Chapter six

Buffy and Emily returned to see everyone still up, Cassie shot up to hug Emily, Emily was surprised but hugged her back Willow stood and kissed Buffy on the cheek "she has been worried sick about you after you left" Willow explained Emily nodded.

Dawn stepped forward "so I'm your auntie then" she said Emily growled and snarled her Kennedy stepped forward and pushed her back "back off freak" she said to everyone's surprise Cassie pushed Kennedy back "don't touch her and don't call her a freak" she said Kennedy smirked "but she is, not a human or a slayer or a vampire just something in between" Kennedy replied.

Buffy stood in front of Kennedy now "look if you don't want me to kick your ass then I suggest you sit down with my sister and keep your trap shut" she growled lowly Kennedy wanted to argue but couldn't so she sat down.

Cassie wouldn't let Emily go she nuzzled her neck "I was worried you would die" she whispered Emily kissed her head "don't worry about me, me and mum talked" she replied Cassie looked at her "are you two ok?" she asked Emily only nodded.

Buffy then turned to the gang "so what about this prophecy" She asked Emily sat down with Cassie still by her side she watched in all seriousness "well we don't know much just that you will have a child and they will be stronger than any vampire or slayer" Emily looked at her mum 'don't say anything they work for a evil law firm I know they are my friends but I don't trust them' Buffy told Emily who nodded and looked down.

Willow stood after hearing what Buffy had said to Emily "so when will this happen" she asked Giles shrugged he then looked at Emily "do you have any powers" he asked moving closer to her Cassie didn't like it one bit neither did Emily she put her guard up and glared at him he went to touch her but she grabbed him and pushed him away "don't touch me" she spat he stood back "we will have to take her away and keep her under control" Giles said Buffy stood in front of her daughter "over my dead body" she threatened Giles cleaned his glasses.

"She is a monster Buffy she attacked a member of the watchers council she must be punished" he calmly said and went to take her but she growled and vamped out he took a step back as did the others "don't come near me or my family again or I will rip your head off" she said in a deep voice which turned Cassie on.

Xander pushed Giles back "Giles what are you doing we came here to see Buffy not do this" he said confused Emily's eyes widened and she grabbed Xander and pulled him away, suddenly 'Giles' turned into a 6foot demon Emily stepped forward ready to fight the demon laughed "well princess you are stronger than I first thought" he said to Emily who was confused "sorry mate I'm no princess" she replied teeth bared the demon laughed "you didn't know, your father Peter his name was here, was a king of our kind which makes you our princess"

Emily backed away eyes widened "no I'm not" she whispered the demon only nodded "you must come with me and take his place as our queen" he told her holding out his hand Emily began screaming she fell to the floor in pain suddenly her skin changed to red her eyes went black he muscles became more defined.

Emily then stood and looked at herself Cassie gulped Emily turned to look at the others "go" her voice was very deep "Emily no" Buffy said Emily held a hand up "go I will take care of this" they nodded and left not wanting to argue.


Emily had been gone Five months they went back to the house and found it in a state with Emily gone, they tried looking for her everywhere but they couldn't find her Cassie was still living with Buffy she was trained to fight in case they had to go to the demon world to look for her.

Buffy was doing dishes when she saw a bright light outside, she ran out grabbing a kitchen knife to investigate, she stepped outside in the cold wind her knife ready, but there was nobody there then she heard a laugh she turned again but couldn't see anyone.

"That's nice I come back and you're going to kill me" a voice said then a different Emily walked out the shadows Buffy dropped the knife and hugged her Emily picked her up and spun her round, Buffy noticed that this Emily was very strong she could feel it in Emily's body she was different more calm and collected than she once had been.

Emily put her down Buffy got a good look at her; she was a beautiful woman now time must have been quick where she was "how old are you now" Buffy asked Emily smiled "I'm 20 I think" Emily replied.

Both girls walked inside "how is Cassie" she asked Buffy finished chopping, but Emily took over and was quicker than her. "Cassie is alright she has been looking for you even trained to be a pretend slayer to save you" Emily chuckled "where is she" she then asked "she went out with Willow they should be back soon" Buffy replied.

"So what happened" Buffy asked Emily sighed sitting down "that demon took me well his little helpers I couldn't stop them, we went to their world and they kept me prisoner then started training me to take over by all rights I should still be there as their queen" she paused "but I escaped they taught me how to teleport from their world so I used it to get away they can't come and get me" she finished.

The front door opened "baby we are back" Emily gave her mum an amused look then smiled when she blushed "in the kitchen" Buffy shouted. The kitchen door opened and both girls stood still Emily turned to look at them she smiled "hey guys" she whispered "is that…Emily" Willow asked Buffy nodded Cassie moved past Willow and threw herself in Emily's arms Emily hugged her and spun her round "wow your strong" Cassie said when Emily put her down Emily shrugged and smiled.

"Your older as well" Willow commented Emily nodded "time was different over there but I'm not that much older I'm only 20" she replied Cassie dragged her down for a long passionate kiss Willow and Buffy leave the lovers to talk.

Cassie pulled away from Emily "where did you go" she asked Emily sat Cassie down "it's complicated all I can tell you is nothing will ever hurt you again" she promised Cassie nodded Emily kissed her head.

Emily went upstairs to get a shower and when she returned she saw Xander, Dawn, Kennedy and Andrew sitting eating breakfast "hope there is some left for me" Emily said walking in Willow had to hit Xander because he was staring "Ow!" he whispered Emily smirked but sat down and pretended not to notice.

Emily sat down and started eating "so what's the plan for today" Xander asked Emily looked at Kennedy who was eyeing Willow up she growled nobody but Cassie heard the growl she looked at her girlfriend then over at what she was looking at and understood.

"hey mama" Emily said Buffy looked at Willow who was nearly crying "yes babe" she replied "you mind helping me you see I have magic now and I need to harness it and I heard from a reliable source" she looked at her mum who blushed "that you were the best could you help me" she asked Willow smiled and nodded "I would love to" the gang moved to the living room Emily stopped Kennedy "you think about touching Willow or hurting my aunt your dead meat" she snapped then left through the back door.

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