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This is the sequel to Temporal Guardian. I hope you like it.

Snape's Permanent Complications

Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master and potions professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unknown inventor of innumerable potions. Cold, calculating, precise, sarcastic, and bitter Snape…. Was going to have a stroke….

He was looking at the wardrobe in his personal quarters at said famous school, as the time was tickling away, and he was going to be late.

It was the first day of classes at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The classes start at 8:30.

Breakfast started serving at 7. He liked to be seated at the staff table in time to supervise his Slytherins. They were required to be punctual at every meal. The least their Head of House could do was to be there before them.

Severus Snape's alarm clock sounded at 6.30. He had a fast shower and went to his room to get dressed.

He was alone in his quarters, Harry had gone to Gryffindor Tower since the previous evening and he had heard when 'Paddy' had left the room using his special pet's door.

He took his underwear and shirt and put them on.

Then it happened. A disruption of galactic order.

He had somehow misplaced a pair of black pants.

They were not his most expensive pants, they were not his best pants either. But they were his favorite pair.

One would think that a man that wore always black wouldn't be so picky about his clothes… but the truth was that even if all his pants were black, he had preferences.

The last time he had seen them had been when packing at the Manor before coming to Hogwarts, before the beginning of the term.

He was sure that he had unpacked them and left them ready in the wardrobe for his use on the first day of classes.

He liked to wear them specifically on Mondays. The pants fit him perfectly he did not have to use a belt with them.

He found the classes stressful enough by having to supervise all those dunderheads handle dangerous potions' ingredients, without having to wear tight clothes that would make it uncomfortable to move…

The rest of his clothes fitted him fine but there was something in this pair of pants that made him want to wear them on Mondays and first classes of the year…

And now they were missing.

And he was facing three very distraught house elves.

One that was sure that it had seen the pants in their place at the wardrobe one week before the term.

Other one that was sure that they had not been washed at all since that date.

And the last one that was hard to understand with all his wailing and hand wriggling! But that said that the pants were no longer there.

It was clear, the pants had disappeared!

As it was getting late. Snape dismissed the elves and went to the great hall for breakfast wearing his second favorite pants.

He was not going to let a tiny thing like loosing his favorite pants disturb his schedule.

He could always deduct points to the dunderheads in compensation.

He entered the Great Hall with his usual long strides. The students were scattered around their tables eating their meal, he did not look at them but felt their awed stares. Albus said that the whole school behaved better if he was seated at the staff table.

The staff table was also full. He found an empty seat beside Minerva. The witch was buttering her toast and drinking coffee.

"You are late," she whispered as he sat down.

As his only answer was a grunt she continued in the same tone of voice.

"My! someone stood up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…" She poured him a cup of coffee.

Snape took a deep breath and smelled his coffee…. This was a smell that made him feel better.

"Why would you say so old witch? I am my usual sunny disposition."

"Not the usual one Severus. What happened to you?"

"Nothing worth commenting over a cup of coffee." No way Snape was going to tell her about his missing pants. He turned his head to the Gryffindor table and saw that Harry was eating a hearty breakfast.

How much a child can change in barely two months? He was glad that he was the one responsible for the healthy look of the boy. He saw that Harry picked things from his plate and passed them under the table. Surely the mangy dog was there asking for food. As if he was not feed well by the kitchen elves!

He looked at the food platters and served himself eggs and hashed potatoes. He had a complete morning of classes and he would need to sustain himself with healthy food.

"I heard that you have been giving advice about third year courses to selected Gryffindors Severus. Don't you think that involves trespassing some professional lines?"

"What were your intentions Minerva, how could you expect Miss Granger to handle 6 additional classes? Three of them being imparted at the same time?"

"Well I had already placed a petition for a time turner…"

"A what…?" Snape almost chocked with his eggs. He drank some coffee and continued. "Is your mind so full of catnip old witch, that you can't realize how dangerous that could be?"

"I am sure that Miss Granger would not misuse it."

"I just told her what she could expect from the courses, Minerva. She is a very responsible young girl but she would have a nervous break down. It's too much pressure for a girl that young."

"You told her that she could assist to Divination for only a couple of classes!"

"She won't need more that one cup of tea with Trelawney to realize that she is too smart to look for her inner eye…"

"She is a smart girl Severus, she needs to be challenged!"

"She will be in my Advanced Potions Class once a week. She will find it challenging enough. She even may take her Potions OWL in advance."

