Chapter One: 2006

The gang; Yugi, Tristan, Joey, Tea, Ryou, Malik, and the three darks, had all been having a blast at a pizza buffet arcade somewhere in the middle of the town a few miles from Domino, called Kyoto. It was a rather beautiful day, the clouds were white and the temperature was a warm cool with soft breezes floating through the air. The perfect day for the perfect friends to spend together.

Yami's POV:

It's very peaceful. When was the last time that we could all be together like this? It's been almost four months since Bakura, Marik, and I have been 'solid', and I swear I've never been so happy. In this or my past life. Even in a place like Khemet—Egypt, as Pharaoh of the land of the Nile, I could not remember feeling this way. And I remember everything—up until I locked myself within my puzzle.

I was thrown out of my thoughts when I heard Mokuba call out to us, looking as enthusiastic as ever. Ever since summer vacation started we have been seeing more and more of him. It seems his brother had been working on a new project as of late, and the look on Mokuba's face told me that he was probably finished with it…

"Seto is finally done guys! He wants you all to come and see it, come on!" Everyone readily agreed, though I noticed Jou was a little apprehensive. I could understand that. Last time that Kaiba had built a new game, we had all ended up trapped in it by some disgruntled employees of his. We told him that he needed to learn to be nicer… But that image made me shake my head. A nice Kaiba? That would be slightly unnerving…

We were at least a mile from Kaiba Corp., so we decided to walk there. That and Mokuba, in his haste, had foregone the usual limo.

We reached the side walk out side when it happened.

Everything, for a moment, seemed to freeze. There was a pulse that reverberated from the distance, causing everyone in view to pause in an unnatural synergy and take a collective breath as one. The screams that followed were just as unnatural, gathering in the air around us like a rising horrific symphony that sounded all inhuman. We all watched in nauseating revulsion as the people surrounding us had their skins peeled from their bodies, followed by their muscles and flesh and finally their very souls ripped from their bones which crumbled to ash upon separation.

Yami, I heard Yugi's voice in my head; This is so terrible…What is happening?! His emotions that flooded through our link overwhelmed my shock and triggered my response to the growing danger.

Don't worry, Yugi, I don't understand what is going on here, but I will protect you. I made my reply as confident and comforting as I could manage as I looked to the other two Shadow magic wielders in our group. We did not need the mind link that we shared with our others to know what we were thinking at the moment. Our actions were synchronized; connecting our hands and concentrating as one bonded force, knowing what needed to be done. We would transport ourselves into the future, not far, but enough to escape whatever disaster was occurring here.

I lost myself for a moment in the vortex of our combined dark magic, feeling the rush of power as it came and left me. I could only pray that we had saved our friends from the doom that had so suddenly encased our world.

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