Hi everyone. I've decided to try writing a story about Wizards on Waverly Place…with a twist. Hope you guys will like it ;) Please Review!

P.S- This is set in the future.

It's been about five years since the Russo Family competition. This meant that Justin was now 25; Alex was 23, and Max was 20. And guess who won? Max. Max kept his powers and became a full wizard. Surprisingly, this didn't tear the family apart. They stayed just as normal as they've ever been. For instance, one day at the Russo's home, they decided to repaint the Sub-Station.

They covered the place in newspapers just in case they spilled, but forgot about how much pain they would need to paint the entire restaurant.

Jerry yelled, "Kids! Can you come here for a second?"

Alex walked slowly towards her dad as she looked at her newly painted nails, "Uhh…Dad. You can stop calling us kids now. We're adults now."

Jerry shook his head, "Oh whatever. To me, you'll always be my kids. Anyways, your mother and I have to run to the store and pick up some more paint. We still have a couple cans left, so you guys can start painting. Sound good?"

"Yeah, Dad." The three replied in unison.

"This means no fighting or trouble, alright?" Jerry looked at his kids.

Justin smirked, "Like that's ever going to happen. Alex is going to screw up somehow."

Alex shouted, "Hey! You're not so perfect yourself." She hits him.

Justin said, "Ow! See, dad, look what she's already done."

Jerry just shook his head once again, "Max, just make sure they stay out of trouble, alright?" That's odd; I never thought I'd hear myself say that. He thought.

You see, when the children were younger, Max was known as the pretty crazy and dumb one. But as he grew up, he matured quickly and took more interest in learning about magic. Hence, he was the one with the full wizard powers.

Max replies, "Don't worry, dad. I've got it under control." As Jerry and Teresa leave, Max turns to Justin and Alex, "So let's get started guys."

Everything went well for the first half an hour of painting until Max left the room.

Max says, "Guys, I'm going to go wash my hands real fast. I'll be right back. Try not to kill each other, ok?"

After he was gone, Justin, who was on top of a ladder, asked, "Alex, can you pass me that paintbrush down there? It's bigger, so I can probably get more done up here."

Alex smirked, "As if! Get it yourself!"

Justin rolled his eyes and slowly descended the ladder, but suddenly, he slipped. He tumbled down along with the ladder and the buckets of paint on top.

"Justin! Oh my God! Look what you've just done!" Alex Russo was now standing in the middle of the Waverly Sub-Station dripping wet with white and green paint.

Justin slowly recovered and tried to get up, "Oh God, my head." He rubbed the back of his neck and groaned.

"Justin! Who cares about your stupid head?!?! You ruined my new top!" Alex cried in distress.

"Oh well, sorry! When a guy falls off a ladder, I don't think the first thing he thinks about is if he ruined his sister's clothes!" Justin yelled angrily.

Alex picks up a paintbrush full of paint, "Well, would you like it if I did this!" She splattered Justin the face with paint.

Justin covers his face before he gets splattered with more paint and exclaimed, "Alex! None of this would have happened if you had just handed me the paintbrush!"

Alex questioned, "So now it's my fault?!?"

"Actually it is! It's always your fault!" Justin yells again.

"Gosh, you can act more mature about this!"

"Me!?! You're the one who should be acting more like you're age!" Justin shouted as he picks up a paint brush and throws it at Alex.

"Ughhh!!! I hate you! You are the most….." Alex was interrupted by a louder voice.

Max stood behind his two older siblings with an angry expression across his face. "What the heck is going on? I heard a crash and some yelling, so I made my way here as fast as I could." he said.

Alex and Justin, both covered in paint, slowly turned around. Alex mentioned, "He started it!"

Justin retorted, "Yeah right! You are the one who…."

Max yelled, "You guys are both pathetic! You both are now in your 20's. We're not teenagers anymore! We should be able to work things out better, but noooo…..You have to fight about every little thing!"

Justin sighed and began to say, "Max…."

"Save it, you guys! I wonder if you guys know how I feel! I always have to listen to you two bickering every single day! It gets old, you know! I just wish you would just stop fighting! It hurts me to see my siblings fighting this way!" Max reasoned.

Alex never knew how much feelings Max had, he just never expressed it. She began again, "Max…."

"No! I don't want any apologies! You'll just have to learn by yourselves!" Max shouted.

Justin looked confused and turned towards Alex before he said, "What do you…."

He got interrupted by Max's interrupting voice as he casted a spell.

"Many fights will be spared, if they're showed a world in which they love and care…"

"Max, Noooo!!!"

"Send them to wherever this may be, just make sure they switch realities!"