"You may be right, but I do not appreciate your meddling with my students."

"They are your students all right but as friends of my son, their wellbeing affects him. So I may advice them."

"Well you may… But I do not want to hear any complains if I 'advice' any of your students."

"I won't complain but I may deck some points…." Professor McGonagall gave him one of her sternest looks and then said, "Well if you excuse me… I have class schedules to handout…"

"Harry and Mr. Weasley will also attend Divination during this week only."

"I cant say that that is a bad idea."

Severus stood up and went to the Slytherin table and handed classes schedules. He had to go to the dungeons to his first class.

Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, 1st years. Well his day would get better.

Severus Snape entered the potions classroom, his robes floating beside him in his practiced manner. The children were all sitting quietly when he arrived at the front of the class. He turned to start his rehearsed speech… and the unthinkable happened.

All the children stood at the same time and as if they had rehearsed it said in one voice.


Snape was mute. How dare they! Who had put them up to this…? This…?

It was too soon for Minerva to retaliate.

A tiny blond girl in spectacles seated at the front row smiled at him and asked in a tiny sweet voice.

"Did we did it right this time professor? We all try to stand at the same time…"

She was not joking. There was no mocking in her voice.

"Yes. You did" he said with as much aplomb as possible given the circumstances.

She kept looking at him with twinkling beseeching blue eyes. Was she relative of Dumbledore?

"Well aren't you going to give us points… Sir? You said that you would give 20 points to each of our houses if we did it this time…"

Snape found it hard to think.

"This time? How many times did you practiced….?"

"Just three times Sir. You said that…"

"When did I say it Miss…?"

"Montgomery Sir, from Ravenclaw"

"Well you just did it before… you left to get your papers… Did you found them?"


Had he experienced a black out? How could this tiny girl… not just the girl the complete classroom…. How could they say that he was going to give points?


"We will talk later then Miss Montgomery. Please take your sit and lets begin."

He delivered his speech but it did not have the desired impact. Most of the children were smiling. He needed them trembling…

The class ended without further problems. Before they left the same tiny Miss Montgomery asked him if they should practice any other salute or the one they had given was all right.

"It was all right Miss. There is no need for you to practice or for you to salute me again like that."

"Didn't you like it Sir?"

It sounded as if he was breaking the girls heart!

"I liked it, but we should use all of the time for the potions, from now on."

"Thank you Sir."

All the students shook his hand and left.

He hoped this was not going to set a precedent. He went to his rooms for a headache potion and went back to his classroom.

He did not leave the potions classroom until lunch time and he locked the door after going for lunch.

There were no more 'incidents' from saluting students for the rest of the day.

He did not think about it during the afternoon as he was distracted by the accident that Draco Malfoy had with the hippogriff, which was one of the group of creatures Hagrid brought to his first Care of Magical Creatures lesson with the third year students!

Snape had to go to the infirmary and listen to the blond boy's complains, he relieved him from having to attend classes for two days and told him to stay the night in the infirmary. Then he had to contact Lucius and assure him that his son and heir would not be permanently damaged. Lucius used the floo and ranted for a whole hour against the class, the teacher and threatened to have the hippogriff disposed off… Then left. Severus hoped that the man would change his mind once he slept on it. After all Hippogriffs were rare protected animals....

Then… on his way to the Great Hall he was intercepted by Hagrid who told him that poor innocent 'Buckbeak' was not to be blamed… that Draco had disrespected him and that hippogriffs were very receptive creatures!

It may have been Malfoy's fault as he did not heed Hagrid instructions… But the man had no sense of danger… he shouldn't bring such dangerous creatures to his classes!

Severus went to his quarters in time for Harry to visit with him for half an hour before curfew. His son also had his own version about the incident of the afternoon. After hearing that he had already flown on a hippogriff he asked Harry to stay away from Hagrid animals.

He left Paddy sleeping and went to the teachers lounge for a snack. He wanted to know if any other had had any kind of 'incidents' like the one he had with his first year class.

He did not ask. He was a trained spy, he could learn things with out really asking. But none of his colleagues commented anything…Similar.

Young Malfoy's accident was the only thing they commented. He got himself a platter of sandwiches and coffee and sat in a comfortable corner to eat and hoped for the day to end faster.


Paddy had a wonderful time in Hogwarts. It was almost as good as when he studied here, without having to be in class or do homework!

He woke with Snape's alarm and left the dungeons for a quick roam on the grounds. Fang was usually still asleep.

