper's hips tightly, sucking his erection into his mouth until his lips hit Jasper's pelvis. It was one of the most erotic sights I had laid eyes on: Jas' hips thrusting instinctively towards Em while his head was thrown back, exposing his neck. His beautiful blue eyes clenched shut tightly and his plumb, kissable mouth opened wide, moaning between pants.

I spotted the bottle of lube and coated my fingers in it, before I slowly entered Emmett like he'd done to me. His eyes snapped to mine as he let out a shuttering breath, it was the first sign for me to go a little easier on him or else he'd come too early.

Jasper gently stepped back from him, ripping open a condom package. With quick fingers he rolled it over his cock and covered it with lube. Just seeing him go through those motions made my body tense in anticipation of what was yet to come.

Moving in behind me he grabbed my hips tightly with one hand, the other knotting in my hair to set a new rhythm for my bobbing head. Tenderly he prepared me with two fingers, always making sure I was comfortable before he entered me. I was close to begging him to let me feel his dick, when I finally felt the tip of his head enter me.

In one smooth thrust he was seethed in me, inch by exquisite inch. The breath rushed out of me, causing a sharp hiss from Emmett. Looking up I saw him leaning on his elbows to have a better view of Jasper taking me. After several moments Jasper began to move again, seeking out a steadily rising rhythm, which I tried to mirror with my mouth and fingers on Emmett.

The otherwise silent room was soon filled with moans, groans and the sounds of our skin slapping against each other. Emmett was writhing underneath me by now, a steady flow of curse words falling from his fuckable lips.

Feeling that all of us were rather close, Jasper roughly yanked my upper body back by my hair, knowing how much it turned me on. Skimming his nose along my neck, he drawled, "I'm gonna make you scream so hard around Emmett's gorgeous cock 'till he comes from it, and you are going to swallow everything he has to give you. Understood?"

"Yes, yes, yes…" I chanted, breathless, and he didn't waste another second before bending me back over Emmett. Gripping his shaft tightly with one hand, I paid special attention to the head of his enormous cock, sucking and licking before I took him back down my throat.

Jasper, true to his promise, trailed a hand down to my cock, pumping it in time with his speeding up thrusts. He efficiently fucked me incoherent until I came hard, screaming around Emmett's dick. Only seconds later Jasper followed as Em exploded in my mouth and I sucked down his whole load.

Staying utterly still, we all caught our breaths. I felt so completely spent, although in the best way possible and didn't want to move a single inch. In fact, surrounded by my boys and their warmth, I could've stayed like this forever.

My head was resting on Emmett's chest, and I felt Jasper at my back, starting to clean up all the mess we had made. The slightly scruffy, warm washcloth felt good on my sensitive skin, and I was truly glad that Jasper always thought about these things. Cleaning both Emmett and I gently had seemed to become a routine in our plays, one I enjoyed very much. Yes, there was heat and passion and sometimes even some roughness in our plays, but these moments afterwards always ended in tender caresses and affectionate gestures.

Slinging my arm around Emmett's waist and lacing my finger's with Jasper's we walked out of his classroom, still high and sated from our latest releases and already anticipating our next play session. How he could stand in here and teach every day with the knowledge of what the three of us did in there from time to time, I'd never understand. I'd have a boner all day long and for the same reasoning I was glad he wasn't really our teacher and just pretended to be, else I'd probably be in constant trouble just to get it on with him. But I was glad that Jasper, as teacher, had full access to the whole school, even on deserted Saturdays. It gave us the perfect opportunity to let our role playing games come to life.


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