Pairing: Punkertaker 3

Summary: In celebration of Phil's birthday & Halloween, Mark decides to gather up all of their friends to go visit a local gypsy. Phil's not falling for her "performance" & insults the old woman. She then places a curse on Phil, which he doesn't believe in. That is until the morning sickness begins... contains mpreg. If you can't get with it, don't read it.


Mark looked down at Phil's sleeping form & smiled. His prince was so angelically beautiful while he slept. As much as he would love to just stare at him sleeping, Mark had other things in mind. Today was Phil's birthday; & Mark & all of their friends had a whole lot of madness in store for the straight-edge vixen. Mark began to shake Phil lightly, earning an annoyed groan from the ravenette. Phil rolled over on his side, grumbling something that Mark couldn't quite make out.

"Philly, baby, come on you need to get up & have some breakfast. You've got a long day ahead of you, little one," Mark said shaking Phil a bit more.

"Mmmm, it's 8 o'clock in the morning. Why do I have to get up so early?" Phil whined, burying his face deep into the pillow.

"Because, baby! It's your birthday today. We've got a lot to do on this day. & look, it's really nice out. So come on now, get up & get freshened up so you can come down & eat," Mark demanded.

"But I--"

"No 'buts' young man, get up. You have ten minutes to be downstairs. & if you're not, I'm coming back up here & I will punish you," Mark stated firmly.

"Really? Exactly what kind of punishment, Mark?" Phil replied with a lustful grin.

"Not the good punishment. If that's what you're getting at," Mark laughed & headed out of the bedroom door, leaving Phil pouting under the covers.

Knowing Mark wasn't one to back down off his threats, Phil got up. He headed to the bathroom, washing his face & brushing his teeth. He sighed looking at his reflection. He was now another year older. Phil didn't want to get older. Although he realized that this is how life is, he wished he could sip from a fountain of youth & stay young for the rest of his life.

"Ah well," Phil said aloud, throwing up his hands & heading downstairs to the kitchen.

"Good boy, you made it down just in time," Mark teased ruffling Phil's hair.

"Yea, yea. So what's for breakfast? You make me something special?"

"Actually, I did. I've got you some Belgian waffles topped with cinnamon apples, whip cream & nuts. I made you some ambrosia fruit salad, because I know how much you love that. & I also made you some fresh cinnamon rolls complete with icing. & chocolate milk to wash it all down with. Sound good to you?"

"Does that sound good? Daddy, give me my food!" Phil shrieked happily.

Mark roared with laughter as Phil began ravishing the food as he sat the plate down in front of his onyx-haired little piggy. It made him happy to see his babe happy. "Slow down, Philly. I don't want us spending the rest of your birthday in the emergency room because you ended up getting a major stomach ache."

"Sorry,... but it's just so good. Thank you much."

"Well, I'm glad you like it, baby."

"So, daddy, what are we doing today?" Phil asked batting his lashes.

"Well, for one, we've got to go to the party shop so we can get the rest of the stuff we need for the Halloween party on Saturday. Then we'll catch a movie & some brunch. After that we'll meet up with the guys to go to Zero Gravity & The State Fair. We'll probably hang around there for a while. Then JoMo suggested we go to that new haunted house they put up in Dallas. He & Adam said that it's 'wicked scary.'"

"Sounds good to me. Can we get a ghost to put up in front of the house? Oooh! & a vampire, too?! & maybe even a zombie?"

"Whatever is going to have you shaking in your boots on Halloween night."

"You're the only think I want making shake in my boots on Halloween night," Phil smirked.

"Trust & believe that's definitely going to happen," Mark winked. "Anyway, finish your breakfast so we can get showered up & head out."



After Mark & Phil left the movie theatre. They headed to Zero Gravity. When they pulled up Glen & John (Hennigan), Tommy & Jason, Chris (Irvine) & Matt (Korklan), Randy & Cody, as well as Adam & Jeff were all waiting there with a huge banner that read 'Happy Birthday, Philly!', orange, black & white balloons; as well as a cake in the make of a zombie-like creature along with ice cream. Phil gave everyone hugs & said his thank you's as they went inside to chow down on the cake & ice cream.

Once they finished that. Everyone took off around the place in search of a good time. After about two hours, everyone left & headed towards The State Fair. After about an hour, the group found a nice corner in the shade & sat down to relax for a bit.

"So Philly, you all psyched for the haunted house tonight?" John asked.

"Yea, sure. How bad could it be?" Phil answered.

"Dude, that shit's going to scare you out of your fucking wits!" Jason added.

"Oh come on guys, it wasn't all that scary," Cody chimed in.

"Like fuck it wasn't," Jason continued. "They had all kinds of spooky shit in there. It was kind of like a cross between 'Dawn of the Dead,' 'Saw,' & every vampire move ever made. I'm telling you it was freaky."

"Jay, tell him about that old bag gypsy freak," Chris suggested.

"Oh fuck yea. There is this creepy gypsy chick. She claims she can tell the future, talk to the dead & all that jazz. She's really authentic looking, too. She's got all the crazy jewelry & drapes, even has a fucking "magical" crystal ball. I'm telling you man, she had me spooked for a bit. To be honest, I think she might be the truth, man."

"Why? What'd she tell you apart from that you & Tom Tom over there were going to get it on when you got home?" Glen teased.

"Fuck you, man!" Tommy laughed, playfully throwing a napkin at him. Everyone began laughing.

"Well, I don't give a fuck about some lame old wanna-be gypsy. I don't believe in any of that hocus pocus bullshit," Phil stated matter of factly.

"Oh babe, don't be like that. It's all in the fun of it," Mark said.

"Yea, maybe you should get your palms read, Philly," Jeff suggested.

"No!," Adam interjected. "I don't want her saying aloud all of the things he & Mark are going to do to finish of his birthday." That earned him a hot dog tossed in his face from Mark, & an embarrassed giggle from Phil.

"No really, you guys can keep the gypsy for yourselves. I'll stick with the zombies, the vampires, & all of the spooky ghosts," Phil said sipping on his Pepsi.

"Come on, Phil! It's your birthday, & it could be fun. Like you said, you don't believe in any of it anyway. So what could it hurt?" Cody asked.

"Fine," Phil snorted. "I'll "get my palms read." But that's all you bitches are getting out of me on that note."

"OK then, I say we hit the Ferris wheel & the bumper cars a few more times & then head on to The Haunted House!" John shouted before getting up.

The gang hung around until sunset & then headed to The Haunted House. When they all got out of their vehicles, Mark, Phil, Adam, & Jeff stood in awe of the huge building. The others merely smirked, having been there before already.

"Wow, they really wanted to make this place look scary as shit," Mark stated.

"Don't tell me you'rescared, Deadman? This looks like this could possibly be your vacation home," Adam teased.

"I'm not. I just didn't expect it to look so demonic real. It's not like that bullshit they set up for little kids in their neighbors' houses on Halloween night. This looks like some shit you'd see in one of 'Horrorfest's 8 Films to Die For.'" Mark said in awe.

"Pssht! It's not that scary. But it for damn sure is spooky enough. I can't wait to get inside," Phil said excited.

The group headed into the building. None of them aware of what lied in store for them.