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Chapter 2

Kat walked, talked and looked like a girl, that's for sure. But Lazlo, Raj and Clam quickly realised that she was more of a rebel than they thought.

"So you guys gonna show me round now?" She repeated. Clam wasn't even concentrating, Raj was trying not to make eye contact, and Lazlo was staring into space. "Uh, guys?" She asked loudly. Lazlo snapped back into reality.

"Uh. Sorry. C'mon guys!" He hopped up eagerly and headed off towards the other male campers. They were standing in a group under the flag pole, chatting quietly.

"Okay, so we all agree she's cute?" One of them asked.

"Yes!" The others sighed.

"Okay then. Well, I call dibs!" He announced, grinning. The others glared and argued.

"Nah! You can't do that! Cause I call dibs!" Edward smirked, standing up tall. Everybody went quiet. He smirked again. "See? We didn't need to argue! Cause we all knew that she was mine, eh?"

"I'm who's?"

Edward squeaked with surprise. Katrin, smiling, stood behind him, arms folded. "I don't think I belong to any one, except me. We ALL clear on that?" She asked with a raised voice. The campers (except for the Jelly Cabin), blushed and nodded vigorously.

"Uh...uh...he he... I didn't really call dibs on you...It was...uh...rehearsing for a play! Yeah!" Edward stammered. Katrin cocked her head on the side. Edward turned bright red.

"A play?" She asked innocently. He squeaked, trying to smooth down his hair.

"Uh...yeah...a play!" He spoke, too loudly. Katrin, knowing that he was lying, smiled anyways and held out her hand.

"I'm Katrin. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself before. And your...?" She introduced politely.

This was too much for him. "Edward." He squeaked. Then fainted. Katrin, shocked, stared down at him. Samson, picking up the nerve, shuffled up and shook her hand.

"I'm Samson. I hope you like it in Camp Kidney." He mumbled. To his surprise, she smiled and nodded.

"I hope I do too. I kinda feel like I'm intruding being the only girl here, but its better than hanging around with all the preppy girl scouts."

Samson sighed and stood back, feeling much more confident. She was so, polite! It was kinda weird. Even though she was a girl, she was much nicer than the Squirrel Scouts. One by one, other campers picked up the confidence and came up and shook her hand. Kat even shook hands with Chip and Skip. They blushed and ran off after though.

Lazlo dragged her off to then to the Cabins, explaining things about them. "They're named after different beans. Like, ours is the Jelly Bean cabin, and thats the...."

"Yum!" She interrupted.

"Uh, no, not the yum Cabin, its the..."

"No. I mean, I like Jelly beans! But I prefer Marshmallows."

"Really? Me too!" Raj exclaimed. Katrin she peered at him.

"You remind me of someone Raj." Raj paused and thought.

"Well, I don't think anyone looks like me here..."

"Thats it!" She yelled suddenly, pointing at him. Raj jumped. "You remind me of Ameria!"

"Amer..what?" He stared blankly at her. She giggled.

"Ameria. She's part of the group I hang around with at school." Katrin pulled a small envelope out of nowhere and gently slid a photo out. "These are my best friends."

Lazlo, Clam and Raj stared at the photo. Lazlo blushed. On the photo was Katrin, in the middle, but this time with a school uniform on. Next to her, also with school uniforms, where 3 animals, pulling stupid faces at the camera. "We took this on a school trip to the city." She explained.

The animal closest to her, tounge out, was a pink squirrel, with a large bow at the top of her head. "That's Chipperette. A.K.A. Chippy. Strangely enough, she's the brains of the group. I'm more like the rebel of the group. Chippy's sorta...hyperactive." She chose her words carefully, as if trying not to offend her friend.

"The wolf's Ameria. She's the...well...I dunno. She's kinda the one that points out oblivious things." The Arctic wolf was laughing at Chippys expression. Ameria's long black hair was tied back in a pony tail.

"And that." She said, pointing to the last figure on the photo. "Is Breeze. We just call her Bree though." Breeze was a tan spider monkey. She was pulling a stupid face, whilst doing the rabbit ears behind Ameria. Lazlo stared at Breeze, feeling his cheeks burn. "She's an environmentalist. She basically attacks people who litter and stuff. But she's really playful and funny."

Katrin lifted up her head and slide the photo back into the envelope. The three boys were frozen in their position. "Uh. Guys?" She tapped Lazlo gently on the head. He feel over. Raj and Clam snapped back into reality and saw Lazlo on the ground.

"Uh oh." Raj sighed. "Poor Lazlo."

"Poor Lazlo" Clam mimicked. Kat sighed and picked him up by his arms.

"You guys take his legs. We should get him back to the cabin." They nodded obediently and lifted Lazlo. They took him off to the cabin.


A few days later, Slinkmans voice came over the loudspeaker. "The activities for today are; hiking, swimming, volleyball, and baseball."

"BASEBALL?!" Kat screamed, jumping up and down. The other campers laughed. In those short few days, they had learnt that Kat was really excitable too. Still, it was funny to see her act like that.

"You play baseball?" Edward asked her. He had FINALLY gotten over his fear of being around the female cat. Still, he had a huge crush on her when the fear left. Kat smiled, shaking out her red hair.

"Of course! I'm in the baseball team at school too." She jumped up and down impatiently. When the morning announcements went off, she ran towards the Jelly Cabin. She slammed open the door. Raj, Clam and Lazlo jumped. "Baseball!!!!" She squealed, once again running over to her bed and digging underneath it. They were also used to her doing that too. She had about 300 photos in her bags alone.

"Whats so interesting about baseball?"Lazlo asked. He had been thinking about Breeze for the last few days, since he got knocked out. Kat had shown him photos of Breeze, knowing that he had a small crush on her friend.

"I was on the baseball team at school. AND we haven't played once since I got here!"

"It's only been a few days Kat." Raj pointed out. Kat was about to reply, then Slinkmans voice came back on.

"Also, the Squirrel Scouts will be playing with us. That is all." Silence.

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