Then there was a stroll to the kitchens for breakfast. He had already lost his starved look!

After he finished his breakfast he went to Gryffindor tower and waited until Harry appeared. His godson went out carrying his backpack and joking with the Weasley boy and the bushy haired girl. Harry always hugged him when they met and they walked to the Great Hall for breakfast and even if he had already eaten he did not say no to selected pieces of bacon and sausages.

Then he walked his godson to his class. And run to the dungeons for a well deserved nap.

It was the first day of classes and on his way 'home' he found an 'abandoned' potions class full with first year students… they believed his impersonation of Snivelius…

Life was good. If he could only get a picture of his face as they all stood to greet him!

If he only could place his paws over Wormtail…

After his nap he went looking for his Godson but he should still be in class. He would have to learn his schedule. The positive side was that he found a very nice and smart cat.

As an animagus he could understand other animals in a basic level.

The cat slept in the Gryffindor tower and knew about the fake rat that lived there too. And was going to help him to flush him out.

They went for a run on the grounds and he was glad to have and ally inside the tower.

On the grounds he stumbled over Hagrid's class of Care for Magical Creatures and witnessed his godson flying on the hippogriff! He couldn't comment on the accident that that boy had… he could only tell that he had it coming.

He stayed with Harry until dinner and went with him to the library. Then Harry walked him to the dungeons.

Snape even patted his head.

He could get used to this life.


The week did not improve for Snape.

Two days later his other group of first grade potions, Slytherins and Gryffindors had heard from their friends in the other class and also saluted him as he walked into the room…..

He was considering teaching them to brew some potions to tie their tongues…..

His fuse was very short when he had to teach double potions to third grade Gryffindors.

At least they did not stand up and greet him in unison.

He realized that Harry was not in the classroom when he closed the door. He also was expecting Malfoy back by now… He would have to talk with both young men.

He used his wand to place the instructions on the blackboard and started explaining the potion when the door opened and a shamed-looking Potter entered the room. He entered as silently as possible and sat in the back with Weasley. Severus was not going to let it go….

"So you decided to grace us with your presence Mr. Potter. What happened did you leave your sense of time in your dorm room? Or did you forget to plug your brain?"

Slytherins laughed on cue.

Harry did not answer. He had left his potion diary in his dorm and had to get it before class. He had a small mishap and had tried to run but arrived five minutes too late. He showed the diary to Snape but the professor acted as if he did not notice.

Harry was not sure what he expected but Severus said, "Five points from Gryffindor. From now on I will take one point per minute on anyone of you who comes late… Let's continue, you have the instructions, get the ingredients and start brewing. By this time you must be able to prepare your ingredients correctly and brew the potions in one hour. You will be graded on the whole process; the selection of the ingredients, their preparation and the potion you brew. If you do not do it successfully… Well you would have to repeat it until you do. And it will influence your grades…."

At that moment there was a knock on the door and Malfoy appeared.

He entered walking slowly and said.

"Sorry I am late professor, I came here the moment I was released, I had to walk all the way down from the infirmary and I couldn't walk fast because it jolts my injured arm. I have a note from the nurse. "

"I see Mr. Malfoy. Take your seat." There was an empty seat on the front.

"Thank you professor." Malfoy entered slowly.

Harry was entering the storage room and made a face at Ron. He knew that Severus was not going to go soft on him but… He expected to be treated with a little less venom.

"Mr. Potter please bring two sets of ingredients and change your place to the front. You are going to help Mr. Malfoy with his potion."

Harry did not answer from the storage room.

"Did you hear me Potter?"

"Yes Sir."

"Don't dawdle then, you won't get more time."

Harry just looked at him. And sat beside Malfoy. He had already done that potion. It was the last one on his potions book from last year. And he also knew that there were some jars with ingredients already minced and cubed. So he chose the prepared ingredients and gave them to Malfoy for his brewing. The blond boy was acting as if he was half dying but was able to place the ingredients inside the cauldron without problem. Both their potions turned the correct color. Snape did not comment on that. He did had plenty to say about Neville's potion however. Poor Neville. Snape terrorized him. And the more scared, the more mistakes the boy was prone to make. Hermione tried to help him but there was no use, Severus vanished the potion before it exploded and asked him to write an essay about the properties of minced mandragoras for the next class.

Neville was shaking by the end of the period.

Harry was not happy either. Severus had smelled his potion and had told him that he had not given enough time between the ingredients to settle and that it was mediocre at the most.

