Yeah, I know. I already put up too many stories and I shouldn't be adding another one too soon. But I realized that there's a bigger chance of me updating this fic if I already put it up (like what I did in Falling White Threads). I thought of this pairing because I read a fic about this guy and I said, hey he's the exact type Yui would fall for: good-looking, smart, intellectual, kind, and soft-spoken. And he's had a quite interesting past too. Ahahahaha! (A part of me still thinks that the guy I used in FWT is still the perfect match for her but its good to explore once in awhile.)

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By Slavedriver2008

Yui woke up with a smile. Today was the big day, the one she had waited for more than three months. It was a normal Saturday but for junior high students, today would direct the course of their lives for the next three years. She did her morning ritual and after taking a toast for breakfast, Yui stepped out of the chilly autumn air and breathed in. Excitement crept through her system. Everything should be perfect today.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Yui-chan!" Miaka greeted her and she smiled. They have been closer after what happened in the book and Yui was glad she never blamed her for anything. The incidents were vague in her memories now. But Miaka remembered everything perfectly well. Especially Tamahome.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Miaka-chan!" They walked side by side toward the bulletin board of the local education office. "I feel something good will happen today."

The results of the entrance exams were to be released. Instead of them going around the different public schools and checking their names, the ministry of education decided to post the names of the passers in the office building of each district. That way, they will save paper and postage fees. Yui briefly wondered why they didn't use the email instead. But then, printing out names was better than sending emails to thousands, probably millions of junior high seniors. It adds to the thrill, Tetsuya told her when she drove her home last night. Too bad they couldn't go out today. With the crowd gathered around the area, it might take all afternoon before she and Miaka can check their names in the list.

"I'm scared, Yui. What if I didn't pass?" Miaka told her softly. Yui wrapped an arm around her bestfriend and squeezed the brunette.

"Don't worry! We studied really hard so I don't think you'll fail all the exams," she beamed and Miaka nodded hesitantly. "Should we check Jounan first?"

They walked together toward the board where Jounan posted the list of passers. Jounan High was the most prestigious public school high school in Tokyo. They only admit a certain number of students every year. It was one of the most coveted spots and almost all junior high seniors take the exams in Jounan. Of course it's not just the name, studying in Jounan was as good as passing in Tokyo University or Kyoto University or some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Jounan could be Yui's passport to a good college education without having to spend much. Jounan graduates were always given scholarships by the state—and those scholarships give lots of allowances and benefits.

The crowd was intimidating. Students were struggling to check their names. Some openly cheered while some cried from a distance. There were some who moved along, checking their names in the other schools' list. Jounan exams were the hardest, it's normal that not everyone passed. The body heat was unbearable in the big crowd around the board. Bodies collided with each other and Yui was standing on her toes to see the results. Eager, Miaka pushed forward and she trailed behind, holding on to her shoulders so as not to lose the smaller girl in the throng of students.

"Ugh! This is worse than attending a rock concert!" she told Miaka but her friend didn't hear it. Someone chuckled beside her and she looked up to see a beautiful pair of green eyes. The boy had short red hair and he was a head taller. He was handsome… no, beautiful. And they were literally bumping into each other. AND he was looking back with a smile on his lips. She blinked, trying to make sure she was not dreaming or the light was not creating illusions. The boy laughed slightly at her reaction and she blushed more. He raised a hand for her but before he could speak, Miaka screamed.

"AAAAAAHHHH!" Yui turned her attention toward her bestfriend. Most of the students looked at her as if something bad happened. Oh, most of the crowd were boys, Jounan was predominantly populated by men.

"Miaka—" Miaka turned with a huge smile on her face.

"YOU MADE IT YUI! YOU SHOULD TREAT ME AFTER THIS!" Miaka jumped and embraced her, slightly pushing her back.

"How did you know? You're just using this to get a free chocolate cake," her eyebrows creased and Miaka slapped her in the head. "Ow!" The beautiful boy beside her laughed slightly and she could feel her face burn.

