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Her Injured Heart

By: Valentine Taylor

I was a normal teenage boy.

I had to go to school,

played in a band,

hung out with friends,

saved the world, the usual. 

But then everything changed.

I fell for one of my Best Friends…

"Tai, will you wait up!"  Mimi pushed her way through the crowded halls.  "Why are you going so –oof- Hey watch it! … so fast?" Mimi asked as she got shoved and tossed.

"Mimi, hurry up if you want a ride home."  Tai kept the same pace, shoving his way quickly through the halls.

Mimi lost sight of Tai's brown head shortly after.  She pushed through the hall as fast as she could, and ran out to the parking lot.  She spotted Tai getting in his car.  Running to catch up, she didn't hear her friend Sora calling desperately to her from the school exit.

When Sora realized her friend couldn't hear her, she too, ran in the direction of Tai's car.  At the same time, both girls jumped into Tai's car, startling the boy.

"What are you two doing?!" he exclaimed.

"Don't mind us Tai, just drive, I thought you were in a hurry."  Mimi turned around to look at the red head in the back seat.  "Hey Sora, I didn't know you'd be joining us!  What's up?"  Mimi asked smiling. 

Sora frowned.  She looked straight into her friend's honey eyes.  She took a deep breath.  "Been to any good countries to see movies?" She asked slowly and unevenly, like she was holding back.

Tai glanced back at Sora through the rearview mirror.  "What?" he questioned.

Mimi on the other hand, immediately looked concerned.  "Is there a book on the seat so I can eat ice cream?"

Once again, Tai was confused. 'Girls.'

"I hope the ice cream is better than the seat," Sora replied.

"I give up.  What in hell are you guys talking about?" Tai asked, bewildered.

"Never mind Tai, don't worry about it," Mimi replied.  She and Sora had a code they used whenever one of them had a problem.  Their previous conversation simply meant:

'I have a problem and I need to talk to someone.'

'Does it have to do with school, or a guy?'

'It has to do with a guy.'

"Tai, this is kind of important.  Can you drop us off at the corner café please?" Mimi asked.

He was confused, but Mimi said he didn't need to worry, so instead of asking about it, Tai simply said yes.  He pulled over and the girls got out.

"Sorry Tai, I'll have to stalk you later," Mimi exclaimed sarcastically.

"Ha. Ha," Tai replied, and drove off.

The girls walked to the corner booth where they usually sat.  They ordered coffee, and Mimi asked, "Sora, what did he do this time?"  'He' was a reference to Troy, Sora's loser boyfriend.

"He's cheating on me again," Sora replied sadly.  Mimi frowned and felt heated by anger, but urged her friend to continue.  "He admitted it blatantly too.  He said, 'Sora, baby, you know I love you, but a guy's gotta have some fun, and I'm in demand.  It's a guy thing.'  Then he wrapped me in his arms, kissed me, and whispered in my ear, 'Besides, you know you can't get rid of me.  And you love me.'"  Sora wiped at her eyes furiously.  He is right."

Mimi couldn't believe it.  Troy was so damn manipulative.  He could make any girl believe whatever he wanted, and Sora was no exception.  What is this? Mimi thought, some sort of twisted game he plays?  "Sora, you can't honestly believe he loves you, let alone respects you.  And you can't love a guy like that, it's not possible."

Sora had a confused look in her eyes, making her look years younger than her actual age of seventeen.  "I don't-" Her voice broke as tears cascaded down her blushed cheeks.

"What is it you like so much about Troy anyway? I guarantee you could find whatever that thing is, plus more, in a ton of other guys who would treat you so much better."  Mimi handed her friend a tissue from her purse and continued.  "I can't stand to see you like this.  I love you, and I want so much more for you.  I can see your having your mind, not to mention your heart, toyed with, and I don't like it.  You shouldn't stand for that.  Troy is a jerk."

Sora looked at her best friend.  Mimi looked as hurt as Sora felt.  "But he loves me.  He told me so…" Sora said unsurely.

"You think other guys couldn't love you more?  Is that the only reason you're still with that guy?"  Mimi was flustered, and it showed.  Her delicate features were creased and she raised her voice.  "You don't seem to be getting it Sora!  Dump him!  He's begging for it!  Don't think, just do it already."

Sora was taken aback.  "But, what if you're wrong?"

"There's no way I could possibly be wrong."  Mimi finished her coffee and put the payment on the table for both cups.  "Come on Sora, let's go."

"Go where?"

"You have a call to make," Mimi stated.


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