"For the next class you are going to write an essay about the properties of this potion and also about the risks that it would bring if brewed incorrectly or in haste." He looked at Harry after he said it. "Two feet. You may go now…" The students began picking up their things. "Mr. Potter assist Mr. Malfoy with his things, give them to Mr. Goyle." Harry felt his blood boiling. Why couldn't his dad be more… Nice?

He quickly placed his things in his backpack. He turned and saw that Hermione and Ron were almost at the door. He and his friends were the only ones left in the class room.

"Harry come here. You too Miss Granger."

Harry kept quiet. But got close to the desk.

"Here is the material for the advanced potions class, it will begin in two weeks, Monday at 5, study it and come to me if you have any doubt."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir." Ron thought that Hermione looked as if someone had given her a birthday present.

"Here is your package son."

"Thank you Sir." Harry took the package and placed it in his backpack. He did not look at Snape.

"Why were you late Harry?" Severus said in a conciliatory tone.

"What do you care? You already took points from me."

"Harry you have to understand. I won't play favorites and I won't have students entering late. It disrupts the class."

"You did not say anything to Malfoy…! He was later!"

"He came from the infirmary."

"I saw him in the corridor he was moving his hand and joking with other Slytherins. He was just acting!"


"Forget it. I guess this is how things would keep on being!" Harry ran to the door. Hermione and Ron went after him.

Hermione turned at the door. She could tell that Snape was out of words.

"We have to go to Defense class professor. I am sure he will understand."

"Thank you Miss Granger."


"Why were you late mate? What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Hurry, you do not want to be late for this class also."

They arrived at the Defense classroom and had to go out again from it.

They had to go to the teachers' room and were taught to face a 'Bogart'. The creature without form was trapped inside a wardrobe. It took the form of the thing that scared the person facing him most.

Neville was the first to try and Harry felt scared that the form that the Bogart took was that of Severus Snape.

The black dressed Potions master walked menacingly berating the young boy until professor Lupin made it go back inside the wardrobe.

Once knowing the form of his worst fear, Neville, with the help of professor Lupin imagined what could be the most ridiculous way to present the scary Potions master. Harry laughed along with the rest of his classmates when the form was dressed in Neville grandmother's clothes and hat.

In that moment every one else was allowed a go with the Bogart.

At the end of the class most of the third year students had faced the Bogart successfully. Harry had not been one of them.

He wished he'd have a go at the Bogart but Professor Lupin did not allow him to. He felt a little frustrated. Did Lupin thought that he was incompetent? He had faced Voldemort and a Basilisk, why not a Bogart?

Homework was supposed to be an insight exercise. They had to think about what was their worst fear and also how could they reverse it. Harry was not sure what he was going to write about.

Ron and Hermione were happy, they had faced the Bogart successfully.

"Well it seems that at last we have a DADA teacher that knows the theme!" said Hermione.

"Did you see that spider with the roller-skates on its legs? That was awesome!"

"What do you think Harry?" Harry was walking silently behind them.

"I don't know why he did not let me face the Bogart."

"Well… you know Harry the class only lasted an hour…"

"Yes but I wanted to try."

"Well everybody knows that you had faced quiet scary things Harry…" Hermione was very conciliatory, she could say that Harry was upset. She was sure it was not because of the Bogart at all "maybe he did not want the group to be faced with your worst fear."

"But that is no fair, I should have got a chance… You did!"

"Harry it's just one class, you'll get your chance the next time, Mate."

"But there won't be a Bogart the next time. I just wanted to try…. It's like nothing I do is good!"

"Mate you are sounding like…. I mean… You always want everybody… the teachers… You want them to treat you as a normal person. Well that is how it feels to be normal. You are not always called to step in front and you have to wait in line for your turn."

Harry stopped in front of his friend. Was he doing that? Did he really want to be given a 'special treatment'?

"It's not like that Ron."

"Ain't it mate? you sound as a spoiled as Malfoy…"

Harry closed his mouth. Was that what his friends think?

"I am going to the dorm."

"Harry, we need to start the research on the transfiguration paper…"

"I can't Hermione. Not now."

"Would you come down for dinner?"

"I don't think so. I'm not hungry."

"Snape is not going to like it if you skip meals mate"

"I don't care."

He turned around and ran.

"He is behaving like my brother Percy. He was not allowed to face the 'Bogart' so what? Its not like we enjoyed it… it was really scary."