"Aren't you listening, you baka!? YOU PASSED JOUNAN! AND YOU'RE THE TOPNOTCHER, YUI HONGOU!" Miaka screamed and some of the students around them gasped. Yui looked ahead and tried to make out the writings on the paper:

Jounan High School

AY 2009-2010

Top 10

1. HONGOU, Yui (99.52)

2. MINAMINO, Shuichi (99.50)

3. KOZUI, Noburo (95.82)

4. WATANABE, Kasaru (94.03)

5. OKADA, Naruto (93.36)

6. KANO, Shinji (93.12)

7. KASAHARA, Hiro (92.02)

8. YAMAMOTO, Toji (92.00)

9. WATAYA, Kaede (91.35)

10. HONDA, Kanako (91.12)

The blonde girl gasped and the world stopped moving as the reality sank in her system a little too slowly. She blinked to check the list again. It was still there, her name. Miaka clung on her neck, jumping for joy. She passed Jounan. And she's the topnotcher. AND she was the only girl in the list. She smiled, still with disbelief. Today was definitely a wonderful wonderful wonderful day. The crowd broke into a small applause and she blushed again. She suddenly became ashamed of the attention. She ran her fingers in her hair to release the tension. It had grown longer now, reaching her shoulders.

"Arigatou gozaimasu," she bowed quickly to everyone. Yui accidentally met eyes with the red-haired boy and he smiled at her.

"Congratulations," he whispered and Yui nodded softly, blushing more under his gaze.

"Arigatou gozaimasu…" she made the last phrase hang, intending him to mention his name. He was about to speak when Miaka pulled her harshly.

"Now, let's look for my name!" Miaka bolted off, the crowd parting a bit for them. Yui looked back and smiled at him. He waved and Yui flushed harder. Too bad she didn't get his name.

The two girls reached the other posted papers and hurriedly looked for Miaka's name. After a good deal of 10 minutes, they still hadn't found it. Some students were annoyingly grunting behind them and Yui frowned.

"Oh no…It's not here," Miaka's voice broke and Yui knew she was close to crying. Yui ran her eyes along the paper over and over again, scrutinizing every letter in case she too missed Miaka's name. But it was not there. As much as she doesn't want to admit it, Miaka failed Jounan. She sighed. Miaka was sadder than sad. "I failed Jounan..."

"So what? I don't want to go to Jounan anyway," Yui said too loudly, the students around them rolling their eyes. Miaka looked up, tears building in her eyes.

"But you want to be in Jounan, Yui."

"Well, I don't want it anymore. Come on, let's check Yotsubadai," she smiled but her heart sank. She shook her head and let the sadness pass. It was better this way.

The crowd was less in Yotsubadai so the two girls found it easier to reach the bulletin board. Again, she topped the test. She found it weird, though that the same name was in the second slot and the differences between their grades were a mere 0.2 points. She briefly wondered who Minamino Shuuichi was. The face of the boy she bumped into earlier briefly appeared in her thoughts and she blushed. No, she shouldn't be thinking of him, she already had Tetsuya. But still…

"Why are you smiling, Yui?" Miaka asked curiously and she shook her head.

"Nothing. Found your name?" Miaka nodded like a mad man and Yui smiled her widest.

"Great! We're going to Yotsubadai then. Let's go home. This day is stressing me out," she said and they both walked toward the gates.

"Let's eat first!" Miaka screamed and she nodded. Yeah, something sweet sounded nice, especially today. She only took exams in two schools so there was no use staying. Miaka took exams in most schools but all she really wanted was to know if she passed either Jounan or Yotsubadai.

"I wonder where he'll study…" she whispered and Miaka looked at her.

"What?" she asked. "Who's studying where?"

Yui laughed. "I said, I wonder if Naoko and Ayumi will also be in Yotsubadai."

"Hah, of course they'll study in Yotsubadai. It's going to be fun seeing the same faces!" Miaka said out loudly. "I can't wait for high school!"

Author's Notes:Thanks for reading! Please leave reviews! I would greatly appreciate it. I was told that it was Miaka who passed Jounan in the manga. I haven't really noticed, though. Anyway, she didn't pass Jounan here but they're both planning to go to Yotsubadai. :)