Well, it's been a while, but I'm back with a multichap for you lovelies. It's going to be shortish - not more than 6 chapters, tops - and sweet, for the most part. I'm trying to steer away from mindless fluff though, so nobody should die of glucose overdose.

Anyway, here it is - my first attempt at a multichap for the 100 Themes Challenge, my first attempt at writing Hinata:

8) Innocence

Hinata had always been the innocent one. She'd never so much as held hands with a boy, even though at fifteen, she was now a chuunin and a proficient killer. She still couldn't say the name 'Naruto' without stuttering, though she'd managed – mostly – to eradicate her stammer from the rest of her speech, and she still blushed deep pink if anybody mentioned kissing or love or anything similarly embarrassing.

And now she was almost at her wit's end, because Naruto was due back in town in the autumn. Yes, that meant she had all summer to ready herself; to make her blushes turn to bright smiles, to face him without fainting. Still,it was only a few months, and she was terrified it wouldn't be enough – after all, she'd had almost three years of trying to change her ways and become something he could love, and she'd achieved barely anything. She needed to become one of those confident girls, strong and confident and extroverted like all her female friends, like all real kunoichi were. Then maybe Naruto would notice her...or at the very least she would be able to talk to him without fainting or looking like a tomato, and walk away with her dignity intact.

Her first mistake was going to Anko for advice.

It wasn't her first choice – she'd planned on asking Ino, but been scared the girl would laugh at her, or tell people, or something else embarrassing. Then while she'd been trying make a list of other, more suitable advisers, Neji had come to tell her they had guests for dinner. It turned out to be Anko, Ibiki, and Genma, who had been invited as thanks for their role in the latest chuunin exams, which she had finally passed. Anko amazed her – she was scary and bold, and ignored the Hyuuga tradition of silence almost gratuitously. She was beautiful, and strong, and all the men seemed in awe of her...even her father, a little.

She hadn't been able to pluck up the courage to speak to the woman during the meal, but Anko seemed just the type of woman she needed help from. So when the evening ended, she followed her fascinated impulse and snuck nervously out to follow the jounin home. Well, she tried. What actually happened was that she ended up pinned to a wall with a kunai at her throat as soon as they were out of sight of the Hyuuga estate.

"Oi, what's with the stalking, brat? You're too young for me." Hinata blinked, then caught the innuendo (well, it was more a rejection actually, but it implied all sorts of disturbing things) and blushed.

"Um...I'm sorry. I just, er, wantedsomeadvice." The words didn't come out steadily, but at least she managed to prevent her stutter. And though she still looked suspicious, Anko moved the kunai away, stepping back but ready to attack, her whole mannerism hovering between mocking amusement and bloodlust.

"Go on then. What 'advice' do you want from me that had you staring all through dinner?" She hadn't realised she'd been so obvious, and mentally made a note to train more on surveillance. Then Anko's impatient huff brought her back to the present.

"I...I want to know how to become more...more confident. With...boys..." She looked away from the woman's surprised gaze and stared at her fingers, before realizing that it was another of the shy habits she was trying to stop and pressing her hands against the wall. Anko laughed, and she looked up again, seeing a grin overtaking the scary-killer-jounin expression that had graced the woman's face a moment before.

"Ha! You chose the right girl to ask. C'mon, we can talk at my place. You drink sake, right?" Not waiting for a reply, the petite woman bounded off, giggling in a completely un-reassuring manner. Hinata followed, nervous but determined. Though she certainly didn't intend to drink any sake.


In the end, Anko managed to get her drunk. Well, tipsy. But it was definitely a change from complete sobriety, and made Hinata feel reckless and lightheaded. It didn't help that Anko had been filling her head (especially her cheeks) with blood, by talking – in more detail than anybody ever had before – about sex.

She was still only just getting to grips with the idea of sex-for-pleasure, as opposed to a duty, strictly for procreation, as her father had taught her. Compared with that thought, the things the older girl was saying were downright disturbing – she would never want to touch a boy down there, let alone use her mouth! Sex was one thing, but all this other stuff just seemed...dirty.

"You know what you need, Hinata? Practice!" Maybe Anko was tipsy too; she was certainly looking rather too proud of her idea. And just a bit terrifying, showing far too much tooth for comfort. Hinata blushed at the memory of her earlier words. Maybe she had decided Hinata was old enough after all? How would that work though, with them both being girls and all? She didn't know, but she knew she didn't want to find out, and inched backwards, forgetting about the edge of the sofa. Luckily, Anko's floor was carpeted, and she merely squeaked as she fell over, landing with all the grace of a plank.

"Not with me, baka – I already said you're too young. Plus shagging a girl will hardly get you better with men now, will it? No, what you need is a friend. A friend with benefits. Or several."

Hinata just stared blankly, not quite sure what that was. But several anythings to do with sex had to be bad, and her friends were all girls too, really. That, and she knew anything like this was improper outside of marriage, and she didn't want to get a bad reputation amongst her friends. Anko sighed and drank some more, shaking her head sadly at Hinata's ignorance before proceeding to explain.

"You need a boy to practice with. Somebody you trust, like, and know can keep a secret. Oh, and one that isn't in love with you, or things can get complicated. A friend...just with the added bonus of hot sex, see?" Hinata didn't see. Well, she understood, but there was no way she could do that; she was a decent girl, and she wanted to save herself for Naruto, and for marriage.

"I-I...I can't. I don't want to t-taint myself, I want it to be special with him." It sounded childish, and her stammer had returned, but she was determined. She wasn't going to spoil herself for Naruto! But the hard look she tried to send Anko was met with an oddly soft, understanding gaze.

"Hinata...if you love him, it will be special, no matter what. I promise. And if you don't want, you don't have to do that much, but as you said...you want to be more confident, right? That comes with experience. Maybe just find a friend who will help you practice kissing, or going out on dates or something. You don't have to lose your virginity to get more confident...though I don't know how you can resist any of the guys from your year – they're hot!" And the normal Anko was back with a vengeance, making Hinata blush ever more as she rambled on about jailbait and bondage and a million other lewd topics.

A few minutes later, lulled by an impassioned monologue on the gorgeous bodies of ANBU operatives, Hinata drifted into a doze. Maybe the kissing thing wouldn't be impossible, if it was kept secret. But...who did she trust that much? Faces flitted through her thoughts, slipping into dreams of scary kunoichi and hot fires and hunter-nin with whips. It would all wait until tomorrow.

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