"Ron… Harry is trying to cope with a lot of things this year."

"He is angry because Snape took points. He should be used to that… He should be used at Snape by now."

"Let's go to the library."

"Let's hope Snape doesn't learn that Neville vanquished him in DADA class! I bet he would be worse the next class."


Harry left his friends and went out of the castle. Paddy was waiting for him. He felt comforted when the big dog started wrestling with him.


Ron and Hermione could feel Snape gazing at them. Harry had not reached them at the library and dinner was ending and he had not appeared.

They went to the tower expecting to find their friend munching something in the common room.

Harry was not there. Hermione and Ron kept doing their homework in the common room. Ron kept looking at the entrance waiting for Harry to appear. He was his best mate, he should be allowed to complain. Ron complained all time after all.... He saw Seamus and Neville arrive. They were still talking about the Bogart as they went up stairs to their dormitory. Ron and Hermione had not time to ask them if they had seen Harry.

Then they come out of the dorm and called him from the stairs.

"Ron… Have you been at the dorm?"

"No. I was about to go up. Why? Is Harry up there?"

"I told you, you should have looked for him there…"Whispered Hermione.

"The Fat Lady said he had not come back."

"No Harry is not up here… But come… it looks like there was a kind of a fight!"

Ron and Hermione run up stairs and entered the dorm.

It did indeed look like a fight had taken place there.

In both Ron and Harry's bed the curtains had been torn, pieces of the material were still hanging there, giving it a look of broken canvas. The beds were rumpled and one of the mattresses was out of its place. A lamp was broken.

"What happened here?"

"You mean to tell me you don't know?"

"Ron has been with me all the time, he did not come here at all since the morning."

"When I left the beds were all right." Ron saw that some of his things were out of place. Scabbers' cage was in a corner of the night table. He placed it on the window seat.

"Who could have done this? Where is Harry?"

"Sirius Black," said Seamus.


"Every one knows. Sirius Black is after Harry. May be he came inside the tower and kidnapped him."

"That is impossible…. How could he enter the tower? The Fat Lady wouldn't let him in."

"He was in Gryffindor! Maybe he knows of another way in."

"They said that he is one of the darkest followers of you-know-who."

"Do you think he has Harry?"

"Hermione? Where are you going?"

"We have to tell Professor McGonagall!"


Severus Snape was pacing in his room. He knew he had to sit and start reviewing his classes for the next day. But he couldn't take from his mind the look that Harry had given him in class.

They have talked about it. Harry knew that he was not going to give him any concession. Harry even joked about it. And on the first class he arrives late and objects his taking of points. What else could he do? Ask him to stand in the corner? Harry had to be punctual in all his classes! He guessed that they would have to sit and talk about it.

He planned to find him during dinner, but the aggravating child had disregarded another of his rules! Unless he had eaten some where else.

So attending meals was another topic that they should talk about.

Maybe he should go to his dormitory and ask to see him or floo Minerva and ask her to send him over….

The floo came to life at that moment. And Minerva McGonagall's head appeared.

Was he getting telepathic?


"Yes Minerva?"

"Severus… Have you seen Mr. Potter?"

"Not at all, not after Potions class, shouldn't he be in the tower? It's almost curfew."

"Severus, something happened. We fear that… I think that you should come to Gryffindor Tower now. Please step through."

Snape's heart was beating so fast that he did not recall going through the floo to Gryffindor Tower. He had been there before. The common room was as red and gold as he remembered. The fire in the chimney kept the room warm. But he was so cold… he thought that there was no way that he would ever be warm again. He was faced with McGonagall and all her lions.

"What happened?"

"It seems that someone attacked the third year boy's dormitory."

"We can't find Harry," exclaimed Ron.

"When was the last time you saw him?"

"After DADA class, he said that…" Hermione was trying to stop the tears. "He said that he was going to the dorm."

Snape ran upstairs. Ron wondered how he knew which one was the correct room.

He entered and saw the mess… where could Harry be? Was that blood?

He was going out as Dumbledore was entering.

"The Fat Lady says that Harry did not entered the tower Severus."

"Where is he?"

"I can not tell my friend. I guess we should start looking for him. I will ask for all the students to be accounted for and to stay in their common rooms, then we'll start the search inside. The ghosts will help. I'll call Hagrid to search the grounds."

That moment they heard a small commotion downstairs.

Dumbledore and Snape exited the dorm and saw that Harry had just entered the common room.


