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Note: Angelfirenze made a request in a review of "Small Miracles" for a sequel and I was happy to oblige.

I see them on the monitor. Father and son. Angelus and his beautiful new baby boy, Conner.

Conner. I really should have expected Angel to give him a name like that. Sure, he was a vampire but that didn't mean he wasn't Irish. It was good name though, a strong and commanding name. It brought images of the tall, handsome man that little baby could become. A hero just like his daddy.

I hate that kid.

When I first realized I had feelings for Angel, I managed to convince myself to forget about him because he couldn't give me what I've always wanted. You see, I, Lilah Morgan, have always wanted to be a mother. Someone's mommy. I thought that Angel was a vampire and that he couldn't give me a baby.

Then, that God damned kid comes into the picture

And all that convincing I did to keep myself sane was for nothing. Now, if I really wanted it I could have everything I ever wanted.

I could be Angel's wife and lover. We could find a cure for that curse with my connections from Wolfram and Hart. Then, we'd get married and I'd become Conner's mommy. I'd hold him when he's sick or sing to him when he's sad. I'd make him a big breakfast before he left for school. I'd start up my own private law firm specializing in advocating children and We'd all live together in that big hotel. One day, Angel would Shansu and he and I would grow old together.

Jesus, listen to me.

That kid needs to die. Look at what he's doing to me! I need to kill that little boy before he kills me, before he drives me crazy.

I hate that kid because one day I might grow to love him.