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Hinata's and a little bit of Deidara's POV

Hinata didn't know what had come over her when she told Itachi her name. Why? He was the reason she was here in the first place. He was trying to break her. Make her doubt herself; destroy the bounds that tie her to her village…her home. Yet the words had slipped past her lips before she could stop it. Perhaps it was because she was getting tired of being called 'Hyuuga' all the time. It was getting a bit on her nerves; she was not accustomed to being called her last name every single time she was called to attention.

Names have meanings

"Very well Hinata." Itachi's voice came out as emotionless as ever. His voice gave her the chills. It was like talking to a brick wall made completely out of ice. "This is where you'll be dining, with the rest of us." He opened the doors and Hinata quickly followed behind him not wanting to be left alone. The dining room was painted a nice calming shade of blue; a long table was at the center of the room. From what Hinata could tell it could sit 10 people without being cramped, quite a few painting hung on the walls and there were lights in every corner of the rooms. Overall, it was a very cozy, no ill intent, or bad feeling room.

That some say define us

Three people were already seated two of which Hinata had already met. Sasori and Deidara. The one's who escorted her to Itachi earlier that day. The other was the man that resembled a shark. They seemed to have taken notice of Itachi and Hinata standing there for Sasori and the shark man nodded their heads in greeting. Deidara's greeting was not so subtle. "Hey Itachi! And hello…um sorry I didn't quite get your name." His voice was neither loud nor soft but it was able to catch anyone in a few feet's attention. "H-Hinata." She found no reason to keep it a secrete after having already told Itachi. Out of everyone in the room, she felt more secure or at least less afraid with either Deidara or Sasori.

However, is it really our name that defines us?

"A sunny place. Yeah, it suites you." His smile reminded Hinata of a certain blonde but then there was a difference so big that she decided not to compare the two. There was a loud sounding smack after Deidara's sentence. "Sasori! What the hell. Un!" Deidara yelled holding his arching skull. "That was for saying something based on nothing. In other words saying something stupid." Was Sasori's bored reply. The blue colored man only shook his head a smile playing on his lips. Itachi simply walked to the empty seat next to the blue man, choosing to ignore the two bickering males. Hinata didn't move from her place and stood awkwardly wondering if she should sit or stay standing.

Don't we define ourselves?

Sasori was the first to notice her discomfort. "You should sit down unless you wish to find the whole room staring at you as if you were a fool." She would have thought it was Itachi speaking if it were not for the bored tone. Not wanting to annoy the red head or anyone else, not to mention she didn't want anyone staring at her for a long period, she sat down next to Deidara. This, to her was her safest choice. She then proceeded to look down at the wooden table not wanting to make eye contact with anyone. Deidara looked at the others at the table then turned his head to stare at the Hyuuga. She was pretty that was for sure, even though her hair was slightly a mess, her eyes where white with lavender mixed in them giving her the appearance of innocence. Dark midnight blue hair went down to her waist. A perfect contradiction of dark and light. A piece of art, yeah.

Or do we in part give a new definition to our name?

"Why don't you speak?" Deidara asked startling Hinata enough to make her jump. "Um… I… uh." She wasn't expecting any one to actually speak to her, so she was completely caught off guard by Deidara's question. Deidara smiled noticing that he had made the girl uncomfortable. "It's not a bad thing. It's just that we have too many social retarded people who have the talking ability of a statue although not the beauty. Un" He said noting and ignoring the fact that he was getting quite a few death glares.

"It's not that we are in your words "socially retarded." We just prefer not to go down to your low level of conversation." Sasori replied to his partner's less than true statement. "Also the beauty you seem to talk about is non existent since you believe that true beauty and art lasts only a fleeting moment then disappears." Sasori continued fully knowing about the jabs he was dealing to the blonde. Deidara glared at his partner fully papered to counter his argument. The shark interrupted him before he could however. "Please don't start that age old argument again. We have heard enough of that to last us a life time." He ended his statement with a hard stare directed at Deidara.

Feeling the need to diffuse an incoming argument before she got to witness a fight that she would rather not see, Hinata asked Deidara a question that has been bugging her for a while. "Um Deidara?" The said man turned his head giving her his full attention, which had no help on her nerves. "W-why are we w-waiting here for?" she asked her voice small and polite. She was so nervous she didn't notice that her question didn't quite make sense. "Well most of the Akatuski can't cook and those who can only do so with poison." Deidara made a face as he said it. "Not very healthy if you ask me." He grinned, "So because of that someone has to go and get food that is already ready and the rest stay here. Un. The reason why it's so empty today is because some are on missions. Yeah." Before Hinata could think of a response or another topic to talk about there was a loud crash coming from just outside the room followed by a colorful amount of cursing. "Food's here."

A definition that shapes the choices we make.