Harry knew that he was cutting it short by getting to the tower just after curfew but he never thought that his Head of house, the Head master and his father were going to be waiting for him.

Hermione ran and hugged him.

"Mr. Potter."


"Where have you been the whole afternoon young man?" Harry knew that Severus was very angry.

"Professor… Sir. I…"

"I think we must allow Harry to explain his whereabouts. Children, I think that all of you would be more comfortable in your dormitories. There is no need for you to loose your sleep. Thank you for your cooperation. Minerva, is there a place for the third year boys to sleep tonight? I guess that we will have to investigate further what happened in their dormitory."

"Yes Headmaster. There are extra beds in the guest rooms."

Harry saw as the common room emptied, everyone went to their dormitories. He wished he could go with them.

Snape stood beside him and the moment there was no one else insight placed his arm around his shoulder.

He felt the anger in his father but also felt relieve and concern. He laid back onto the arm. He knew he would have a chance to explain.

"Mr. Potter, would you explain us now where were you the whole afternoon?"

"I was out Ma'am, I was feeling… I mean I needed to run a little and… I went out to the yard… I… Paddy and Fang were there and then Hagrid came and…. I had dinner with him. He… I mean he is worried about what will happen to Buckbeak so…. He needed to talk and… I thought that… I just stayed there until almost curfew… I'm sorry if you get worried."

"You see Minerva and Severus that is a perfectly harmless explanation. Harry was not even near when the attack occurred…"

"Attack… what attack sir?"

"There was an attack in your dorm room Mr. Potter. Your bed and Mr. Weasley's are broken…. We will have to look a it more closely. Your room mates thought that you had been attacked. We though that Sirius Black had entered the tower and had kidnapped you…"

"I'm sorry… I never meant for you to worry. I am sorry."

"The important thing is that you are all right Mr. Potter, now.. you must be tired. Why don't you go with your roommates to the guest room?"

"Mr. Potter is going to sleep in the dungeons." Said Snape.

"But Sir…."

"Not now Mr. Potter…."

"Let me explain… no one entered the tower… there was attack... It was my fault… the beds I mean."

"Explain then…"

"I think we should all sit down." Dumbledore sat in front of the fire and conjured tea for all.

"This morning," started Harry " after breakfast… I realized that I had left my potions diary in the dorm. I had been reading in last night and I needed it for the class. I came here but… Paddy was with me. He made such a sad face when I was going to leave him out that… I sneaked him in when the Fat Lady was not looking. He really behaved. There were several cats sleeping in the common room and he did not even looked at them… Crookedshanks… Hermione's cat even rubbed against him… we entered the bedroom and…. I started looking for the diary but…. It was no where to be found. So I went under the bed and it was there… I had to move the bed a little to reach it.. then it happened. I am not sure who started it but… the cats had followed us and I guess they were trying to catch Scabbers… that is Ron's rat, he ran beside me just before the cats and Paddy got tangled in the curtains. As Paddy is a big dog… the curtains couldn't support him so they break and also the cats cut through with their nails… I.. maybe the cloth was not really strong…. I caught Scabbers and placed it back in his cage and then I had to free the cats and Paddy… and it was getting late for class so after letting them out I just closed the door and went to class. That is why I was late for potions Sir…. I planned to set the room right after class... but I forget. I'm sorry."

"You see all our mysteries solved. I guess you wont be sneaking Paddy inside the tower again young man." Harry said a very silent "No Sir."

"Well I will leave you then. Minerva I'll see you in the morning. You should inform the house elves that they need to put the dorm to rights. Mr. Potter, you and your dorm mates would be able to sleep in your dormitory tomorrow. Good night to all."

"Good night Albus. I will retire now gentlemen. I'll see you tomorrow in class Mr. Potter."

"Yes Ma'am."

"You will use the floo wont you Severus?"

"I will rather Minerva. Thank you." Severus took the floo powder offered by Minerva and throw it into the fire. "After you Harry."


Once in the dungeon Harry found Paddy in the living room. They had parted company at the entrance of the tower.

Snape arrive one minute later.

"Go to your room and get ready for bed."

"I don't understand Dad. You are sending me to my bed… I thought that you wanted us to talk…"

"I said, go to your room." He snapped a little more forcefully.

"Yes Sir."

Snape heard his tone of voice and knew it had been too harsh.

"Harry… we'll talk over breakfast tomorrow. Right now we are both tired."

Harry smiled slightly.

"Good night Dad."


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