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Bella Pov

I sat bolt upright as my brother manically swerved to avoid the on-coming traffic.

"Jacob, slow down, this is just stupid, you're gonna get us all killed," I cried gripping the underside of my seat.

"S-s-top be-eing a baby B-eella," Alice slurred drunkenly. Jacob had gotten her so pissed and high that she could hardly form a coherent word let alone a sentence.

"Nicely said, my Puss," he purred as his groping hand made the way up her tiny thigh, his eyes sliding over her exposed cleavage. The once sweet girl, had become quite the slut since meeting my brother.

I suddenly realised that we weren't on the right side of... "The road, Jake! Watch the road!" But my warning was heard on deaf ears as we hurtled towards the truck coming from the opposite direction.

The impact smashed my head against the back of Alice's chair and all went black.

Edwards Pov.

Fuck the bastard to the deepest pits of hell where he belongs.

That was all I think of as the withered old priest droned on about 'ashes to ashes' and all that shit.

All of a sudden, the service was over, and I was being consoled by people who had pretended to be my sister's friends while she was alive to get their grubby hands on her inheritance.

Just like that wanker, Jacob. If he were here now I would beat the living shit out of that mother fucker.

Yeah, ever since last week when my sister had been murdered, swearing had become one of my favourite pas-times.

"… I'm so sorry about your sisters passing Mr. Cullen. We will all miss her at the Gardening Society, her roses were inspiring to all of us," said the old bat fluttering her eyelashes in an attempt to appear alluring, to me. Pretty sure Alice had never belonged to a gardening society in her life....

Before I could escape, the rest of Alice's 'friends' had swarmed around me.

Ten minutes later, I was able to free myself from their clutches only to bump into the idiot of a priest. He laid one hand on my shoulder, clearly trying to think of something deep and meaningful to say.

"Uh….um….Mr. Cullen, I'm very sorry for the loss of your sister. But as I said in my sermon we must hold on to the miracles in life, the happiness. Think of the girl who survived the horror of the car crash." He opened his mouth to say something else but I interrupted him.

"WHAT?" I spat. I saw red. Somebody had survived when my sister lay dead in her coffin? "Who?" I managed to ask through my gritted teeth.

The priest, sensing my anger, took an involuntary step back. "Err…umm….a...girl. I believe… The driver, Jacob's sister….Swan….Bella, Bella Swan.'

Bella Swan, Bella Swan, Bella Swan.

Bella Swan will pay.

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