Chapter one

Buffy looked outside to see her daughter training in the back garden she smiled as she finished the dishes, Buffy then sat outside on the bench she built she sat and watched her.

Emily saw her mum she smiled and wiped the sweat from her brow she then sat next to her "hi mum" she whispered kissing her cheek lightly Buffy smiled "hey baby girl" she replied "so you in work today mum?" Emily asked Buffy nodded "yeah I'm in at 10 you ok getting to school?" she asked Emily nodded standing up "I'm going to get a shower and get ready" she told Buffy who nodded.

Buffy sat at her office she sighed as she went through paper work "hey sexy" the guy next to her said sitting at his desk Buffy rolled her eyes and ignored him.

Emily sat on the bench writing a group of guys and girls walked over "well if it isn't the freak" Mark gobs laughed Emily ignored him and carried on "oh didn't I forget to mention the dyke" the group laughed and walked away Emily wiped the tears and stood "don't let them get to you" a girl said Emily looked up and saw Cassie Ray standing in front of her smiling "they just don't understand anything" she carried on Emily nodded "thanks" she whispered "but why are you talking to me?" she asked Cassie smiled "I like you, you're not like them your different" she answered Emily looked up and smiled "really?" she whispered Cassie giggled and nodded "yeah I maybe popular but I am not like them" she pointed to the group walking away still laughing.

Buffy was waiting for the lunch run at the café she looked at all the people talking and eating, but someone caught her eye she had red hair, she was sat on her own typing and drinking she looked closer and noticed who it was her eyes widened she turned around and tapped her foot impatiently for the food, the guy behind the counter starting putting the food in bags for her "Buffy summers!" the guy shouted Buffy groaned and looked over at the red head who was now looking at her with a smile Buffy looked away and grabbed the bag and went to walk out.

Emily moved to her last class, she felt a tap on her shoulder she turned and saw Cassie smiling "hey we have the same class you mind if I walk with you" she asked Emily shook her head "I don't mind" she said Cassie smiled and they walked to their class.

"Buffy!" Willow shouted after her Buffy stopped and sighed Willow caught up to her "hey didn't know you were here" she said smiling Buffy only shrugged "Buffy please I am so sorry" Willow tried Buffy laughed and shook her head "you made your choice Will you wanted her not me" she said Willow nodded "I was stupid it wasn't until after you left that I knew it was you" she tried Buffy shook her head "I can't will" Buffy then ran off.

Emily and Cassie were talking "what are you doing" a girl asked and snarled Emily Cassie looked at the girl "go away Mia" she said rolling her eyes "your with the freak" Mia said laughing "what freak I don't see one" Cassie replied Mia huffed "whatever have a happy freaky life" she then turned and walked away.

Buffy sat at her desk she tried not to cry over Willow, she made her choice she chose Kennedy she felt a tear slip down her cheek she wiped it away before heading to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Emily looked over at Cassie who was writing, she looked up and smiled at her Emily blushed and looked away at her work which was finished she raised her hand "yes miss summers" the teacher said smiling "can I go the toilet please" she asked Emily smiled and left the class.

Buffy checked herself in the mirror before returning to her desk she saw Willow waiting for her she groaned "what are you following me?" she asked Willow looked at her "no I didn't I just wanted to talk" Willow whispered Buffy sat a bit away from her "you did all the talking that night so where is she?" Buffy asked looking around "I left her it wasn't working" Willow said Buffy snorted "look willow I have a job to do" Willow nodded Buffy bit her lower lip "look here's my address we can talk when I've finished" Buffy gave a piece of paper Willow smiled and nodded.

Emily looked at herself in the mirror she hissed in pain before clutching her head, she took a deep breath and calmed down she then looked at herself before heading back to class.