Phil groaned as Mark tried to force the prenatal vitamin into his mouth.

"Open you mouth, Phil," Mark ordered.

"Mm mm," Phil shook his head.

Mark sighed. "Phil, you have to take these vitamins. They're for you & the baby. Stop being a rugrat & swallow this."

"Well, I don't want to. I don't even want this baby. So I don't care! & I'm not taking those stupid vitamins either!" Phil huffed as he hopped down from the counter. Just as he brushed past Mark, he was grabbed forcefully by the arm. The older man pushed his back against the counter, grabbing the ravenette's face forcing him to open his mouth. Mark grabbed the pill & forced it into the smaller man's mouth, handing him a cup of water.

"Swallow it!" He yelled.

Phil followed the order & swallowed the pill. He looked down to the floor as he rubbed the areas of his cheeks where Mark had grabbed him. Mark grabbed him & lifted him back to sit on the counter.

"You will take those vitamins everyday like you're supposed to. Do you understand me? I know you don't want to be pregnant, Phil, & I can understand that. But you will take care of this baby while it's inside you. This is a life that you have here, it's nothing to bitch around with. You understand?"


"Uh ah, do you understand me?" Mark's light green orbs glared down into Phil's olive ones as the younger man nodded.

Mark lifted Phil into his arms as he carried him upstairs to their bedroom. With Phil in his arms, he crawled into their bed & covered them with the plush blankets. He held Phil tight, placing butterfly kisses across his face.

"I love you, Phil. I love you so much. & I love our baby, too."

"How do you love it when you don't even know it?" Phil questioned.

"I don't have to know it to love it. But what I do know that this baby is being given to me from you. I can't imagine having a baby with anyone but you. & that's why I love it."

Phil suddenly felt guilty about not wanting to take care of himself & the baby like he should. Mark loved him, & Mark loved this thing in his stomach. So he figured the least he could do was take care of the two properly.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what, Prince?"

"... Being a brat. I'll be better, OK?"

Mark kissed Phil's temple, "thank you."


Phil stared through the mirror at the bulge in his belly. He was three months along now into the pregnancy & he was loathing every minute of it. He was sick of the constant fatigue he felt, & he still suffered from morning sickness every now & then. The only high part of this was that he enjoyed when Mark rubbed his belly at night. He was knocked back to his senses when he heard his phone ringing.


"Hiii Daddy! How are you & the baby doing?"

"Fine, JoMo, how are you?"

"Wonderful. What are you up to? I'm in the neighborhood & wanted to stop by if you were up for some company," John said happily.

"Yea, I could. Mark's out taking care of some business. So I'm here all by myself."

"Want me to bring you anything on my way in?"

"Ice cream, please?"

"From Coldstone I presume?"

"Ha, you know me so well, John," Phil laughed.

"OK. I'll be there in like twenty minutes. Love ya!"

"Love ya back."


"Cheer up Punkenstein, everything will be OK. You know Mark's going to be there & nothing is going to happen to you," John stated looking over at his friend.

"I'm only doing this for Mark. He loves this thing. & I want him to be happy, you know?"

"Yes, I know. But you need to be happy too. Think about it, you're about to have a pretty little boy, or girl. Are you not in the least bit excited?"


"Oh come on, Phil! Give the sulking shit a rest OK?! You need to grow up & be a man about this. So what it's not what you originally wanted. So what the only reason how Mark got you pregnant is because of some curse placed on you by some crazed old woman. You have it now & you need to make the best of it."

"Well, I don't want to make the best of it!" Phil shouted as he threw the remainder of his ice cream on the floor. "This isn't fucking fair! It's not! Why do I have to be the one to deal with this? Why couldn't it be you, or Jeff, or Cody; hell even Evan. You guys all want to have kids some day. I never did!"

John looked at his friend, ashamed of him at the moment. Shaking his head, he rose & headed for the door. He looked back at his friend & sighed, "you just don't know how lucky you are Philly. You don't see it yet, but you are. I just hope you realize it soon rather than the last minute. Goodbye, Phil."

"No! John, wait. Don't leave, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that," Phil pleaded.

John turned around & embraced Phil to his chest. He smiled lightly while fluffing the ravenette's hair. He leaned his forehead so that his was touching Phil's as he pinched at the other man's noticeably plumper cheeks.

"Be happy, Phil," was all John said before he exited.

Phil watched from the door as his friend hopped into his car & took off down the road. He went back into the living room & cleaned the ice cream up from the floor. Once he tossed the remains in the trash, he curled up on the couch in front of the tv. He placed his hand on his belly & began rubbing it softly. 'Be happy. John said, be happy.'


"OK, Mr. Brooks, your vital signs are normal, the baby's heart rate is normal. Everything seems to be in perfect order," Dr. Odom smiled as he gave Mark & Phil the good news.

Mark ran his fingers through Phil's hair as the doctor continued talking. He was grateful to see that for once, Phil was smiling about this without being provoked. He'd noticed a slight change in Phil's demeanor within the last week. He was becoming more concerned about the baby & taking care of it. He also wasn't sulking around the house as much as he was before. Mark didn't know what happened to help Phil come around some, but he was thankful for what ever it was.

"Did you hear that, Mark?"

"Hmm?" Mark was brought back to the present at Phil's question.

"I'm being a good daddy. Aren't you proud of me?" Phil asked beaming.

"Of course I am. The question is: are you proud of you?"

Phil paused, looking into Mark's eyes as he contemplated the question. "... I think so. ... No, well, yea."

"What is it babe, no or yes?"

Phil looked down at his belly & held it. He looked back up at Mark & smiled. "Yea, I am proud of me."